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I have posted this before, but wanted to bump it to the top with an explanation of what is being said by someone "in the know". I've known of this person for quite some time and can vouch for the source as credible. Please take time to read the lengthy report that follows the video. As always use discernment and take what resonates with you, leave the rest.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." W.B.

The Information contained herein is True, it is the Truth.
The Information released here is long overdue and pertains to our past, present and future.
The Information released here is from a collective and from this human author, personaly.
The Information released here is vital in re establishing the true nature of the Human race in time for the evolutionary leap occuring at this juncture.

If you were drawn here, it IS because you are meant to.
If you feel the inherent urge to learn/remember who you are and what your purpose is, then take time, relax and silence your thoughts for a moment and listen.
Try to remove biases and opinions when reading the following information as it is completely stripped of personal or special interest gain but instead is intended to set YOU free, thus setting ALL of HUMANITY FREE.

We humans are in a crucial and very critical period of our existance, and ALL of YOU feel it although you might not be able to explain it.

You are ALL searching to find IT, to find the TRUTH, and that is why you are here.

After you have learned/remembered it, what you do is YOUR FREE CHOICE.

The INTENT of this information is to help you remember what you already know.
The INTENT of this information is to TAKE BACK what was and should be rightfuly YOURS.

The INTENT of this information is to make you STAND UNDER the FACT that ONLY YOU can HELP YOURSELF by HELPING OTHER HUMANS to HELP YOU, to awaken and thus elevate the WHOLE OF HUMANITY to its INTENDED DESTINATION as an EQUAL amongst the greater COSMOS.

Rejoice, for OUR time is here, for all Humanity.

Remember, you are INFINITE, and span beyond the flesh.

By a grand show of support and understanding our host ACO, has granted this platform to be for the release of information ONLY.
That means you are NOT to post on this thread.

Instead any thoughts, questions or debate should be conducted on the Announcement thread were all shall be answered.

Please respect this as i type the thread remains unlocked.

Fromat and further explanations are following

Each post will have a numerical value starting from 1.

This is to help you help me reference the information as im sure the questions will be countless.
Any such questions or bits to add (which are very welcome) are to be posted of the Announcement thread here:,4199.0.html

i will TRY to keep the information in a palletable format, although the content will be tasking at times to comprehend
most of it is typed by my hands so time is against me

i know that to most of you i am an internet presence, non verifiable hence questionable, i implore you not to let that bias your judgement of what is to follow.

as i sign of faith (and i KNOW this will come back and bite me in the ass) i will state a little of who i am after which i realy do NOT care what your intent or thoughts are towards me personaly as time will prove

i am not important, WE are important
and time is very short, so it matters not, i can vanish as easily as any of you

i am a HUMAN being just little the greatest majority of you all

T is the first initial of my Earth name
i have completed 40 revolutions around the sun onboard the Earth (this time around)
born in Ellas (greece) from greek parents
family from fathers side is generations deep in the semi-secret society of the Lodge of Athens, I AM NOT
family employers have been the "elite" that many so label 'them' second to last being a Bildenberg steering commitee (the others are members of orgs you most probably never heard of)
i was trained(moulded/vectored) in an English public school (meaning private in the UK), one of the finest in 'their' control
later sent to college in Boston MA, USA
worked in various fields from finance, telecomms, food, etc in different countries
was intended to be placed in one of two major multinational coorporations in a top slot (fixed from inside) but refused
invited to join a league of minds across the globe with direct access to ancient and current information on the subject at hand

continued from above....

it is from this source that most of the information is coming from, although my insight from the 'other side' gives me a somewhat unique perspective
we are humans of many nations, countless occupations, and pocess technology that has allowed us to communicate in private amongst ourselves on and off the planet
we have been working in concert with the entities that sent the Announcement whom form the Commenwealth, you can call this off world collective Andromedians.

we are protected and in active battle, although this has been conducted (up to now) by means of silent war
we are armed with technology that allows us to reach anyone anywhere, and can use this tech to listen in to the most secret meetings of the enemy, something that we have been doing for many decades
we also have peers deep inside so called intelligence agencies, military, industry, tech development, etc, in every aspect of the machine that has ground humanity to a pulp in order to prepare for the totalitarian state that is intended to break the body in ordet to conquer the mind and thus enslave the eternal spirit (by individual free will)
we have stayed true and silent until now, for reasons that you will comprehend following

we mean to awaken humanity from its bonded/parenthesised state of perpetual slavery, spiritual, mental and physical, in time for the evolutionary leap that is before us ALL that will send humanity to the stars and beyond
we mean this without asking anything in return or wishing control over nothing as the greater numbers of humans that awaken in time and make their own free choices the more we will gain as a collective
we intend and rejoice in the individuality of all and see the key aspect to being a free thinking human belonging to a community of equals on and off the Earth

we are you, you are us, we are 1

continued from above....

it is from this source that most of the information is coming from, although my insight from the 'other side' gives me a somewhat unique perspective
we are humans of many nations, countless occupations, and pocess technology that has allowed us to communicate in private amongst ourselves on and off the planet
we have been working in concert with the entities that sent the Announcement whom form the Commenwealth, you can call this off world collective Andromedians.

we are protected and in active battle, although this has been conducted (up to now) by means of silent war
we are armed with technology that allows us to reach anyone anywhere, and can use this tech to listen in to the most secret meetings of the enemy, something that we have been doing for many decades
we also have peers deep inside so called intelligence agencies, military, industry, tech development, etc, in every aspect of the machine that has ground humanity to a pulp in order to prepare for the totalitarian state that is intended to break the body in ordet to conquer the mind and thus enslave the eternal spirit (by individual free will)
we have stayed true and silent until now, for reasons that you will comprehend following

we mean to awaken humanity from its bonded/parenthesised state of perpetual slavery, spiritual, mental and physical, in time for the evolutionary leap that is before us ALL that will send humanity to the stars and beyond
we mean this without asking anything in return or wishing control over nothing as the greater numbers of humans that awaken in time and make their own free choices the more we will gain as a collective
we intend and rejoice in the individuality of all and see the key aspect to being a free thinking human belonging to a community of equals on and off the Earth

we are you, you are us, we are 1


we have 52 days to prove we are all human, before descisions are taken on strategy by the local council of the Andromedians

this is to be achieved from control groups such as this one here in Chani, many others are occuring in different mediums at this time

the key element is to prove to ourselves, primarily, that we can congeal together thus proving to the Andromedians that Directive 3 is attainable

1st lesson to remember (you already know)
RESPECT YOURSELF, for by respecting yourself you are able to respect others in such we can all go forward as equals with our own individual traits and talents

the Andromedians have 3 prime directives (in hierachical order):

1. Totaly and completely remove the Draco cancer from the cosmic body putting 'them' in permanent quarantine, before he spreads to his intended next target of Sirius B, being the cosmic body's lower brain. Such an eventuality would be catastrophic for the whole cosmos on all dimensional planes.

2. Return the Earth, Solar System, Galactic quadrant to balance.

3. Release Humans from the current slavery imposed by cohersion from draco (and minions) so that we can evolve freely without hinderance or guidance and in SELF rule whilst joining the Cosmic Commonwealth AGAIN as EQUALS

Know this:
It is easier to amputate than partake in delicate and daunting surgery
Directive 1 & 2 are easy to complete without Directive 3

There are entities in the Commonwealth that do not care about Humans and see us as ants, their position is re enforced by the fact that we do not behave like Virtous Humans ie HEROES out of understanding but rather have turned egoistic, biggoted, materialistic and war like (not true for all)

We prove those voices correct by NOT RESPECTING ourselves and thus are unable to respect others


the time is now (and i do mean now as you are reading this)
it is time to rethink what we do, feel, think, eat, waste, act

listen to The Announcement again, it is multi layered
read again my attempts at alluding to what i am devulging now in the (!!!)._ thread and PAN-ALL

more to follow on the morrow

I will begin deconstrucing the tiered or multilevel gnosis contained within the Announcement.
There is volumes of information behind each statement and there are 53 of them (excluding the Greeting).
These 53 statements act as an index to a much deeper story than runs through past present and future like a pulse of photonic energy spanning across the cosmos.
The story concerns Human, Earthly, Solar System, Galactic and Cosmic information.

The original message is transmited from the local galactic government via the transponders on the Andromedian flagship around Saturn's orbit.
It is sent over coded neutrino beams received here on Earth by a decoding neutrino receiver in our pocession supplied by the Andromedians in person.

The language used is predating the classical period and is a mathematical laguage of absolute accuracy that resembles closely the clasical Ellenic script and language thus very hard to translate to modern greek and thus far english with the same level of accuracy.
Let me beggin:

"Greetings" in Ellenic its Chere or Ave in Latin

"This is a small transmission of the local galactic government, prt of the wider commonwealth of 13 galactic clusters"

These transmisions are few and far between number less than 1 per year for the past 15 years to my knowledge, they always come at unexpected times and never upon request. The reason being is that these transmisions have an impact on the time line of the Earth as we perceive it, so in line with the Andromedan non interfering policy they are only conducted at key points in 3D time to ripple through averting and countering catastrophic draco actions (that are numerous times a day via his minions).

11,640 years ago approximately

The local galactic government is represented by the remnants (re enforced at present) of the Ouranides or Dwellers of the Sky after the ancient catastrophic war between the inhabiting Pelasgic Ellenic races that lived on the Earth. This war was fought between the corrupted by draco Altlantean/Ellene (infiltrated by the draco hybrid race that was allowed to land on Atlantis as long as their number were kept to a ratio of 1:180) domiciles and the mainland Europe/Lybia Ellenes. It was a war fought first by conventional weapons between the humans on the Earth of which the mainland Ellenes were victorious pushing back the attacking Atlantean Ellenes.

During this conventional Earthly war the patrons (not gods as many like to portray them) of the Earth Ouranides realising the draco double cross and sinister plan of overtaking the Earth and using it for personal gain, fought a war in the heavens, which desimated both sides leaving draco the looser. draco had managed however to bring into Earth orbit at that same time and after the second attempt (the first destroying Phaethon the 7th planet between Mars and Jupiter being todays asteriod belt) his flagship levan.luna/mini/moon (and sister ship much smaller of dark metalic composition called Lilith currently in lunar stationary orbit behind the moon). Seeing his loss and whilst using cannons (still mounted but now inundated) on the moon, caused gravity wells and sunk the Atlantean peninsula (situated in the Atlantic ocean spanning from todays' Scandinavia to the middle of Africa) and the Mediterranean basin thus commiting his first genocide on the Earth's recent history. draco did this after he had alerted his hybrid race on the planet to travel (mainly) east in order to survive and avoid the genocide.

draco also did this as a clear signal to the depleted Ouranidian (or Andromedian) forces of his intent and OMEGA option of complete inihilation of the planet as he had already demonstrated with Phaethon. His ultimate weapon being "if i can't have it no one can". Seeing this the Ouranides (Andromedians) conducted an orderly retreat and regroup 1/3 in the outer planets beyond Mars using the destroyed Phaethon- asteriod belt as a neutral zone, 1/3 below the Earths surface and 1/3 was sent back to Andromeda (exact position of HQ ommited by intent of the author) to alert the Commonwealth of the situation and re enforcement for a final battle.

As a side (almost suicide) mission a small contigency of ships was dispatched under the command of a Hero that we know as Perseus to the Draconis system in order to directly attack the draco homeland and HQ (exact position of HQ ommited by intent of the author). The Severing of the head from body of the serpent headed monster that pertified any who stared directly at her is accounted for in Myth as the story of Medussa, as the draco flagship levan was severed from the draco homeland and HQ.

While deliberations and fermentations were occuring between the interdimensinal entities compossing the Commonwealth (ommiting details which will be published in time), draco here on earth put his plan into action to completely enslave the omnipotent and eternal human spirit only through self allowance by breaking the human body and chaining the human mind over the next almost 12000years whilst causing another 2 resets of humanity via unatural cosmic disasters using the same gravity cannons on the moon (genocides latest of which is called the Deluge first of which was Deukaleon and Pyra).

The Commonwealth descided to act by free will and agreement but at the same time loosing 3 Andromedian races (known as the angelic races here on earth appearing as the tall Nordics) to the darco alliance compossed of the remaining draco elements in our solar system and entities from Bootes star system (where the moon was constructed some 100's of thousand years ago by lunaforming a natural moon of that system).

The commonwealth started sending ships to block off the 3 exits from our solar system the most important one being the Star Gate of our Sun that directly connects to Sirius B. A permanent base was established on the tiny planet of Xylanthia in the Sirius star system to control the flow of ships between the two Suns. The other two entrances/exits of our solar system are the North and South openings of our Heliosphere (alluded to in the PAN-ALL thread). After the gates were shut (so to speak) and Draco was trapped inside our Heliosphere, the Commonwealth started to dispatch ship first of higher than draco dimensions, to the remnant Ouranides stationed around Saturn. The dispatch/re enforcement was completed in our time line 1982 (by my understanding +/- 2years).

Deliberations with the draco leadership begun occuring mostly in the neutral zone being the asteriod belt, for a means of a peaceful surrender of a now cornered and significaltly inferior in force and dimension draco.
In true 2D thinking draco has refused all offers.

Today we are witness to the final stage of the operation as PROVED by the Announcement.

Deconstruction of the Second Line of the Announcement following here.

Greater depth details shall be provided in the CHANI members forum as a means of show of true interest and not just casual reading. (not up yet) This also provides the means of control of who initialy gets more tactical information all of which is historical as no currect tactical information can be revealed until it has come to pass.

Thoughts, questions, opinions etc can be voiced in the Announcement thread.

Please excuse possible typos, its 1:30am im running on 8hrs sleep in 3 days, my wife i about to divirce me for spending to much time on this and my hands hurt. (i will be proof reading and editing including comments like this tomorrow mind body and soul allowing)

i would wish you a good night sleep but that will not be possible until some things happen on the moon ;) (to be explained later)

"You can refer to us in one word ANDROMEDIANS"

Such a simple sentence and yet one that conceals multi tiered meanings behind it.
A. They ask us to address them as Andomedians as the core group within this strike force is the remnants described above whom come from the Andromeda galaxy. It is this core group that is charged by the wider Commonwealth in heading and spearheading the operations in our local galaxy and Solar system in particular. This does not mean that they are in any hierachical pedestool above the rest but are in charge of this very important mission for the whole cosmos.

B. ANDRAS (hence ANDRO) also means MAN in Ellenic, hence they are pointing out to us that we are related to them by means of DNA and make up, and sometimes by point of origin. They are saying, in essence that we are brothers or equals or the same. As a matter of reference the name ALEXANDROS (Alexander) means ALEX=non dentable, bullet proof, un tarnished hence a MAN that is SHIELDED from all.

C. (Thank you Phillip for allowing me to rest a bit, c/p of your post from The Announcement thread)

if you listen it slightly hyponates the word as it is digitised for the video giving us the combination of two words to form the term.
Breaking the words apart to understand another meaning may be done thus....

ANDRO - the Greek prefix meaning male (Which is logical as they are a collective FORCE of CORRECTION)

An interesting point to bring up here is a medication called :
Andro NK
(It is a High Potency Immune Support medication. that Help to stimulate the body's natural immune responses)

Part of stimulating our response to the infection on Earth. OR to quote “Deal with those Agents”

MEDIAN - In statistics and probability theory, median is described as the numerical value separating the higher half of a sample, a population, or a probability distribution, from the lower half. The median of a finite list of numbers can be found by arranging all the observations from lowest value to highest value and picking the middle one. If there is an even number of observations, then there is no single middle value; the median is then usually defined to be the mean of the two middle values.
A median is only defined on one-dimensional data, and is independent of any distance metric.
A geometric median, on the other hand, is defined in any number of dimensions."

a. "You may of heard of us from other sources, but allow us to establish one critical fact"
b. "During a galactic uprising, that brought great destruction in one third of the galaxy"
c. "certain groups of our commonwealth joined forces with rebel alliance"

a. Having recently gone over this very subject in the Announcement thread, the reader should be already clued up as to the reference of this sentence. Realising that the ANDROMEDIAN leadership in charge of the current situation in our galaxy and more specificaly in our solar system is doubled in opposite polarity, by inward motivated ex allies.
These ex allies traditionaly looked upon the human race as no more than a colony of ants, insignificant and with limited abilities thus existing for the exploitation of any entities that had the technology and knowledge to be rulers over humanity and be revered as gods. In doing so these ex-allies forbode the Universal prime Directive of Truth always rides above all else and sought to join alliance with the enemy in order to further their intergalactic dominance and explotation resulting in a more powerful existance over others.

These ex-allies via their now uber draco lord (of many known names) have been feeding semi-false and false information to various humans that are seceptible and open to mind altering frequencies originating from the loonar transmiters amplified by earth based stations (They Live). The information they are fed is by INTENT designed to either lull the awakening humans back to sleep with messages like draco has ALREADY been utterly defeated, or supplying pseudo details that are meant to throw the awakened off track for example a rupture type situation where humans are encouraged to board so called saviour ships or arks in order to saved from succeding Earthly calamities.

b. This sentence is a book worth of explanations and mythical/historical accounts. This scribe simply does not have the time (but has the inclination) to outline all here in detail. The cosmic battle has been described by many cultures at various points on the recent human time line, the most famous of all being the fall of angels as described in religious texts with the unfortunate and very intentional reversal of polarity as witnessed by almost all examples of this battle that are semi to common knowledge. Another popular reference in today's culture is the George Lucas (of greek origin) cult double trilogy Star wars but again portraying the good as the bad and vice versa.
Of course, the most disambigious (if read with the gnosis of decoding) dare i say accurate account can be found in Ellenic mythology, in which many accounts exist. A good place to start is the Titan wars.
Zeus/Dias (or Dieus Pitar in the vedic texts) having freed his younger brothers from Kronos's/Saturn stomach after defeating him in an earlier strugle (as he ate his children to avoid the prophecy that one of them would defeat him and become ruler of the cosmos), angered his elder brothers the Titans as they did not accept that Zeus should be the ruler over all. The two camps were formed with the Olympians (using Mt. Olympus as base) under Zeus and the Titans under Kronos (using Mt. Orthi as base).
Old and young, male and female took part in this war. Some Titans chose to fight with Zeus like Oceania Stiga with her 4 children Kratos (State), Via (Aggresion), Zilos (Zeal), Niki (Victory). Zeus's uncle Poseidon (being Uranus's 1st son) is said to of taken his side or at least remained neutral. Prometheus (the son of Titan Iapetus) also took Zeus's side and became his right hand and advisor.

The most important ally of the Olympians was Zeus's grandmother Gaia (the fertile abundance) whom went against her children the Titans. The Titan females Themis and Mnimosini did not take part in the war and were later honored by Zeus (and became his wifes).
The battles were fierce without conclusive winners, as the whole cosmos was in upheaval the tides turned from one side to the other. At a very crucial point of the war, Zeus ran to his grandmother Gaia for advice and this is when she gave him her famous foresight, informing him that the only way he could win was to free the Cyclops whom had been imprisoned in the dark bottomless pit of Tartarus by their brothers the Titans.

Zeus set off and after counltess encounters with dangerous monsters (which he overcame with herbs Gaia had provided) in his 9 day journey in the depths of the Earth. Having reached his final destination he fought relentlesly with the terrible monster Kambi and after forcing a herb (provided by Gaia) in her mouth, Kambi feel to sleep and Zeus was able to free the Cyclops. He then asked their assistance which they gave in the form of new weapons including Lightning for Zeus, Trident for Poseidon, Kynea for Pluto (a hat made from dogs skin that made him invisible) as the Cyclops were angered by their imprisonment from their Titan brothers that had kept the rule of the cosmos for themselves.
In the meantime the Titans regrouped and armed themselves with new weapons also. What followed is described by Isiodos as dramatic via the use of both sides of mountains sofar used as cover, ripped from their base and hurled at eachother causing great damage and scaring on the Earth. The whole cosmos shook and rattled, the rocks crashed against eachoher in mid air causing rumbling and loud sounds in the air, and others found their targets causing vibrations and thunderous sound that could be heard all the way to Tartarus. Both sides rushed eachothers bases and at some point point Zeus taken by the fierce fighting started to let loose of the lightning (given to him by the Cyclops) in all directions scorching the Earth and vaporising water off the Oceans, forests burnt accros the Earth. The fires reached Choas which after centuries of darkness started to shine and flicker from the tongues of fire. The sounds and vibrations were so intence that one was reminded of the spawning of the cosmos when Uranus and Gaia coupled.
At the most crucial moment of this final battle Zeus remembered his grandmothers advice. Aside from the Cyclops the Titans had imprisoned at birth (when the cosmos was created by the pairing of Uranus and Gaia) in the depths of Tartarus another 3 Titans the Ekantoxeires (Hundred Handed), Koto, Aigaionas, Gigei. Zeus rushed down the dark catacombs towards Tartarus and faced Kambi whom had awakened but this time unleashed a lighting bolt which set her on fire as she screamed until only her chared remains were left. He freed the 3 Titans and they with everlasting gratitude rushed to the scene of the battle. Using their combined 300 hands launched simultaneous mountains towards their Titan brothers with the fury built on the injustice they had suffered.
The Titans were laid stricken and defeated at which point the 3 Titans on Zeus's side picked them up and threw them down in the bowels of the the Earth in Tartarus to suffer the same fate as had been handed to them. Zeus asked the 3 Titans to lay guard and the Cyclops built copper fences around their cells and a tripple stainless steel wall. Poseidon locked the doors.
The Olympians celebrated their victory together and Zeus took his position as overseer over all the cosmos, as they all gave gratitude and thanks to Gaia for being the decisive factor of the turnout.

c. Many wonder on the relation of the Andromedians to so many references in books and the internet. All that can be said (as pointed out on the Announcement thread) is that according to the information those sources convey, have very little to do with ridding humanity of the shackled that do not allow it to evolve naturaly and as intended by the 1, the totality of all, the cosmos.
We either read/hear of fantastic battles that are channeled to the earth level by few that are in contact as mediums or that draco has already lost and we are just waiting for all this to become mainstream.

None of these scenarios make logical sense to the critical mind. So, what we are seeing is either misinformation, re vectoring of the Truth based on special minority interest, or outright lies manifested for the single purpose of masking the Truth and /or putting the baby back to sleep as its waking up. The waking up process is part of the natural and expected and calculated process that humanity, the Solar System and the Galaxy is currently undergoing with the climax powering up to be at the end of this year of our 3D reality (+- 6months). This does not mean that all will be fixed at that time but does however mean we as humanity will be over the hard part.
Whether knowing or not, the human mediums are being used as mouthpieces for the 3 factions mentioned in the Announcement whom are directly under the command of the draco uber lord.

"This alliance is led by the Draconian species, governed by a 24 plus 3 council members under a high commander"

The council is composed mainly of 5 species coming from the following star systems,
the other 3 cannot be named but have been hinted in 5. and form the +3 members

The number 24 is significant as is the way it is stated ie 24 +3 +1
Twice 12 and 3 under 1

For clarification the common alien morphology imprinted on the human psyche of the short grey with small body large head big black eyes small mouth, no ears and small mouth, are indeed from Zeta Reticuli or clones of these entities. These entities forbode, a long time ago, the natural evolution of self spawned cosmic entities and went down the path of technological evolution ONLY, and geneticaly modifying their own species thus depleting their natural wealth of DNA and becoming prisoners of their own device. After which they became subserviant and assimilated into the Draco Hierarchy as slaves or doers. One of the tasks they were charged with is limited human contact so as to bring human governments into the clutches of draco control without clear undersanding, These human governments are sworn into secrecy and bound to it by their own greed and lust for power. This division of the totality of HUMANITY has only served one ultimate purpose, that being the enslavement of ALL humans under the uber draco lord by individual free will, thus adhering to Universal Prime Directive of Truth above all.


"This ruler goes by many names, most of which are recorded in your planet's history"

Some of the names i will list here, others will be available in the members board thread as they are too sensitive for this open forum.


The word HISTORY is Ellenic, and like so many words in this multi layered mathematical language is composed of 2 words ISTOS meaning web and ROUS meaning the running of.
One word filled to the maximum with GNOSIS of how time runs down the web of alternative tracks.
The human history as we have recorded it (not'their' rewritting of it) is but a droplet of water taking its route down a spiders web, not knowing when it will turn left or right as it makes its way. And yet another droplet would almost never take the same route.
Point being that no matter the route, the destination is always the same, that being the droplet comes off the web at the end of it. Thus Humanity's destination is always the same no matter the time line, that being that at some point (very soon) we will get off the 3D web of this dimension and join the grander scheme of things amongst the stars as equals.

NOTICE how the Andromedian message CLEARLY uses the words "your planet" indicating as clear as a sun washed day the FACT that they consider the Earth OUR planet and not theirs. By doing so they acknowledge the fact of our birth right and non-inclination of their involvement in OUR affairs in/on/above our Home, the dot in the cosmos where we were autocreated (as the conditions were correct).


"Point being is that the rebel Andromedians have been acting as intermediaries between the Draconian alliance"
"and Earth governments which they have come to control"

Again we witness the use of "buffers" to mask the true direction giver. As in the case of the greys (explained above) Draco uses any other entities at his disposal to do his dirty work hence trying to hide his oversight and guidance, so when push comes to shove the blame will be very difficult to be pointed on an almost invisible leader.

One way humans can relate to this is by the (pseudo)election of a head of any state. The hype build up and pr campaign around this figure always hides a sinister hidden group or person that commands the puppet that mere mortals see and identify with. When that leader fails to come through on pre election promises, as they all do, and most commonly does exaclty the opposite, rage and anger is misdirected at this identifiable person thus almost masking the real conductors of the sad human cacophony.

The Andromedian entities used by Draco resemble the Tall Nordics or the angels seen by some (especialy religious) and can be accompanied by greys. Dulce base was teaming with such entities dressed in US Naval Intelligence attaire or jump suits wich space command insignia. The famed deal made during the Truman administration was made with these entities that in essense sealed the government of the US and USSR (through similar deals) for the usual tech=power for dna and human abductions and establishment of bases Dulce, Guam being a couple of them, as well as bases in Siberia Sub Sahara, and the poles. The deals made specified a strict policy of secrecy reaching level 28 under penalty of dna erasure of the signee from the human genepool, meaning all family members (older or younger eg grandparents to grandchildren), children out of wedlock, even cryogenic databanks.

Admiral Byrd was unfortunate to come across these entities but his dairy and reports to Naval Intelligence fell to deaf ears as he was not telling them something that the upper echelon did not already know and had agreed upon.

"Their goal is the enslavement of your planet, the extraction of its resources and the complete extermination of all life"

Again notice the reference to "your planet" explained above.
What might seem confusing in this line is the intent of enslavement but at the same time extermination of all life, the reader will wonder what is left to enslave if all life is exterminated? This question is best answered by another question:
Do you consider life to be from Earth, or OF the Earth?
ie are you and all life a separate entity from the Earth and just own or use part of her or OF the Earth hence born out of her boosom and returned to her after your vehicle/biosuit/physical body ceases to function?

The Andromedians are again pointing out in layered information the fact that the Earth itself is an Entity or a living part of the cosmic body, hence can be enslaved as a human in a cage, with all life as we perceive it being spawned from this entity and returned to it at the end of its physical functionality.
In practical terms what this means is that the Earth is to be used as a draco base or stronghold, part of 'their' allinace, to be used as a guardpost of the stargate being our Sun, that directly and only connects to the Sirius starsystem and particularly Sirius B.

Extraction of resources is on top of the draco agenda and has been since 'their' arrival here, as the Earth is extremly rich in natural resources least value of all being petroleum (in Ellenic it means Rock Oil), highest value of all being Gold second Uranium and so on and so forth. After the strategic mistake and genocide that draco commited with Phaethon, exploding that planet to make minning of iron and titanium easier but instead creating a buffer zone that is very hard to defend, he set forth on our planet his plan to get the humans to do the minning until it was time for 'them' to move on (explained below).
As mentioned in religious texts "all the gold, silver and iron" are his, by his decree.

The extermination plan comes in 2 phases, first being the mutual inihilation of the pseudo human factions (as they have been polirased by national/religious/financial/energy/water/etc draco means) via the commencement of a third and final world war instigated and planned by his ultra secret top managers of the Hong lodge of China that are compossed by the dragon societies so publicised as the financial saviours from the banking cabal. The unweary might see this as a good thing without realising that the banking cabal is one step below these dragon societies all under the control of the draco leadership (or did you think the name was coincidental?).
The second phase is active draco army invasion and slaughter of the remaining human "cattle" (as we are seen by them) thus securing the outpost before going to Sirius.

Again there is much to be said in relevance to the named participants and their historical, present and future part, but i will wait for your questions on the 2 open threads so as not to waffle without aim.


"Then the Draconians fleet of 118 war planets including its two flagships will depart for a critical nerve node of the universal organism"
"We cannot and will not allow this to happen"

The draconian fleet is mostly the remnants of the ancient battle that resulted in the stale mate that afforded the draco alliance a time limited refuse within the inner planets of our solar system up to and including Mars/Aries (which just happens to be the worst track record destination for any official space program).
The two flagships are levan/luna/mini/moon and her smaler melan moon in lunar stationary orbit on the dark side called lilith. These two are placed in that exact position for the purpose of countering the upset balance of the solar system after draco destroyed the 7th harmonic orbit or planet Phaethon comprising todays asteriod belt between Mars and Jupiter. The statistical probability that the Earths moon spinning around its axis at the same speed as its orbital speed around the Earth (allowing us to only see one side) is miniscule, when compounded to the statistical probability of the moon (being smaller than the Earth) distanced exactly at the correct distance between the Earth and Sun producing a complete (but not overlap) solar eclipse is astounding. Even yet when considering that the Earths moon is the only moon observed anywhere in the universe to have these atributes surely overshoots the realm of nature and rings deafening alarms to the observer.

below is an account from G.H.REES.

Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history...

Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history...
The text below is an extract from the much longer text written by G.H.REES. in 1985 in Greek ( This particular extract provides a summary of the real history of our planet and its moon(s) and the role of the white, the black and the yellow race.

Selene or Luna or Eva or Leva-Levan (in the Hebrew-Mongolian language) is a gigantic formerly natural planetary body which was altered (‘geoplastised’) into a hybrid ‘void’ internally dug semi-artificial body (ship) able to travel in the mesoastric universe.

The origin of Selene is the Constellation of Draco and Bootes as one of the Draconian mutineers allying constellations.
(See the research of the Scotch astronomer Duncan Lunan (Luna!), the findings of the Russian Academies Vasin and Serbakov, the leakes of officers of NASA/JPL in the book of Don Wilson ‘Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon’, the research of G..H.REES., the books and the research of Raymond Drake, etc).

The Moon is governed by a race of Reptilian beings coming from the Constellation of Draco. The Reptilians control the Moon with high technological means (which one cannot distinguish for ‘magic’ or ‘miracle’) and with beings which are in two parallel universe dimensions separated by light barriers (c, and c*10^6). The present 1st visible Dimension of matter dilution (3rd Real one) and the 2nd Dimension (4th Real one) are invisible for our organs of perception. The 1st Dimension cannot see directly what is going on in the 2nd Dimension, but it has the technological means to come to contact with it.
The Reptilians are a clan of mutineers thieves pirates who act as a cancer against the Universal Organism. Initially, millions of years ago, they rebelled against the Universal Law and Order and the Galactic Government/Federation. Ever since, they have been wondering in the Universe like pirates stealing the planetary raw and precious materials, using the initial planetary populations as slaves (‘Slaves of God’) who undertake to take the raw materials and the crystals of each planet out on its surface. Then, they steal them, the genocide the slaves, destroy the planets [translator’s addition: by exploding them], and finally they head off to another solar system, in order to repeat their hideous crimes and to spread their cancer. They establish religions and then Masonic Networks of the Mind – False Reality – New World Order, pyramid-like systems of overmastering the mass people so as to control the ‘Slaves of God’. In case the system consists of populations who are loyal to the Galactic Government (e.g. the White Andromedian race), they usually manufacture by means of genetic engineering of reptilian DNA hybrid beings that look like the current Draconian Chinese who live on our planet nowadays. Then, they use these Draconian Lizard-face looking Chinese (Lizard-eyed) so as to integrate them with the populations who are not obedient to them and gradually to genocide and override them.

Selene came to our solar system around 20,000 b.D.C. [translator’s explanation: ‘BDC’ stands for ‘before Draconian Christ’], when there was a lawful Andromedian Government in the solar system, the Dynasty of the Celestials or VARUNA DYNASTY [translator’s comment: in Greek, ‘Celestials’ is ‘??????????/Ouranideis’, which gave ‘Varouna’ and it sounds like it too] (see the ancient Indian texts of the Indian White Dravidians). ‘Celestials/Ouranideis/??????????’ means ‘People who have come from the Sky’, Sky-people. The Dynasty of the Celestials consisted mainly of Zeus (Father Zeus – Diaus Pitar in Sanskrit [translator’s comment: ‘Father’ is in Greek ‘?????/Patir’, which sounds very similar to ‘Pitar’; and the genitive of ‘Zeus’ is ‘????/Dios’, which sounds very similar to ‘Diaous’]) and the clan of Saturn. When Selene entered our solar system, there was already a ‘civil’ space war taking place between the clans of Zeus and Saturn (see ancient Greek myths, Hesiod’s Theogenia, Clash of the Titans, etc) [translator’s comment: ‘Civil’ is here in inverted commas, as it does not refer to a war between powers of the same city or society but actually of the same race]. Zeus achieved a temporary victory against the mutineer Saturn-Sabaoth and he confined Saturn-Sabaoth’s allies in places which look like jails, such as the Underworld Tartara.
Selene at that time (20,000 b.D.C.) made a first attempt to enter the orbit of the Earth, but it failed. It entered an orbit which risked to lead to a collision with the Earth, but this was stopped by the Andromedian Celestials.

The second attempt was successful and Selene entered the orbit of the Earth around 11,436 b.D.C. (see research by G.H.REES. and by Raymond Drake, the inscriptions in Tiahuanaco of Bolivia, etc).
The Earth was then populated by people of the white race who had come from the Constellation of Andromeda and from the local indigenous black race from Serius.

The civilisers White Race Hellenes from Andromeda came to Earth from the astro-gate of Serius (Coccyx-Hyperion) as a scientific mission aiming at teaching and civilising the indigenous Black Race with reference to the Ecological Harmony and the Universal Natural Laws and Astrological Laws (see the annals of the Dogon race in Mali of Africa).
The Reptilian Draconians of Selene, having Asmodai Metatron and El Santai (see the Bible – Old Testament) or Sentai-Tzentai (see the Japanese and Hebrew produced film Star Wars) or Tzoudas-Judas as their premiers, asked from Zeus permission to land their population on Earth.

Xenius Zeus [translator’s comment: ‘Xenius’ is one of the adjectives accompanying Zeus, and it is rendered as ‘welcoming’, ‘friendly’, etc], because his powers were outnumbered as well as because at that point he had not yet realised the attacking-pirating intentions of Selene, allowed them to do so, given the proviso that they would keep the ratio of the population at 1:108 and that they would respect the then already existing cultural tendency and language of the planet (Archetypical Greek). The Reptilians of Selene then landed to the island complex-continent of Atlantis (or Waterland under the governance of the Andromedian Hyper-Minister of the water element Poseidon) their first Chinese hybrid settlers able to survive on Earth and genetically engineered so as to be able to stand up the attacks of the microbes of Earth (biocompatibility). The Chinese, under the orders of the first Reptilian clergy of the Serpens constellation under the guidance of Selene, soon degenerated the White Pelasgians of Atlantis and turned them in a ‘civil’ world war against their racial brothers, the Pelasgians of Europe and of the pre-historic Athenian Empire (see Plato’s Timaeus and Critias). In this destructive war, there were used nuclear weapons of that time... ‘special effect’ ones, and weapons of meteorological war, which are mentioned in the ancient Indian texts of Vedas and Mahabharata.
The white Atlantians, instigated by the Chinese of Atlantis (see the book of Raymond Drake ‘’Small Yellow Master of Atlantis’’) successfully invaded Europe, but the Athenians managed to repulse them and to outflank them and they reached a point to be able to throw them back to the Atlantic Ocean with a massive operation of counter attack.

Metatron and El Sentai Tzentai, those Reptilian feudarchs, were now in fear, because the Athenians under the guidance of Zeus were already ready to counter attack massively and to exterminate completely the Chinese of the Atlantis with the accusation of the insidious machination of the Pelasgic ‘Civil’ World War.
So, along with the World War of Earth, there broke out one more Space War between Selene and the space executives of Zeus.

Selene then utilised its gravity cannons to exert gravity overpressure on the lithospheric plates of the Earth and this way it managed to sink Atlantis and also a while later the Aegis Zone (present day Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea), thus killing by means of drawning in the sea millions of souls of White Atlantians and Athenians. The Pelasgic golden era of high technology and civilisation in harmony with nature soon shifted to a ‘stone age’. Civilisation went back to square one and chaos prevailed.
At the same time, Selene and the Reptilian Clergy of Serpens constellation informed the Chinese of Atlantis for that matter, and they evacuated in time the sinking continent and they saved in Esperia (present day America).

The spaceships of Zeus (‘Flying Chariots of Gods’, which are called ‘Vimanas’ by the Indian Dravidians, mainly of scientific responsibilities) at that point were outnumbered by the larger and attacking pirating Selenian astrofleet. The Reptilian Selenian Draconian astrofleet comprises mainly:
A) The flagship Selene (‘Star of Death’ hybrid ‘void’ ship of titanium and zirgon)

B) The flagship Lilith (dark glossy Planet of War), which around 9,600 b.D.C. that Atlantis and Aegis sank it moved and got behind Senene in a Selene-synchronous orbit, so that the three bodies of the Earth – Selene – Lilth are in a straight line (see Kabbalah).
C) Around 118 much smaller ships made of titanium.

To make things worse, the mutineers supporters of Saturn managed to escape from Tartara and soon arranged an unholy collusion with the Draconians of Selene against the Celestials of Zeus.
After that, in the major one-God religions, El Sentai was mentioned with Saturn-Sabbaoth as a single one ‘Universal Creator God’ (Big Draconian hoax and selenian religious contol), as Master Yahweh (Sentai in Mongolian-Hebrew or Tzentai-Tzent-Jade in Chinese) and as Master Sabaoth (Saturn).

After that point, the Earth came under the complete control of the Reptilian Draconian mutineers and their allies, the Andromedian treasonous mutineers of Saturn (Sabaoth).
The ships of Zeus, in order to avoid a general destruction of the Earth in case of a space war, seemed to have retreated 1/3 towards the 4 inner planets (Saturn, Uranus, Poseidon, Pluto), the other 1/3 towards the cavity of the ‘Inner Earth’ (from the opening of the North Pole), and the rest 1/3 left our solar system to inform the local Galactic Government at the Constellation of Andromeda about the invasion and the crimes of the Draconian Selene and to ask for reinforcement.

The second quote of the message is clear, what is not so clear is that the Andromedian intent stated is absolute and with NO equivocations. The prime task of the Andromedian fleet is to stop Draco from spreading to Sirius B at ALL COST. The meaning of this will be stated in the members only thread in plain for those that cannot read between the lines.


"Your enslavement has been orchestrated by an atrificial race, that many of you consider native to your planet"
"It is not"

Most details of this have been outlined already by the G.H.REES. account of the origin of Selene/Luna/Mini/moon.
Modern archeaology has been manufactured to fit the intent of draco thus trying to convince todays Europeans that we came from Indo-China.
People like J.Cousteau have littered the Med basin with Phoenician amphoras in order to prove their pre existance and thus proto written language Cuniform.
All fraudulent lies to accept chinese hegemony.
The above two are a fraction of the miriad of examples that attempt at painting a false picture achieved due to the amathy of man.

Aris Poulianos a shunted Ellene anthropologist found human settlements in the cave of Petralona Chalkidiki, Macedonia Ellas (greece), predating anything found anywhere in the world some hundreds of thousands years old. When he sent the human skull found at the cave to the US for further studies it was conviniently lost but he has full records of its existance.
Please research the man and the cave mentioned yourselves (enough with the chewed food)

Ancient skulls found of new Human race/species

Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China? 2012

Google Earth has erased the following imprints from the Atlantic floor (i can personaly atest to have seen them 1st hand before the erasure)
ATLANTIS found on Google Earth - GIGANT CITY!!!Small | Large

at 0:20 "more than 200 sunken cities in the Mediterranian alone"
at 0:30 "at the time mainstream arceaology tells us there were no cities anywhere in the world"
watch with draco filters in place
Ancient Aliens S02E03 - Underwater Worlds.

"During your current state, you cannot enter a direct conflict with them"
"This is our duty"

The first portion of the 1st quote above is key to understanding that the Andromedian leadership sees humanity as a whole and not the few that can go into conflict with the draco forces whether in the 3D or above (talking to some here with further reach ;) ). This was decided on three main factors:
First being the current coheciveness (or lack thereof) of the totality of humanity, as it is acknowledged that we stand divided and apart by the machinations of draco over the millenia via the 3 main ploys already covered (Religion, Politics, Finance).
Secondly by the stunted technological evolution allowing humanity only toys that warp the mind of the individual into an egocentric spiral. Please notice how many fellow humans bow looking at their phones in public places like a bus or a doctors waiting room. Also, next time you are in a room of people watching tv, notice the glassy eyes, slowed down breathing and dislocation from reality (a sure sign of hypnotic state as they are being programmed, or did you think they call it tv program by accident?). Another key to the overall puzzle is energy, with humanity being at least 50 years behind in the creation and utilisation of this most important commodity. People like Nikolai Tesla were destroyed and hidden by the willing/unwitting draco agents so as not to let the "cat out of the bag" before humanity was under total draco control.
Thirdly, in Spirituality and the dual nature of the human being harnessing powers over the physical 3D and the spiritual realms. The only outlet of which is found in the draco controlled and/or created new age teachings that vector the spiritualy awakened into the lap of draco obedience and servitude via a self centered methodology disguised with a 'service to others' sugar coating. (this scribe has very painful and private experience on this very subject).

The second part of the 1st quote contains a hidden meaning which is further explained by the following post. In prologue, the Andromedian message uses the word "direct" thus is non exlusive to an indirect human approach. This meaning that we cannot go against draco superior technology or (most of humanity) cannot engage his minions on higher realms. However, we can open our minds an UNLEARN all we have been indoctrinated with since birth in the 3D, eradicating the Kronian/Saturnian squaring of our minds (or did you think those funny square hats at college graduation along with the robes were just for fun?) thus allowing our DNA to awaken (not ascend read Aco's thread on the matter) bringing us up to par with our natural evolution whilst shedding the shell of lies placed around our every day existance.

The second line is probably the most important in understanding the causality and intent of the current Andromedian actions. They see our unchaining from the draco stranglehold (so we can go about about our natural evolutionary line unhindered) as their DUTY for the simple reason that it was they that got duped in the first place, allowing the situation on the Earth to develop to its dismal current state. They hold themselves solely responsible for allowing the draconian hybrid humaniods to land and interact with the then harmonious and naturaly balanced autocreated genus of the Earth, the human race. Athough the precaution was placed as a ratio of 1:108 this was quicly overturned via the already stated and historicaly/mythologicaly cartographed resets that humanity has undergone under the millenia long draco planning and execution, resulting to about 1:1 in todays reality.

In laymans terms, The Andromedians fucked up and feel the (karmic?) need to make up for it, falling just short and in line with cosmic directives of non-medling with lesser, in evolutionary terms, entities. Of course they see us as equals but like baby brothers awaiting for us to grow up so they can play and learn with us in the same playground.

My personal view in all this, is that some in the Andromedian alliance are nothing more than humans (just like you and me) that have been able to escape the draco clutches (by means of evacuation? spititual evolution? i cant say) and play an important role in the council being champions of human survival in debate held with the other entities. I feel there are humans out there looking out for us and unless we wake the fuck up and unite, we are making their task very difficult to say the least.
i say again:
It is much easier for the Andromedan command to amputate the draco cancer (thus chopping off a very big segment of humanity) than to conduct a careful timely operation, which is what they have been actively doing since 1982. If their careful operation fails (that is inclusive of the 2nd Directive of their actions namely saving as many humans as possible) then amputation is essential in achieving the prime cosmic directive in stopping the draco cancer here before its metastasis to Sirius B.

It is up to us, and the main reason why im busting my chops here trying to bring you good people up to speed, (and the reason why this thread must remain locked so as not to divert from the information provided)

no numerical designation (nnd)
post to be moved in its correct place

Having received a fair ammount of pressure from the interested here on chani in order to provide the information concerning the hysteria created about planet X, Nibiru, Brown Dwarf, Blue/Red Katchina etc (names are many), following is the info, not found anywhere on the net until now from pressure of maintaining secrecy due to strategic planning and avoiding adding to the confussion around the subject.
I feel you all are ready, by your own action of non squabeling and behaving like critical thinking humans. The following release falls on my shoulders only.

i get ahead of myself by posting childish teasers, something i dislike others doing to me, so i will rectify by jumping the gun so as to speak (treat others as you wish others treat you)

Having already (re)released information pertaining the origins of the moon (details of the functions

stop........ (its good to have a healthy dose of paranoia eh Aco?, relevant post on Announcement thread pg16 reply156) onwards.....

not pertaining to this subject will be posted in due time)

The moon/selene is dead in space, ie has had its propulsion systems disabled by removal of 7 (some account for 3 of 7) crystals a long time ago (approx 9,000b(p)c).during the end of the stale mate (in a daring Andromedian operation) and after draco had placed selene in earth orbit.
It was at this time and prior, that the Mayan astronomers/observers (on the untouched American penninsula) noted the face of the dark/far side and etched it on various places of which modern (non tethered and silenced) archeaologists have found one example that being the door of a temple in Tikal.
(many other reports of it can be found on the net, please research)

Just prior to the stale mate draco had used the gravity overpressure cannons to sink the Atlantean peninsula and Maditerranian (Latin meaning "Middle Earth" think Tolkien) basin, thus reseting human evolution for the first time (another 2 followed after that), just before which he alerted his hybrid "chosen" to migrate. (maps and account in the above post)
These gravity cannons (still operational) are on the far (dark) side of the moon hidden from current view (along with numerous bases and structures, crashed ships etc), in order to avoid amateur human curiosity but more importantly tactical positioning facing the outer planets where the Andromedian remnant armada was/is (in 960 force now) stationed.

The last card available to draco, in an attempt at self survival (being outnumbered in craft and dimension), is to try and point them at earth once again thus threatening the Andromedian armada not to attack lest he destroys the Earth and humanity along with it.

Since selene is unable to turn on its own, another mechanism is needed to make her earth facing.

The only way available for draco to achieve this, is to use another space body of sufficient gravity force/mass.
His only option, being the second largest planet sized ship in his armada, is lilith, placed in luna stationary orbit on the dark side (from earth view, hence occulted) for the primary purpose of negating or balancing the collapsing effect of our solar system (noted as the only slar system in the observed cosmos to do so as all other expand/ the forces excerted by selene and lilith are just short of the naturaly balanced) after he destroyed Phaethon (7th harmonic) creating the current asteriod belt (that became the neutral zone, but not for long 41).

Lilith, the dark coloured (melan) shinny small planet sized ship (deputy flagship) which still has her drive engines intact will be making a maneuver around and very close to the loonar surface thus adjusting the speed of turn of selene around its axis slowly making the dark side face the earth.
We are already witnessing the preparations of this maneuver as lilith is currently steered closer to selene in order to excert more force upon her, (there is a thread about the weird appearance of selene as of late and earthly "natural" disasters happening of increased intensity and strength) after which lilith will be making her lateral move across the surface of selene (in the opposite direction of selene's spin) thus slowing down selene's spin velocity and making her turn face to earth pointing her gravity cannons at us once again.

In order to stop the spin of selene when she is in position, Lilith must counter her previous action thus reversing her vector and going the other way putting selene's axis spin again at the ratio to earth rotation making selene only show one face again, this time the previous dark side. Lilith must reach a position between selene and the earth before distancencing herself from selene thus getting closer to the earth before retreating to more than 5 LD behind selene in order to take a defensive position in the event (FOR SURE) of an Andromedian attack.

Where does the fabbled hidden planet x etc, sudden appearance come into this?

Well all this maneuvering will ofcourse make lilith visible to the naked eye on Earth for the first time as a dark (melan) moon sized (smaller than selene) object in the beggining but will grow in size (relative to our perspective) as she turns around to take position between earth and selene.
At the point when lilith will be between us and selene she will look larger (due to perspective) and get even larger as she retreats from her proximity to selene in a vertical motion before departing in a lateral, thus many will herald the arrival of the hyped planet x (the dark star), driving further hysteria and confusion whilst validating predictive programming of the lies spread via what i call the conspiracy world msm whores.

I must stop at this point to allow you all gentle folk to digest.

Those that can read between the lines and have basic knowledge of gravitational fields will understand the following that will be posted in the members only thread, in a weak attempt to keep some strategic confidence intact and control the fear factor that i wish not to convey.



"But what you can do is protect yourselves and survive untill our arrival"

This single line has provided online, real time proof of the predictive programming that humanity has undergone when talking about off world beings. The number of replies, i personaly had to set straight on the Announcement thread is a clear indicator of the total number of people that must of thought the same but did not bother replying.

Up to now the non earthly presence has been divided into 2 main categories with sub categories belonging under both. I wont talk about the indifferent as they are just that. These 2 main categories are:

1. Good Aliens that are here to help us by providing technology, wealth, space travel etc
2. Bad Aliens that only want to use humans, kill humans, exploit the planet.

The main theme over the past 2 decades in film (especialy), art, music, reports has been the second ie bad aliens. With films like Independece day, MIB, The Arrival, Transformers, Battleship, Battle Los Angeles (the list goes on and on) and countless other short films, documentaries, series, magazzine reports, official releases etc, an aura of alien fear has permuated the psyche of average people and conspirasists alike.

Here we have a very clear message from the Andomedian alliance council, with diamond sharp words that leave absolutely no room for misinterpretation and yet the power of the mind sees to dislocate that.

In conjunction with point 12. the message is clear.

Huanity IS NOT required to actively engage in any sort of DIRECT conflict with draco or his minions in the 3D or elsewhere.
Humanity IS REQUIRED to SURVIVE by protecting itself until the Andromedian final solution to this 12000year problem is resolved.
Ofcourse specifics are not provided as one answer does NOT fit all situations and time frames.

You might ask: When is this intervention going to VISIBLY take place? (as it is already taking place out of common sight).
I am not in the position to say, but what i can point out is the obvious. The Announcement would not be coming at this time if the action was not imminent. (meaning months)
Understand that nothing is written in stone, this is a very precarious and fluid situation that hinges on various actions most important of which is Human response to what is evident to all, (again to point out the obvious) that humanity and the planet (and the solar system) are currently undergoing major changes of increasing frequency and magnitude (most of which are natural and some unatural).
The way Humanity responds to these changes is pivotal to the timming of the Andromedian intervention on DRACO affairs and as a consequence Human liberation.
Understand this: Whatever we finaly choose to do as a whole the Andromedian intervention will occur as they are more concerned with stopping the draco cosmic cancer than anything else.

One of the key moments of humanity will be the forced commencement of the 3rd and final world war. If most humans rally behind the draco stooges or even stay silent (ie silent acceptance) as they have been doing up to now with previous autrocities perpetrated by the lesser than human vile entities then the Andromedian intervention will come later rather than sooner.

If the human response is kneeling down in prayer begging for supernatural salvation and/or focusing on ones belly
button wishing the light beings to come to the rescue, and/or believing in the fabric of space time the good guys have already won, and/or taking a bottle of wine whilst atop a mountain enjoying the crime commited waitting for the biosuit to find an abrupt and pittyful end and/or remaining in denial reassuring oneself that these things will not happen here so what do i care and/or pretending lifegoes on and as long as i have money all is and will be ok


i'm sorry to tell you bluntly, you deserve what you already know is comming (from whichever percepective you want to view it or expain it)

THERE IS NO TERMINAL END OF THE WORLD (cant screem this loud enough)

What is ending is the illusion of financial, technological, medical, academic etc prosperity as the veil that has been pulled over humanity for so long is FINALY coming to a FORCED end by 2 mechanisms.
a. The natural evolution and awakening of the Human DNA memory banks, hence a uniting of individuals in harmony with themselves (whilst maintaining their traits) and the planet that AUTOSPAWNED or AUTOCREATED them
b. The Andromedian intervention that IS removing the jailer and opening the jail doors for the human inmates to finaly roam free and evolve naturaly.

Again i think of Plato and his account of The Cave, as i truly feel like the guy that was momentarily released and put back only to inform his brothers and sisters (how many want to kill me <metaphoricaly speaking> i wonder)

Only we can make this easier, by putting our thoughts of justice, rightousness, morality and virtue into ACTION and not sitting there thinking NAH ITS NOT MY PROBLEM or IM SO SMALL WHAT DIFFERENCE CAN I MAKE.

Remember that action comes in many forms like non participation in a world war for example, or not paying taxes or not voting or switching off the fucking TV!!!(one way programming device)

Forget about relying on others like your sold out congressman or your local priest or some other mechanism that has been intentionaly set up to remove YOUR assertive action by means of comfort or unattainable supernatural actions that only they can explain to you. Do not rely on interdimensinal beings that promise everything but provide nothing in the 3D (for if they could they would materialise and put on the kettle so you wouldnt have to stand up in the intermision of your favourite tv show).

Only YOU have the power to change your own life and hence the condition of the totality.
Your power is immense (almost unlimited) as you are able to manipulate the 3D and beyond, something that all those angels/spirits/apparitions CANNOT. (they make you think they can by taking credit for YOUR actions)

There are no gods or single entity god, the whole creation of the cosmos out of LOVE ie ATTRACTION is GOD

Please WAKE UP


"Operative warning is "death rises in the east, but the west has been infiltrated by eastern agents, on all levels"

i was going to break down the above but sometimes Pictures have a zillion words..:.


"Deal with those agents as we deal with the real threat"

This line is in direrct relation to point 12. above.
When stating that we cannot go nto direct conflict with 'them' here is a statement which gives humanity one broad option of how to deal with the situation in an indirect way, by stripping the poison ivy of its leaves whilst the Andromedian action is directed at the roots.

The best way and most acceptable by most, is to simply ignore these willing/unwitting agents and not give them the publicity, recognition, support that is propogated by the mass propaganda (media) channels set up to promote and single out these agents promoting the draco agenda. Many such operations are set up in order to cover almost all human tendencies, to name a few political, conspiracy, litteral, new age, religious.

The single most important action any human on the planet can undertake is very simple and at the same time very hard, as it infringes on the lifestyle of most. SWITCH OFF THE TV!. As by doing so the one way communication or programming of our minds is simpy cut off at the source and in a simple brisk stroke the cloud which all willingly cast over their critical thinking process is cleared. I comprehend that for most this is an unthinkable action (especialy for those that live alone) as after a hard days work (designed to be exactly that) one only wants some mindless 'entertainment' to simply take your mind off things in addition to seeking some company or sound (=form) in an empty home.

To side track a little, the word for entertainment in Ellenic is Psychagogia, Phychi being the human spirit (soul) and Agogi being the teaching of. Another word containg Agogi is Paidagogia or the teaching of Paidi or child. The word teaching does not resonate in the mind as the word Agogi as it does not give the reader the feeling of what is being accomplished. (hence my explanation on the shortfalls of the English language)

Other more drastic measures can be taken in line with more pro active action towards these agents, but these ways are for the few trainned individuals. These individuals are awaiting the signal to step into action simultaneously in order to rid the most percistant and effective agents of confusion and destruction.

In conclusion, please stop the mind numbing habbits (forced upon you since birth) and engage in activities that promote social cohession and personal mind enhancement. A simple walk in the woods can do wonders for the re connection to nature and understanding of the tether which connects all creation. Some find that owning and truly caring for pets is another way of relaxing and enjoying our abundant Earth. Others expand their conciousness via art or music (thinking of RS at this point). Engagement in non aggresive/ competitve sports is another way to elevate the human spirit. A healthy body assists to the healthy mind. (says i smoking over 1000 chemical additives designed to destroy my mind and body whilst typing, what a hypocrite i am, its my only vice left, as Jessica pointed out some of us bear adictions as i means of balance/release to the noticed inequities cast on the human totality)

To mind numb is to live dead...
To think is to live is to be

Remember that we are also and predominantly (in this existance) physical beings, take care of your physical environment and the spiritual will follow by default.


"We have gathered an armada of 960 war planets in multiple dimensions, 340 of which are visible to you"
"We have been situated around and beyond the trajectory range of Saturn"

The armada mentioned has taken the better part of the last 30 Earth years to assemble. At the time of the destruction of Atlantis and the sinking of the Mediterranean basin (the great deluge in biblical terms) approximately 12.000yrs ago, the space war that continued resulted (as already mentioned) in a stale mate with the draconian alliance fleet taking positions in the inner planets, up to and including Mars and the remaining Andromedian alliance (under gunned and outpositioned) split in 3 parts, with 1 going underground, another to the outer planets and the last part sped off to the Andromeda constellation (system omitted) for debriefing and a subcequent call for reinforcement. At this point the delegations begun and the solidifying of alliances for assertive action against the draco kniving piracy of our Earth and Solar system.

Intelligence was collected over a period with conclussions drafted on the draco intent, capabilities, strategy, resources, force and strucutre. This information was provided by defecting members of the draco alliance in conjunction to spies within the hierarchy. It was always easier for the Andromedan command to use willing humans to do the field work on Earth, but the strict draco policy of limited humans in off world service proved tasking. The final result of the analysis was both alarming and gave the Andromedian alliance the insight to the major draco weakness.

The draco weakness that is being exploited at present is two fold.
A. The draconian alliance has members spanning up to Dimension 5, thus being off lower reach compared to some of the Andromedian alliance.
B. The draconian technological development is inferior but most importantly (pay attention here) requires vast ammounts of resources (in metals, fuel, spiritual energy) to maintain and upgrade.
post script fuel comes in many forms including water but excluding petroleum

The draco way of existance can be metaphoricaly explained in earth terms as a swarm of locusts that thrive and multiply in vast numbers when food is abundant but sees a rapid decline in numbers when the food source is scarce, at which point the swarm must relocate to a new position of abundance. Of course this is direct conflict with the cosmic (and earthly being a part of) nature of balance and harmony. Since the draconian existance and state of being is part of the 1 the all encompasing Cosmic Egg, the best analogy in human terms is a state of cancer. As in the human body (made in the image of the Cosmos the 1 the PAN-ALL) it is the body's OWN CELLS that turn inward and self functioning from being a part of, and working towards, the healthly harmonious balance of the whole body.

To clarify this point further, in the example of the human liver, the normal liver cells work in conjuction with their adjacent cells to form the organ that as a whole plays a vital role in the overall function of the body whithout which the body simply ceases to work and dies. If some cells turn malignant and cancerous they start to function for their own benefit ie using their surrounding cells as a means of food and stop working for the benefit of the organ and thus the body as a whole. These cancerous cells cluster together and form their own environment separated from the rest of the healthy working for the whole cells that we call a tumour. This tumour grows bigger in time assimilating more healthy cells and turning them (to the dark side) to the cancerous collective within the separate environment or tumour. At some point the cancerous tumour releases cancerous cells (or agents) to other parts of the body (usualy through the blood stream) affecting (not infecting as it is not an external input) and creating tumours in various places along the body that are susceptible to the cancer. We call this metastasis.

Please read the above paragraph again as it is KEY in understanding the nature of the draconian cancer plagueing this part of the Cosmic body.

After understanding this, the Andromedian alliance was alarmed to find out the catastrophic for the whole Cosmic body intent of draco to spread or metastasise to the vital point of our Cosmos that being the Sirius system and specificaly Sirius B (the why Sirius B will be explained in the members only thread as it holds darker explanations of balance). The Sirius system when compared to the human body is the lower brain, thus if affected will wreak havoc and ultimately death to the whole Cosmos. This major point has been felt throughout the dimensions and has been a key element in the rallying against draco, as no entity no matter of elevation can exist outside the boundries of the Cosmic body (Egg).

Another major point to the draco plan and reason why Earth was chosen as target is 3 fold.
A. The human individuality as a collective yeilds unlimited power on the level of omnipotence and is the major reason why we are split into fractals so as not to give one entity all the power in the cosmos. He whom can control this human collective in essence becomes omnipotent through it by harnessing the unlimited power of creation and destruction.
B. This solar system is abundant in resources when compared to 95.7% (again clarity on the precise percentage in the members only thread) of other star systems.
C. Our Sun is a direct and only portal (look up the Ellenic letter Phi and the word Porta or Thera) connected to Sirius A, (i need not explain the strategic importance i hope). The exit to Sirius A has been blockaded at Sirius A for thousands of Earth years now not allowing draco's reckon and advance troops to set up camp there (this being 1 of 3 exits from our Heliosphere, explained in later edits of this post)

Some non draco, part of the Andromedian alliance or indiferent cosmic entities see the exit of the human element in the grand scheme as a comfortable loss, as the collective omnipotence is a dangerous and unpredictable thing. Some do not like unpredictable and remain silent or indiferent for that purpose. (option E ;) )

As you must of understood by now, for the reasons mentioned so far in the deconstrunction of the Announcement, it is of upmost importance or priority number 1 that the draco cancer is contained and reduced to its originating parts put into a quarantine and exhibited around the cosmos as a tutorial to all comprehending entities (meaning that they have surpassed a certain level of evolution) as an example of avoidance and a close call to all out catastrophic (means down turn litteraly in Ellenic Kata-Strophi) death of the whole Cosmic body or 1 or PAN-ALL.


following is a video also shown on the Announcement thread that explains the circumstances and physical evidence of the second part in the first line "340 of which are visible to you"
nasa has explained the recently discovered (since 30 years now) NEW satellites of Saturn as "Migrating Asteriods", an insult to any thinking human with elemantary level of astronomy as asteriods or any other space bodies do not come out of nowhere orbit a planet in balanced trajectories and then suddenly decide to leave and orbit another planet or even get lost in the asteriod belt between Mars and Jupiter (as sure bluecoat has something to tell about this from his post at the listening station ;) )

Below the video is a graphical representation decoded by G.H.REES. of the Andromedian and draco fleet.
i will be translating the legend of the graphical representaion and adding to this post at a later date.
i will be adding elements from the PAN_ALL thread on this post that are relevant to understanding the nature of our heliosphere (as a fractal of a planet of an atom <or in Ellenic A-Tome without incission>) and thus strategy of the Andromedian alliance

For the reasons mentioned above keep an eye out on thi post for further clarity. (additions will be in italics)

yes DAR, "THE SLEEPER MUST AWAKEN" and we all must have that "AWAKING DREAM"


"We have been situated around and beyond the trajectory range of Saturn"

"...have been" signifies historical association as this was the setup of guard and operations after the space war 12000yrs ago approx that resulted in the stale mate. As stated before one third of the Andromedian forces set up HQ here awaitting for the reinforcements that have been arriving for around 30 Earth years now in force. The reinforcement is now complete and final battle posture have been assumed.

The Andromedian fleet of 960 War planets accompanied by countless smaller craft, is positioned with strategic importance, in the outer planets of our solar system beyond the asteriod belt completely encircling and outgunning the draco alliance forces. Just to add a point here, the reason why draco agents have been propagating stories of (religious rupture) evacuation of humans off planet is so that fools out of free choice and misguidance will form a human shield onboard key draco ships forcing the Andromedian alliance to alternative strategies away from the intended complete oblitiration of these draco ships. The key flagship is ofcourse selene/luna/mini/moon where most humans are planned to be transported. This type of misdirection is claimed by the pseudo draco controlled andromedan website, tolec, etc where they encourage people to get on board so called "biospheres" and other dressed up names for jails. Like in WW2 it was the rabi's that encouraged the jews to get on the slave trains with the excuse that they would be carried away to greener pastures to start over in freedom and unity.
The Andromedian message is CLEAR, our purpose is to survive until the Andromedian arrival.

Posted below are some of the more recent photographs taken by jpl showing a few of the planet sized Andromedian craft using the rings for, amongst other things, protection.

Many such photos exist freely accesible but few spend time sorting through the raw data. i will not inundate you with my archives (it is too large in volume) as i have been following the Andromedian maneuvers for around 15 years now extracting info from government space agencies and other more private sources ;)

just to add...
my personal favourite and absolutely undisputable evidence of this miles long carrier craft capable of inter dimensional travel, creating magnetic waves in Saturn's rings as it travels through them

since i just opened part of my archive here are a few more relevant photos of what i have discussing so far.

The Sirius star system in the constelation of Canis Major. Sirius A is also known as the DOG STAR and the attentive should of made the various connections already to state a couple:
DOGgon race of Mali
Cerberus the 3 headed DOG that guards the entrance to the "other world" (Notice Sirius A ,B and C) C is a dark star or Anti matter Sun

Please add to the list on the Announcement thread.

Our Sun is directly and ONLY connected (imagine a tube in space/time) to Sirius B,

this being 1 of the 3 exits/entraces to our Heliosphere (being the impregnable shell of our Solar system with the other 2 being the North and South openings of our Heliosphere, all guarded and controlled by the Andromedian alliance on all dimensions up to the 6th)

(i will get into the relevance of Xylanthia on a later date)

Emblems of the Andromedian fleet, top supplied by G.H.REES.

the second photo is the 3D full version of what is depicted as the back to back E's or 3|E
the lines are energy propagations from matter to antimatter (read PAN-ALL for clarification)

(look at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, and the marking on the Mexican ruins to name 2 of the countless examples including pre ancient cave markings found around the world)

Graphic representation of the Cosmic Body, as supplied by G.H.REES.
(remember we are autocreated in our maker's image, 5 parts, 4 limbs, in pure harmony)

Also a medieval painting crypticaly showing the PAN-ALL or Cosmic Egg (read Plato for clarification)

"Any species activity on the inside planets, is considered hostile to you"

The ambigious term "species" is not by accident. The Andromedian message is oh so carefuly worded one should pay attention word for word. The term "species" includes the Draco, Bootes E, Grays Z' Reticuli, 3 Andromedian races including the tall whites and tall Greys, and ofcourse Humans. It does seem (although i cannot be sure) that one such listening post on Vesta (in the neutral zone/asteriod belt) staffed by humans has a thread on the chani forum.

The inside palnets include our Sun, and this is confirmed to me personaly by the Earthly human neutrino receivers. The planet sized or smaller ships noticed around the Sun are either of the draco alliance or they are holographic projections geared towards further fear and confussion. When the false invassion commences the news whores and payrolled pseudo scientists will revert back and make very public the images of the sun that only a few curious people are seeing at present as a backdrop explanation to further promote the draco agenda of predictive programing mankind to refuse the Real Andromedan assault on draco strongholds (including his hybrid race and human minions, and Earth based weapons, mind altering technology).

Do not be fooled, every publicised space mission by any country has a concurrent mission of malevolent, for the human race, intent. This is ofcourse excluding the countless space launches occuring that no one ever gets to hear anything about.

For your visual reference i have included a picture of the inside planets up to and including the neural zone/asteriod belt or the draco genocide of the 7th harmonic orbit of planet Phaethon (the migratory home of the Earthly Mayans).

Jupiter and the rest of the outer planets are manned by the Andromedian allinance.


After a recent discussion with a good friend, i was reminded again that people see the world through the goggles of their interest/expertise. In other words a person working in the banking sector will see the lever of global control as one centered around money, whilst a theologian will see the world centered around the word of god and so on and so forth. An average citizen usually adopts sight goggles as he/she buys into a specific train of thought hence becoming a follower of a particular group that explains the why's and how's from a limited point of view. In the absence of any particular interest, the life of a person centers around the most rudimentary and inherent directive of bodily survival.

This compartmentalisation of mass perception did not come about by accident as the unifying force behind this is carefully and historically hidden behind many layers of comprehension. Like in the Intelligence Agency world, information is the only True and real force of power, hence it is primarily divided and unassociated so as no ONE human can have the full picture hence complete comprehension of the unifying control lever. On the second level, information is connected (usually via lies mixed with truth) in order to provide the wrong picture for the inquisitive. Like in the Supreme Court of Israel there are 3 levels of the library, each accessible once the initiate (judge in this case) has gained the degree of excellence required to move up to the next level, the third containing the unifying works meant to solidify the view point of the initiate that he gained from the previous 2 levels. Many such examples exist, the most commonly known being the managerial hierarchy of any multinational corporation.

The Pyramid of control depicted has 11 main levels, (excluding the unconnected non 3D cap) each narrower than the previous as a graphic depiction of the mass/amount of people concerned as well as an up to down show of information and control flow. In other words as one climbs the steps he/she becomes a member of a more exclusive club controlling the levels below. All of the 11 levels exist on the 3D plane and are manned mostly by humans or humanoids.

From Braveheart To Big Fan By Keith Johnson
The emasculation of the modern male is the result of decades of social
engineering designed to control and manipulate human instincts and
emotions away from protecting oneself and tribe and redirecting those feelings
towards trivial matters of relative insignificance


1. Physical Survival encompasses all human beings of the planet. This sole key point so easily forgotten in today’s western way of abundance is the main driving force behind control of populations in poor areas of the world. The most commonly known example being Somalia and its capital Mogadishu where local war lords use food as a weapon to deprive their enemies the means of resistance and finding new recruits for their armies. Another long lasting example of this technique is the Taylor instigated starvation policies in Zimbabwe. These examples although known to the western masses were always comfortably thought to exist “there” with no possibility of them being evident in the so called developed nations. We are currently seeing a shift in the psychological security of abundance of food in western world with examples like Greece, were suddenly whole Greek families are rummaging through garbage cans for something to eat. This signifies a return to the most basic forms of control as a means to totally break down a societal mass in order to make it force accept a new and otherwise inconceivable totalitarian world state.

2. Land/Property Ownership, provides another psychological predictable constant in the mental makeup of any human. Knowing that whatever happens one has a roof over their head and a means to return to base camp, gives a secondary lever to the controller as a means to direct the energies and efforts of the property owner. In the not so long past any human being had the right to defend his property with any means, with the state not being able to meddle in the proprietors affairs. Slowly and like a creeping serpent small and insignificant taxes were imposed as communal charges for things like sewage general wellbeing of a community. Then came regulations on building, inspections, additional taxation, inheritance tariffs and so on and so forth culminating to today’s state of affairs where it is unprofitable to own property. With jacked up prices of land one is forced to seek banking assistance to purchase a small house thus making the recipient indebted for life to the controller.
This need to borrow is further reinforced by the shaping of tax laws that provide a tax shield on the interest of the monthly installment (how nice of them). Of course the technique here is part of the land grab in process where the controller’s managers are tasked with accumulating all the property on the planet. Few know that the queen of England owns one sixth of all the global land mass, of which her subjects are charged for the maintenance as she pays no taxes! Similarly the Greek orthodox church owns around one fifth of the Greek land mass and it too pays no taxes, of course lest we forget the forced model of the world and direction we are all going to namely China where everything belongs to the state including the population, similar mechanisms exist in all countries.

3. Religion is the first lever created for the control of social behavior via shaping of the mind. Unlike the previous two tangible levers of control, religion is geared towards providing the age old questions of man, ie what am i doing here and what is the point of life? Religion answers those questions and the many stemming from those in a belief type answer whilst convincing the follower that his own powers of perception and creation are actually given to him by some unseen god (that needs money, G.Carlin) that views humans as sheep and he is the shepherd. Well like any shepherd he shears the sheep for the wool, milks them for milk, separates the children from their parents and finaly murders them for food. Above all the shepherd views his flock as animals lesser of himself with no right to life.
With this major lever of control more mutual annihilation has been caused through 2000yrs as killing in the name of god becomes socially acceptable and necessary. At the same time the blinded follower is maintained in a state of passiveness whilst being predictively programmed to accept his own and family’s genocide due during the current period of intended natural human evolution. For those that have escaped the self-defeating vice of organised religion, the controller has set up the new age religions posing as a service to others philosophy whilst creating a fragmented service to self-ideology excused via a number of tactics.
The fact remains, those that choose to give themselves in body mind and spirit to any one entity (in essence the same entity under different names represented in both polarities of the lie) willingly gives himself up to be used and abused in order to further the private agenda of the controller. There is no entity that is god of the cosmos, the totality of the fractals encompassing the cosmos or the cosmic consciousness is god.

4. Politics includes macro and micro systems built on collectiveness under hierarchy. From corporate to governmental. Although the idea behind is innocent enough and necessary in the harmonious coordination of any mass of people, all such systems have either been created or hijacked by the controller as a lever of controlling blocks of people usually against each other thus divided and easily steered on the logic of mutual benefit. Like religion a bipolar system is employed in larger political systems to divide the mass in two main ever feuding factions that are each subdivided in countless subgroups thus providing the controller easy pickings as collective power never materialises, something that is the only true threat to him. It is painfully obvious in today’s world that all major political parties involved in the charade/abomination of this democratically dressed social fascism are working for the directly above step of the control pyramid i.e. the financial lever.

5. Finances. Well in light of current affairs not much can be said as it would be like beating a dead horse. The Financial world has finally come under the complete control of the few by the mechanism of printing money ie value creation out of thin air with no backing, interest charged an this created money and inflation. These three elements underscored by taxation ensure that no human is able to ever break free of the financial bonds placed on him since childbirth. The controller has achieved his long plan of indebting all of humanity by putting in debt them and their children by making countries as a whole borrow money. The process was slow and subtle, so as in the case of the frog in the pot slowly brought to boil few noticed the slight increments in earlier years that have brought us to this pitiful human state where the banking sector outright lies and steals whilst the human populations beg for mercy. As a friend once said, “The screaming of the lambs never stopped the cleaver of the butcher”. Through the previous levers outlined capped by this most powerful illusion of finances the single person feels powerless to react and only sees one way out his misery by hard and endless slavery/work (where such is found nowadays) an trying to abide by the absolutely crazy laws governing him. Ofcourse this only leads to final culling as is quite evident at present.
Most of humanity’s field of vision only reaches up to this level of control as when asked “why do you think the world is the way it is?” the greater percentage answers “because of money”. This short sightedness leads terror to the masses and extreme joy to the controller and his minions (that think they know more). The “pit of vipers” as per A. Jackson has succeeded in making everyone short sighted and feeling powerless to their grand illusion. Finances is designed to intrude into every level of the visible control pyramid thus even controlling those that think they are on top of their lives simply because of the 0000’s in their bank account. Nothing could be further from the truth.

6. Energy. The first link of the chain that binds all humanity in bondage. No matter how big or small, rich or poor, young or old, smart or stupid, this single lever gives the controller absolute rule over all. The source of energy is highly regulated and controlled for this purpose. This overruling lever that drives all human activity is kept by intent in the primitive form of petroleum so as humanity always needs the controller and his minions to survive and excel. Nothing can be accomplished (in the 3D) without a source of energy and this source is protected like no other level of the pyramid (lest the second to last). I will not bore you with obvious ramifications of energy supply but will point out a simple example. The new trend of hybrid cars is totally unfounded as clean and efficient as the cost behind producing such a vehicle is never recovered throughout its lifetime usage. Solar panels and wind generators and any other of this pseudo “green energy” costs petroleum. The only type of clean energy is kept under lock and key punishable by death to any that dare to challenge the controller and his ultimate vice.

7. Mass Media, again has slowly crept upon humanity with mind altering shows and constant advertisements for products that one does not need or want. Television or Far Sight or the One Way communication box has become an inseparable part of almost all humans. It is placed in the center of the living space thus overpowering any intelligent conversation and places the victim in a trance like state where the messages are passed directly into the subconscious without the prohibition of the natural inbuilt filters. Suddenly war is peace, slavery is freedom, hunger is abundance. The mass media have traditionally employed careful visual stimuli to coerce the unsuspecting watcher into behaving contrary to his common sense and inbuilt at birth goodness to others, turning the human being into a selfish monster that consumes and steps over others to do so. The hallucination is so powerful that all copy what they see on the box and consider that to be normal. You didn’t think they call it a TV program by accident did you?

Here we pass the divider, from the world of the seen or obvious, to the world of the unseen or subtle. 4 in 5 people when asked will identify one or more of the below levers of control, maybe not as such but certainly as the cause(s) of the current global sad state of affairs. By far the greater percentage of which will point at finances.

8. Consumerism, is a step closely related to the immediately below but deserves its own level as it rules the planet were some have more in order for most to have less. This vile state is perpetrated by the controller in order to provide a substitute for the emptiness felt inherently by most humans due the lack of morals and true ideals in one’s lifetime. In a world depleted of ethics and virtues leading to a loss of love for life, the average human finds himself purchasing the new thing to fill the void. This void is a short fall of the controller’s game and he has to fill it lest the human awakens to his sad state and does something radical about it (like so many stray away from the path). The lever of choice is consumerism that is served better by low quality, limited life goods/services that always leave the consumer wanting more. For example, in the old days they built products to last a life time, one could use the same pair shoes throughout his life repairing only the soles; a kitchen cabinet was passed down the generations. Of course some will argue that this also has to do with production and prosperity and it does but the underlying reason is only the lever of control called consumerism.

The remaining levels/levers will be outlined at a later date, after the reader has had time to digest the overall picture drawn out so far.
Please discuss……



"We do not use chanelling"
"We do not send messages to psychics"

Self explanatory and in conjunction with the next sentence detailed below paints a very clear picture and rests aside any other group (set up or commanded by draco) that claims Andromedian guidance or representation.

In these two very simple sentences 90% of all new age information should be dismised up as almost all voices or so called spiritual guidance is a trick by draco and his minions using psy-tech transmiting from selene/moon and usualy amplified by earth stations. The voices are usualy AI computers running programs suited to the spiritualy awakened and in a very few cases actual draco controlled entites are used for further reinforcement of the false messages supplied.
The recent push to upgrade one way transmitters like TV, Radio,Satellite etc is greared towards increasing the effect of the mind programming riding on the expected seen/heard signal. Patented technology Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or SSSS is a fancy name for exaclty this purpose.
This technology and others like it are also transmitted by the ever growing number of so called cell phone towers that plaque almost every inch of Earth's soil and sea. The use of these transmitance towers is to intercept the few awakened humans that have thrown out the TV and Radio.
Many films exist that give an insight to this technique most noted of all time being J. Carpenter's "They Live", i strongly suggest you watch it and pay attention to the human vs human dilema clearly portrayed.

"We only transmit through a strict medium of neutrino beams"
"The clear reason is that your oppressors do not have access to this technology"

Just like the CHANI entity, contact with the Andromedian command is made ONLY via very special receivers in possesion by a handful of humans handed down through the ages and recently recreated by the use of modern materials. The messages received are only in a pre archaic Ellenic language that is purely mathematical and using very specific meaning words. The language has not been mastered to a 100% accuracy but we are close.
Translating this language to modern greek and moreso to English is challenging due to the ambiguity of modern words ie loose meaning of words.

The second line is also a message in itself clearly pronouncing the superior technology, on many fronts, that the Andromedian command controls. If it wasnt for the draco ultimatum of destroying the Earth and our solar system completely, as a last act,this strugle would of been over long ago.


"Beware of what you call false flag operations"
"Earth will be invaded by the Draconian alliance, posing to be us"
"This will include attrocities in order to condition yumanity against us"

The agent provocateur trick has been overplayed by draco minions so many times that too many people have understood the game. With historical reference to very present day (911) arab spring pseudo revolutions.
The fact of the matter is that draco is on a collision course with defeat and not wanting his knowing/unknowing servants to understand this is key. In the draco 2D thinking process the show must go on, proved by his rejection to the Andromedian terms of his surrender which would of been more accommodating than his pending total annihilation.
In order to rally the blinded fools, draco will cause and is causing a multitude of false flag events in increasing frequency, some of which are so obvious that even sheeple are beggining to wake up to the tactic. 'they' simply do not care for the mascarade anymore as the time draws nearer to 'their' final solution of self inflicted genocide. A friend pointed out that not partaking in this game is the game changer. Not partaking in your own physical death and spiritual bondage is an action we all need to take. This applies more to those involved in the armed/security/IA forces of their respective nations, but also applies to every single human on this planet. Remember the well known secret, we are many and 'they' are so few we could fit them all in one zoo (ofcourse without other sentient animals as this would be an insult to the animals). Remember that we are the only and Real power that moves Heaven/Ouranos and Earth/Gi(Gaia), each of us individualy and as a united whole. Every individual action counts in the course that time takes thus it is statisticaly highly improbable to predict future events on a specific date, but having said that one cannot change the natural evolution of the whole which is currently in the making.

The false flag events stated are also pertinent to the Announcement itself, with a multitude of draco agents adopting the information and adding in their vectored lies in order to bring disillusion and distern finaly leading to numbness towards what is very Real and True.
Understand that the Announcement itself does not stand alone, it is backed by decades long information release (that has gone through 5 phases) based on the neutrino messages received in that time but mostly on decoding of ancient texts, scientific research, historical research, linguistic research, sociological research, as well as listening in to enemy tactics, maneuvers and events. All findings are proved on a physical level (where applicable) or logical level and pondered over by many independent minds before being published. There is no blind belief in any of the information released and it mostly concerns our 3D existance although the spiritual is also represented.
A grand historical compliation of the info release will be published shortly (nearly 400 pages of text) but know that it is not complete but rather a small taste of what has been going on for decades.

In Werner Von Braun's own words "The coming ET threat will be a lie", although details like the ones i have been supplying do not appear the message is the same. i personaly thank Duncan Roads (NexEditor) for bringing this to light, here is a random article i found on the Rense site from 2004.

Having said this, i will try to give you all some opinion on the draco intented autrocities warned by the Andromedians and how to evade them.
In the attempt to turn humanity against the Andromedian assault against draco targets which will came second to the draco false invasion posing to be of the Andromedian alliance (unsing insignia etc), draco will employ holographic technology to fill his ranks as many ships will be seen attacking but only a handfull will be real.
If you hear of an allien invassion GET OUT of:
Heavily populated areas, leave mobile phones behind (as they are used to track masses of people).
Near nuclear sites (including icbm silos, reactors, dumps etc)
Near Military bases
Trains, Bridges, Underground tunnels, Mass transportation
Aerial vehicles

The above is a short list but my intent is to get you thinking of what a draco false flag target is, use your brain. i do not imply that you should stop living your life in happyness and go now to the woods, but being prepared mentaly and physicaly makes the difference. Avoiding any crowd is key, move in the opposite direction than the sheeple. i cannot give specific dates (for reasons explained above) but this is planned to occur in the very near future (months).

Having said this (without intending to cause any fear) remember that life has 2 constants, first being death and second change. The body is mortal and the spirit immortal and this draco putrid decoy is aimed more towards capturing your spiritual essense than just killing your body (something that will happen sooner or later anyway).
Sorry for being cynical but face it, all of our bodies die sometime, the key is how. I implore you not to come to this on your knees but standing on your feet in defiance of draco plans whether it happens of old age or not. Please watch the segment from Braveheart posted on the Announcement thread.

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  1. Shining I am in tears, thank you so much for posting this. I've read much of this in little bits and pieces on the Web but not in this detail and not all together. I've known without knowing. I feel a sense of unquenchable wonder. Thank you ymp135