Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The PLANNED Silver End Game

Bix Weir
To those of you watching the price of silver rise thinking how exciting it is that the silver buyers are finally diving into the silver market and driving the price higher, unfortunately, you are living in a fantasy world. There is no "free market" in silver where supply and demand matters and drives the price movements. Silver is a "managed market" and has been since the early 1970's. It is managed via computer programs run out of the Fed NY and the basement of the US Treasury. Computers trading back and forth with each other to SET the price...every day, every trade and every tick.
So when silver rises 20% in a matter of weeks or silver dives 20% in a matter of days you should not be surprised. It is meant to play with your emotions and scare (or force) you out of the silver market.
But knowing this should not slow down your positioning for the END of this silver price "management". It should motivate you to BUY MORE PHYSICAL SILVER and be ready for the END of this management process. Yes, it is ending. The Good Guys tried to end this game back in 2008 but they were stopped short...mainly because WE THE PEOPLE were not ready. So a decision was made to wait until the NEXT US election to finally pull the plug on official silver market rigging. We are now nearing the end of this phase of silver manipulation.
That is why the price of silver has risen so high and dropped so fast in the past 4 years. To delay the inevitable silver moonshot. That is why the CFTC refuses to end this obvious manipulation up until now. That is why the price is rising so fast as we approach election day. This is the END game.
The latest Bank Participation Report is a tell tale sign that SOMETHING is up. The US bank short positions of COMEX silver futures grew more than 8,295 net contracts, to 28,760 net short contracts from the last report on August 7.
That equates to an increase of 41,475,000 ounces of paper silver currently being held short by the Banksters (most likely JP Morgan) and as of early September the total short position of these 4 US banks is 143,800,000 ounces. But that doesn't even tell the story of what happened in August. It just shows where these banks ended up! The total silver futures and options traded in August 2012 was over 1,370,000 contracts or 6.8B OUNCES! It's all right here in the CME data:
And the crazy thing is that this figure from August 2012 is DOWN ALMOST 40% from August 2011! Clearly the COMEX silver price has NO ANCHOR to the real price of silver.
And now, structurally, JP Morgan and friends are painted into a corner and there are two very different and very violent outcomes on the table. The first is what we have seen for decades...an orchestrated slam using paper silver to flush out the weak hands. The second is the opposite reaction...the long awaited moonshot with panicked shorts trying desperately to cover their position and stop the bleeding. The second potential is why you have been patiently waiting with your silver in your pocket all these years. It is the end of the end for silver manipulation.
The Bank Participation Report tells us the games continue but it does not give us what the outcome will be.
You see, while JPM and friends were shorting the bejesus out of COMEX silver in August...the price rose over 20% from $27/oz to $33/oz! Ask yourself this question...if these US banks DID NOT sell short over 6.8B ounces during this time frame how high would the price of silver have risen? In other words...
Nobody knows and nobody will know the true FAIR MARKET VALUE of silver until these banksters are taken down. And it looks like that moment is fast approaching. Can "they" still slam the price down? Of course! They can slam the price down to $0 with the click of a mouse or a stroke of a key on a keyboard. Will they? I don't think so because silver is the KEY to freeing the people of the world from our banking controllers. Silver has the power to destroy the Global Monetary Structure and when the time is right...silver will deliver the final blow to the bad guys. The question we need the answer to is..."IS IT TIME?" I believe we will find the answer to that question in the coming weeks.
For now - stay on the sidelines with your physical silver in your own possession. Ride out the looming gyrations of COMEX price manipulation - up and down as it should get very volatile!
This silver battle is not your battle to win.
This battle is about survival.
He who holds physical silver in his own possession holds the key to his financial future.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
The total silver futures and options traded in August 2012 was over 1,370,000 contracts or 6.8B OUNCES! [ THERE IS NOT 6.8 BILLION ONCES OF SILVER PERIOD]

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