Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The Statement:"This week I will experience a Miracle having to do with money"

There are only Two Rules:
1. When the Money Miracle happens, recognize and acknowledge it.

2. This is not an affirmation to be repeated, except in the case of doubt or fear, and after Rule #1, meaning after you have received and acknowledged a Money Miracle.

Rule 1 can be tricky - it is actually training in “new vision.” Can you “see” the miracle when it comes? This will be more clear when you learn about the phrase “having to do with money” below. One may simple say, “Aha, here is a Miracle having to do with money!"

Rule 2 - This statement is NOT an affirmation that is to be repeated constantly! Say it, and let it go to work! If, however, you find that something disturbing occurs to bring in doubt that this will work, or a fear about money arises, then firmly repeat the statement, and again let it go. Also, as soon as you have acknowledged a Money Miracle, repeat the statement this way, “
And this week I will experience ANOTHER Miracle having to do with money!”


“THIS WEEK”: These words accomplish two purposes; the first is to create a known framework of time in which the Miracle will occur. Without these words the time is too vague, encouraging doubts to arise. The second purpose is to fool the inner “judge” who has no faith in abundance. This “judge” is of the ego and encourages our fears around money. However this “judge” tends to be lazy, upon hearing “this week,” it sets a strategy to send out its doubt and fear messages three or four days after the statement is made. In actuality the Money Miracle will occur much sooner, thus getting around the tactics of the “ego-judge.”

“I WILL”: This is NOT a future tense verb. It is an expression of personal will phrased in such a way as to again fool the ego. If there is one word in this statement that is to be emphasized it is this one!

“EXPERIENCE”: When one receives and then sees the Miracle there is a real “aha!” reaction in the body.

“A MIRACLE”: It is critical to have no expectation of the source or the amount of the Money Miracle. Do not think, “Now I will get a raise.” Or “Now I will win the lottery.” A penny on the floor can be as much a Miracle having to do with money, as an unexpected refund from the IRS for $850! Acknowledge the penny (which appears primarily to let you know that the technique does work, and you need not be in fear) and then repeat the statement again.

“HAVING TO DO WITH MONEY”: This is the hard one! It is easy to see a Money Miracle when it involves actual currency, and more difficult when you receive something of value that did not require an exchange of “green pieces of paper.” Once acclimated to acknowledging unexpected money as a “miracle” you will find the process may change—you begin to receive things at no cost. (Being taken out to lunch, given a set of books or a ticket to a concert) This phrase is the one most associated with Rule 1—if it does not directly involve cash, check or money order, are you able to perceive that the Money Miracle has occurred?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ascension Sharing

Being very sensitive to the energies, I thought I would share with everyone what I have been experienceing.
There were a few months of struggling to move through each day. Some confusions surfarced causing me to question everything around me. It was as if being in a depression or what I can a funk. Don't get me wrong as it was not a mental type depression as we sometimes associate the word with.
This was more of a why am I here, where am I going, what am I doing kind of "funk".

Doing anything at all was a chore, like trudging through slime and not feeling like taking on the task. I kept wondering, what is wrong with me? I am not normally like this so it was very perplexing. I've already gone through a tremendous amount of clearing out of the old and that felt wonderful, even though some of it was not all that pleasant. This was quite different as I was put into a place of limbo to contemplate things I've never felt before. Sleep was being disrupted and I would burn up at night after being excessively cold during the day. It seemed once the sun went down my internal furnace kicked into high gear. Quite uncomfortable to say the least.

I was in a new place, one I didn't much care for. Constantly evaluating myself over every thought or action. An aloneness that only I could work through. I had to ask myself so many questions about this space that I found myself in. I lost interest in my job and in my life in general, but not in a depressed state as we related that word to. What the heck was going on! I finally let go, let go of the questions, the analyzing and the torture of figuring out what was happening. At this point I realized, we are in full ascension mode.

It's time to let go of the past, let go of the things that used to give us joy and happiness. Now you may think that's just crazy, letting go of joyous and happy things, but let me explain. Most everything we associate joy and happiness with is external, it's an illusion and the illusion is propogated by MONEY! Yes, money makes the 3D world go round.

I realized shopping was a chore and I avoided it like the plague. I kept thinking I don't need anything and there is nothing I want that money can buy, so why bother with it. AHA a breakthrough! So that led to other aha moments, clearing the way to what is really important and where the true joys and happiness in life reside. Love, love makes the world go round and is the ultimate goal of our soul.

Of course being in a "funk" makes it difficult to see anything clearly. That's the point that you stop and trudge through the evaluations of life on 3D and turn loose of what was, because in reality it's an illusion and that does not bring true joy and happiness. Returning to who we really are is sinking so deeply within us that it's causing evaluations within the deepest parts of our beings and clearing the way. In the process our hearts expand and open to the possibilities that lie just ahead of us and it's incredible to imagine that it is now just beyond our reach, as if our fingertips are now touching it but there's just a bit more work to be done before we can relax, take firm hold, and welcome ourselves to our new world, our new reality, as a collective.

As of June 20, 2012 there was an energetic shift. This shift took everything out of the "funk" and trudge mode to "here we go"! The lights are on and I am definitely going home. It was as if I was walking in dim lighting and straining my eyes to see what was before me. But now something is quite different. The sun has come out, the air is crisp and clean and I want to breathe in the refressing sense of self.

They symptoms have changed now to a heightened state of awareness, very vivid and clear. Sleeping is not an issue nor is the amount of sleep. I accept it for what it is by allowing my higher self to just go with the flow. If I get 6 hours sleep that's great, if I sleep for 12 hours, that's great too. Remember the "illusion", time is not what we know it to be. So letting go of that falacy allows for a more pleasant existence as we move forward. If you can turn loose of thinking that you are going to be exhausted the next day because you did not get enough sleep, then you will be fine. It's a conditioning we have orchestrated in the illusion simply because it's what we are taught from birth. It follows the psychology theory of "self fulfilled prophecy". It is in fact scientifically proven! I urge you to try this theory for yourself as I did many years ago.

One morning I woke up and realized I had overslept. It wasn't by much, but it was enough to make me late for work if I didn't get a move on FAST. I took a few deep breaths and began my thought process in the positive. Instead of running around thinking "I AM going to be late for work", I began thinking "I am going to be early for work". Of course I had to convince myself first, then let it go. In letting go, I sent it out to the universe that I would be early for work and it was done. Key is "letting go", by continually thinking about it, not matter how much concentration you put to the positive, you are holding onto it. You are not really convinced it will happen. Let go and let God comes to mind, so get out of the way and just let it happen!!

I finished getting ready for work at a normal pace since I don't do well in a rush, not first thing in the morning anyway. I had decided I was not going to be late and if for some crazy reason I was then it was meant to be. Perhaps there would be an accident that I would avoid being involved in, who knows. What I did know, is I was not in control of the outcome other than putting it out there I would be to work on time, no problem. I remember looking at the clock as I got in my car. I only had 15 minutes to get to work and the drive was easily 25 minutes without traffic. Ok here we go, off to work, no more watching the clock, just drive. To my amazement, when I got to work and looked back at the clock, only 10 minutes had passed. There I was, early for work and I had no idea how it happened other than I put the thought out there and KNEW it would happen. True Story, try it for yourself!! INTENT & TRUST.

Ok so on to the new symptoms. Itching has started up again and it's so annoying but not as bad as it was two years ago. See what was channeled to me about this here:
Since June 20, 2012 I have noticed the top of my head hurting. Similar to what it feels like when the top of your head gets sunburned and your hair feels like sandpaper on your scalp. It's always worse in the mornings and begins to subside during the day. Before it was constant headaches, now no headaches just this crazy soreness on the top of my head. Along with that I've noticed alot of sneezing unaccompanied with any other symptoms of cold, allergies, etc. Just this crazy sporatic sneezing that sometimes occurs repeatedly over several minutes.

Waves of nausea come and go with no specific pattern or frequency. I've also noticed certain foods I used to crave at times, now I have no desire for. Food in general has lost it's appeal. I eat because I am supposed to, but there is no pleasure in eating as I am only pacifying the body that I reside in. My tastes are changing, nothing taste like it used to, so the pleasure part falls away. Perhaps it's part of the ascending process that requires us to make changes unconciously in order to continue the awakening. One thing I do know, WE are on the move!! Water, water, water, drink lots of it as it helps your body adjust to the new energies. As your body reacts negatively to things you consume, make note of it and try something else. Your body is guiding you to nurture yourself for your highest good. Eat what your body wants even if it's not in the category of "good for you", because alot of changes are happening and when changes happen in our 3D lives we go for comfort foods. Just be aware of what the body wants. I've found by doing so, my eating patterns and food issues have resolved themselves. Fighting it or not listening to it, can cause overeating because you are not giving your body what it's asking for. It takes time to give concious thought to your unconcious thoughts but it's well worth the extra moment it takes!!

So before I write an entire book here I will leave you with these thoughts until next time,,ENJOY!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Channeling

Greetings, I come today to lift the energies around you in order to raise your vibrations.  You are in a troubling month with much energy creating disharmony. Center yourself in the light and know that we are with you always. This is an adjustment that is needed to prepare for the higher frequencies to come.
There will be many light workers who will fall away, as they are not speaking our truth. Be careful who you follow as many are not in the light at this moment in time. Transitions are occurring for a reason and soon this will pass. We ask you to stay with your truth and not be led astray. This is a time of testing and there will be those who rise and those who will fall back.  This is needed to bring balance to many and redirect them on the path they have chosen to follow.  This is not a punishment but a cleansing of things that need to be swept away in order for the progressive energies that will be coming in very soon. 
This will be a month of rising and very high energies that will take getting adjusted to. You may feel as If your body is going through a very nervous time liken to a vibration in the body. You are approaching a turning point and it will be uncomfortable to some. There will be times of emotional releases and this is necessary as you move into the higher energies.
 Do not worry, as no harm will be done, though it may frighten some of you. Relax and quiet the mind, get proper rest and be careful what you are eating and all will go smoothly. It is important at this time to commune with nature, as it will bring peace to your mind and bodies as the transition occurs.
 Walk in your own light and do not allow others to cloud the way. These are challenging times for you and we have great faith you will sail through them effortlessly.  Stay in the heart and be careful of the mind filtering out injustices to others.
The frequencies are increasing at a rapid pace now. We know that many of you are very sensitive to the energies and you will be the ones who feel these shifts the most. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water as this will help you to adjust.  Trust that this is for the higher good of all and will bring more love around you as a whole.  Hear us when we call you for many of you will be hearing things that your mind may question.
Trust that we know what is best for you and follow the path that we light. Walk in love and not in fear as you continue on your journey and you will go far. Remember dear ones, we are always with you, and all you need do is call upon us and we will be there to assist. Allow the heart to lead you as it will place you where you need to be. Remember you are loved as I leave you now, many blessings. Gabriel

The show below contains a wonderful meditation to open to spirit and cleanse your soul. Followed by a spirit led message about ego and love and the times we are in. Enjoy! 

Do you know what ego is? Ego is the self; especially as distinct from the world and other selves.  In psychoanalysis the division of the psyche that is conscious and most immediately controlled by thought and behavior and is most in touch with external reality.

Ego is appropriate pride in oneself and one’s self esteem. The ego is the center of consciousness; it is an eye from which we look at the world. Ego is an executive if you will, it makes decisions, and it implements our will. It is the organizer; it makes a distinction between the inner world and the outer world and it notes our perception from both.

 By conceptualizing, labeling and organizing those perceptions from both, it tries to make sense of them and files them in various contexts where we can make considerations regarding their value for potential threat or benefit.

As we walk upon our spiritual walk we are going to come upon resistance, there is no way around it. It will happen. It will happen to you and it will happen to me, it will happen to all of us. It is so important to walk in love and not in ego.

 Love is what will see us through, not ego. Love is what will protect you from harm, ego will not. Think about this, what would Jesus do? What did Jesus do? Jesus was criticized and chastised and finally crucified for what he believed in.  Did he strike back? No. Did he turn his back on others? No, because he walked in Love.

Love brings healing for all things. His last words were “father forgive them, they know not what they do”. Think about that for a moment. He did not beg for mercy, he did not back down on his beliefs and he even extended love to those who turned their backs on him. Do any of you think that you are better than that? Jesus was crucified in more ways than we can imagine for walking in spirit. So why would any of us think that we can go on this journey, without being held accountable. 

We endure tests along the way, we are all children in the school of spirit and none of us has all the answers. We only seek them each step of the way. We cannot allow judgment to cloud our vision, we can’t allow naysayers to darken our light, and we cannot allow ego to tarnish our heart.

 If at any time you are confronted by anything or anyone, consider what Jesus would do. He would send them love and healing, wouldn’t he? Of course he would. Spirit wants us to grow to reach for what we yearn for and have all we ever imagined. We all have wonderful gifts and these gifts are given to us to help us grow in love. 

When we use our gifts for ego, we are going to find ourselves in a quiet place wondering, where it all went, what happened.  The universe will not stand for these gifts to be used for the ego. We are all teachers, and we are all healers and ego does not go with either category. Love is what will carry us and allow us to grow.

Some of you may not have experienced love the way I have and yet many of you know exactly what I’m speaking of. Once you feel the love of the Holy Spirit run through you, you will never return to ego. That love is something so extraordinary that there are no words to describe it.  I wish there was a way to describe it to you because it is so profound that you will no longer have doubt about what you are here for. It is almost overwhelming. The first time I felt it, I cried, and wanted to hold onto it and never let it go. But then you realize that, that kind of love flowing through you has not place here. Not now, not yet.

We are being prepared, to receive this love but we have to stay on the journey together. We the teachers, the healers, we are here to unite. We are here to light the way and yet we allow ego to step in and cloud the vision. We will be tested; we will face challenges, because without them we stand still, we stagnate. We are here to grow. Face the challenges with love. I know we are human and I know it’s difficult to do that sometimes but we need to try and remember the vision, the goal.

Let’s try to remember where we are going and how many need us to assist them in getting there. Some go so far, only to find themselves back at the starting line. How sad is that, to go so far in your journey to start over, because you skipped lessons along the way. For those of you seeking today, at whatever level you may be, remember this, as you walk on your path ; if ever, someone or someplace makes you feel uncomfortable or does not feed your spirit and make your heart feel warm and safe, walk away. Find that place elsewhere. What you are here seeking is the energy of the light, the joy of spirit to fill your heart and the presence of angels to lift you up. If you are not uplifted with light and joy, then find a place that will provide that.

Judge not, lest thou be judged. We’ve all heard that saying, and it is so true. Hold your thoughts, hold your tongue and instead, send healing and let the universe take care of the rest. I know at times, that is easier said than done but it’s really not. Simply ask the angels to send healing, it’s that simple. When you send healing, you also receive healing. It’s so much nicer to send healing and stay in that heightened state of spirit, why would anyone want to come off that high?

I’m not perfect by any means and I don’t have all the answers but I seek them wherever I can. It becomes a thirst that can’t be quenched. Let’s not deny water to those who need a drink. I feel so blessed to have found this place, and found all of you. I love each and every one of you and I truly mean that. Some of you have helped me grow, you’ve fed my spirit and some of you I have been fortunate enough to help in some way.

It’s amazing when you step back and look at the big picture and see how we each teach and we each learn and we heal and we are blessed to have a community for our spirit to soar in. Let’s keep it a safe place for those who are seeking, for those who thirst. I hope in some way this message has cut to the heart of those who needed to hear it and has healed the hearts of those that needed mending. Try every day to pull ego back in just a little, just for a moment and look at the situation or the person, through the eyes of love. Then decide what you would do, what Jesus would do.

Realize we are not all in the same place on our journey. We are all teaching and we are all learning and when we have conflict around those who are here to have their spirits fed, they need to be able to reach out and receive a message.

 Many times we walk alone, many remain in the closet with their gifts but the time has come to step out and share and allow our hearts to grow. We are here to lift each other, to help others find that light within, to love one another and grow in that love and radiance we each share. Take time to share the energy and the magic of spirit and allow your lights to shine brightly. Be the lamppost in the darkness so that others may find you as they seek the light and find their path on this journey.

Face challenges with love and let YOUR light shine!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Healing Light

What is energy healing?  Can anyone do it?  How does it work?
These are a few of the frequently asked questions about healing, sometimes referred to as "hand on healing", energy healing, Reiki, etc.
Being a natural healer, as long as I can remember, I became interested in Reiki and became a Reiki Master/Teacher. I wasn't new to healing however, I did feel the need to learn about working with the energy.

Being a life student of metaphysics I quickly realized that energy is energy in all things. It doesn't matter if it's a living breathing animal, a tree, or the kitchen table. All things are energy! Understanding this is basic to working with it and allowing your body to be a conduit for the energy. All things can be healed, not just humans, but animals of all kinds. Plants can be healed, the water you drink can be healed, as well as the food you put into your body. YES!!

Energy healing is very basic in nature. For anyone new to this, begin practicing working with the energy, learn to feel it. Place your hands, palms together, very close, but not touching. Close your eyes and just "feel". You will begin to feel a pull of energy pulsating. Draw your hands apart a little more, and once again "feel" the energy. Do this a few times, making the gap between your hands a little more each time. You will begin to feel the "push/pull" effect between your hands. Now that you can physically feel the energy, let's work with it a bit.
Find an object such as a potted plant, an apple, a tree, or anything that is handy (remember everything is energy). Now place your hands around the object and feel the energy around the object just as you did between your hands. See how far you can move your hands before losing the energy field. Some things have large energy fields that extend out several feet, others only a few inches. You are IN the auric field of the object!

Yes, everyone can do this! In working with the energies, you will begin to notice the "flow" of energy in and around your own body. To heal yourself or another person, it's crucial for you to understand the flow. Here is one way to get set up for that flow. Sit quietly and breathe deeply, imagine a waterfall of white light coming in through the top of your head, completely filling your body with white light, then imagine that white light continuing into the ground as you share your energy with mother earth. Hold that light and see it cleansing your chakras and releasing anything that no longer serves you. This could be emotions, blockages, etc.
In doing this exercise you have cleansed yourself and grounded.
After you are grounded and "in the flow", place your hands on your body or anything you wish to heal. While holding your hands just above yourself or another, slowly move from top of the head to the bottom of the feet (always get the top of head and bottoms of feet). Notice the energy and how it shifts as you move down the body. If there is a good balance you should feel a strong flow at the crown and soles of feet. You may notice other things like the energy feeling sticky or gummy. Notice the changes in the energy. You will quickly find your blocks or dis-ease in the body by the energy coming from each area. This will help identify the culprit.
After making the initial sweep of the body, go back and begin focusing your INTENT to heal. I caution you NOT to "direct" the energy as it can cause additional problems. Now focus, see the white light coming into the crown of your head and feel it flow down through your arms and out of your hands. Keep your focus on feeling the energy, NOT oh the actual healing. There is a reason for this! When you focus for instance on a back problem, it could be the back problem is more an emotional issue, like carrying too much burden of others. Therefore if you focus and push for back healing, you may not get the results you want. Spirit knows where to go and what to heal, so let it. You are the conduit only, so just let it flow. I find it best to focus on the energy flowing through my hands and nothing more. In this way you are able to move your hands where they are drawn. You may feel the need to move from someones back down to their feet, don't question it, just do it. When it's "enough" you will feel a release, if it's not enough and you need to stay in one spot, moving will be difficult, the energy will hold you there. That is why the sweep is important, you will know where you should start and if you don't, start at the head and move down. You can also start at the feet and move up, it doesn't matter.
I've simplified this considerably so practice on trees, plants or someone you know until you get the hang of the energies working. Keep in mind some people feel it, some see it, some even smell it, so keep your senses sharp.
When you complete a session on anything or anyone, do a sweep between you and the object or person. by doing this you are separating your energy from theirs. Don't take their stuff with you!! Sweep over then like you are sweeping dust off a table, then either kneel down and place your hands on the ground to release the build up of energy, or place your hands under running water for a few minutes. This is very very important!! I have seen many wonderful healers become deathly ill because they fail to take simple steps to protect themselves. Another no no is what I call "pushing" the energy, or trying to force it because you want the healing so badly. Pushing the energy uses YOUR energy, not source energy and you only accomplish exhaustion for yourself. After a successful healing session you should feel energized NOT exhausted. If you feel tired and a need to rest, you most likely used your own energy for the healing, so be careful.

Now go play with the energies and see what you can do!! These same energies can be directed out to anyone or anything you wish. Remember you are sharing "source" energy and it is all encompassing!!