Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Healing Light

What is energy healing?  Can anyone do it?  How does it work?
These are a few of the frequently asked questions about healing, sometimes referred to as "hand on healing", energy healing, Reiki, etc.
Being a natural healer, as long as I can remember, I became interested in Reiki and became a Reiki Master/Teacher. I wasn't new to healing however, I did feel the need to learn about working with the energy.

Being a life student of metaphysics I quickly realized that energy is energy in all things. It doesn't matter if it's a living breathing animal, a tree, or the kitchen table. All things are energy! Understanding this is basic to working with it and allowing your body to be a conduit for the energy. All things can be healed, not just humans, but animals of all kinds. Plants can be healed, the water you drink can be healed, as well as the food you put into your body. YES!!

Energy healing is very basic in nature. For anyone new to this, begin practicing working with the energy, learn to feel it. Place your hands, palms together, very close, but not touching. Close your eyes and just "feel". You will begin to feel a pull of energy pulsating. Draw your hands apart a little more, and once again "feel" the energy. Do this a few times, making the gap between your hands a little more each time. You will begin to feel the "push/pull" effect between your hands. Now that you can physically feel the energy, let's work with it a bit.
Find an object such as a potted plant, an apple, a tree, or anything that is handy (remember everything is energy). Now place your hands around the object and feel the energy around the object just as you did between your hands. See how far you can move your hands before losing the energy field. Some things have large energy fields that extend out several feet, others only a few inches. You are IN the auric field of the object!

Yes, everyone can do this! In working with the energies, you will begin to notice the "flow" of energy in and around your own body. To heal yourself or another person, it's crucial for you to understand the flow. Here is one way to get set up for that flow. Sit quietly and breathe deeply, imagine a waterfall of white light coming in through the top of your head, completely filling your body with white light, then imagine that white light continuing into the ground as you share your energy with mother earth. Hold that light and see it cleansing your chakras and releasing anything that no longer serves you. This could be emotions, blockages, etc.
In doing this exercise you have cleansed yourself and grounded.
After you are grounded and "in the flow", place your hands on your body or anything you wish to heal. While holding your hands just above yourself or another, slowly move from top of the head to the bottom of the feet (always get the top of head and bottoms of feet). Notice the energy and how it shifts as you move down the body. If there is a good balance you should feel a strong flow at the crown and soles of feet. You may notice other things like the energy feeling sticky or gummy. Notice the changes in the energy. You will quickly find your blocks or dis-ease in the body by the energy coming from each area. This will help identify the culprit.
After making the initial sweep of the body, go back and begin focusing your INTENT to heal. I caution you NOT to "direct" the energy as it can cause additional problems. Now focus, see the white light coming into the crown of your head and feel it flow down through your arms and out of your hands. Keep your focus on feeling the energy, NOT oh the actual healing. There is a reason for this! When you focus for instance on a back problem, it could be the back problem is more an emotional issue, like carrying too much burden of others. Therefore if you focus and push for back healing, you may not get the results you want. Spirit knows where to go and what to heal, so let it. You are the conduit only, so just let it flow. I find it best to focus on the energy flowing through my hands and nothing more. In this way you are able to move your hands where they are drawn. You may feel the need to move from someones back down to their feet, don't question it, just do it. When it's "enough" you will feel a release, if it's not enough and you need to stay in one spot, moving will be difficult, the energy will hold you there. That is why the sweep is important, you will know where you should start and if you don't, start at the head and move down. You can also start at the feet and move up, it doesn't matter.
I've simplified this considerably so practice on trees, plants or someone you know until you get the hang of the energies working. Keep in mind some people feel it, some see it, some even smell it, so keep your senses sharp.
When you complete a session on anything or anyone, do a sweep between you and the object or person. by doing this you are separating your energy from theirs. Don't take their stuff with you!! Sweep over then like you are sweeping dust off a table, then either kneel down and place your hands on the ground to release the build up of energy, or place your hands under running water for a few minutes. This is very very important!! I have seen many wonderful healers become deathly ill because they fail to take simple steps to protect themselves. Another no no is what I call "pushing" the energy, or trying to force it because you want the healing so badly. Pushing the energy uses YOUR energy, not source energy and you only accomplish exhaustion for yourself. After a successful healing session you should feel energized NOT exhausted. If you feel tired and a need to rest, you most likely used your own energy for the healing, so be careful.

Now go play with the energies and see what you can do!! These same energies can be directed out to anyone or anything you wish. Remember you are sharing "source" energy and it is all encompassing!!

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  1. Thank you Shining for sharing this wondrous gift with us. I will be practicing because I know it is so.