Friday, June 22, 2012

A Channeling

Greetings, I come today to lift the energies around you in order to raise your vibrations.  You are in a troubling month with much energy creating disharmony. Center yourself in the light and know that we are with you always. This is an adjustment that is needed to prepare for the higher frequencies to come.
There will be many light workers who will fall away, as they are not speaking our truth. Be careful who you follow as many are not in the light at this moment in time. Transitions are occurring for a reason and soon this will pass. We ask you to stay with your truth and not be led astray. This is a time of testing and there will be those who rise and those who will fall back.  This is needed to bring balance to many and redirect them on the path they have chosen to follow.  This is not a punishment but a cleansing of things that need to be swept away in order for the progressive energies that will be coming in very soon. 
This will be a month of rising and very high energies that will take getting adjusted to. You may feel as If your body is going through a very nervous time liken to a vibration in the body. You are approaching a turning point and it will be uncomfortable to some. There will be times of emotional releases and this is necessary as you move into the higher energies.
 Do not worry, as no harm will be done, though it may frighten some of you. Relax and quiet the mind, get proper rest and be careful what you are eating and all will go smoothly. It is important at this time to commune with nature, as it will bring peace to your mind and bodies as the transition occurs.
 Walk in your own light and do not allow others to cloud the way. These are challenging times for you and we have great faith you will sail through them effortlessly.  Stay in the heart and be careful of the mind filtering out injustices to others.
The frequencies are increasing at a rapid pace now. We know that many of you are very sensitive to the energies and you will be the ones who feel these shifts the most. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water as this will help you to adjust.  Trust that this is for the higher good of all and will bring more love around you as a whole.  Hear us when we call you for many of you will be hearing things that your mind may question.
Trust that we know what is best for you and follow the path that we light. Walk in love and not in fear as you continue on your journey and you will go far. Remember dear ones, we are always with you, and all you need do is call upon us and we will be there to assist. Allow the heart to lead you as it will place you where you need to be. Remember you are loved as I leave you now, many blessings. Gabriel

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