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DOJ targets banks, others in New Money Laundering Offensive

The exterior of the U.S. Department of Justice headquarters building in Washington, July 14, 2009. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Fri Aug 31, 2012 8:47pm EDT

(Reuters) - The Department of Justice is shifting its sights to a new offensive in combating money laundering: bringing criminal charges against banks and other financial institutions for weak compliance systems that fail to catch illicit money flows.

Even while the department's money-laundering unit is wrapping up a series of blockbuster cases involving sanctions-busting transactions routed through some of Europe's biggest banks, it has set its sights on the next front.

While the sanctions cases involving Iran and other countries have largely dealt with historical conduct, part of the shift is to pursue ongoing misconduct.

The focus on compliance systems has traditionally been left to financial firms' direct regulators, including the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, whose punishments usually amount to a strong slap on the wrist.

The DOJ has brought a handful of its own such cases, including one against Wachovia in 2010 in which authorities said the bank failed to maintain effective anti-money laundering controls and did not stop more than $100 million of Colombian and Mexican drug traffickers' money from being laundered through accounts at the bank.

The DOJ unit is now interested in ramping up the number of criminal cases it brings under the Bank Secrecy Act, or BSA, a law that requires financial institutions and their employees to take steps to combat money laundering.

"I think you are going to see more complex BSA cases against banks, I think you are going to see enforcement across the broader spectrum of financial institutions," said Jennifer Shasky Calvery, who heads the Department of Justice's Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section.

The cases come with potentially hefty punishments, with financial penalties equal to the illicit funds moved and prison sentences between five and ten years for individuals.

Also part of the appeal is that BSA cases, including compliance-related charges, can capture a range of financial institutions, from commercial banks and credit unions, to broker-dealers and insurers, to casinos and pawnbrokers.

In June, the Department of Justice charged check-cashing businesses in Brooklyn and Los Angeles with failing to file certain transaction reports and failing to have an effective anti-money laundering program. The businesses were being used to move more than $50 million in money, some of which was potentially linked to healthcare fraud, the government said.

Besides being one of the first such cases against a financial institution that isn't a bank, it was also the first to indict individuals - the owners of the businesses - with failing to have an effective anti-money laundering program.

It is unclear whether the effort will produce marquee cases or those targeted at smaller entities, and individual charges are unlikely at larger institutions since responsibilities are often shared by multiple employees and departments.


At least one big upcoming case, against HSBC, is expected to be based in part on the bank's weak compliance systems.

The U.K.-based bank set aside $700 million last month for anticipated U.S. fines that are expected to come from a years-long probe by the Department of Justice and other authorities.

A U.S. Senate report in July highlighted the allegations, finding that HSBC had let clients shift potentially illicit funds from countries such as Mexico, Iran, the Cayman Islands, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

HSBC representatives have said the case is not about the bank's complicity in money laundering, but about "lax compliance standards".

One of the largest casino companies, Las Vegas Sands, run by magnate Sheldon Adelson, is also under investigation by the Department of Justice for potential violations of anti-money laundering laws, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Banks have in the past generally tailored their anti-money laundering efforts to meet the requirements of banking regulators. With the DOJ's shift in focus, banks may need to ensure they are not liable to criminal charges of money laundering that the department would try to establish in any case it pursued.

"Any responsible financial institution is going to have to assess its anti-money laundering program and make sure that it has not just enough resources and personnel to satisfy regulators but also to ward off any criminal investigative activity," Peter Djinis, a former regulatory policy official with the U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, also known as FinCEN.

Djinis, who is now in private practice in Florida, said he hopes the department's intensified interest doesn't cause friction with regulators.

Notably, New York state bank regulator Benjamin Lawsky earlier this month aggravated federal authorities by breaking from negotiations to bring his own sensational sanctions case against British bank Standard Chartered, extracting a large settlement in the process.

"What we don't want to do is have a bidding contest between the criminal prosecutorial powers of law enforcement and the oversight and supervisory powers of the regulators," Djinis said.


In 2010 the Department of Justice created within the asset forfeiture section a specialized unit, money laundering and bank integrity, which it staffed with about 14 prosecutors who focus exclusively on financial institution cases.

The unit, which is also handling the sanctions and stripping-related cases including the one against Standard Chartered, is focused on fortifying the U.S. financial system against money laundering and illicit finance, Shasky Calvery said.

"The way we do that is by aggressively enforcing the Bank Secrecy Act," she said.

The term "stripping" refers to the practice of banks removing or masking information regarding transactions.

Shasky Calvery is leaving the Justice Department next month to head FinCEN, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's anti-money laundering unit.

Her deputy, Jai Ramaswamy, will serve as acting chief of the unit and said he planned to keep it on the same track.

Part of the shift in focus appears to be a greater interest in cases which show ongoing illegal conduct rather than going after banks and institutions that broke the law in the past but have not continued to do so.

The headline-grabbing cases involving allegations that some of the world's largest banks concealed Iran-linked transactions are related to historical conduct. The Standard Chartered case, for example, deals primarily with conduct that occurred before 2008.

The newer focus cases in contrast involve some more recent activity. The check cashing case, for example, involved conduct that lasted through June 2011, prosecutors said.

Earlier this month the Department of Justice charged what it described as a multi-million dollar money laundering conspiracy to help move drug money in Texas, and said the conduct had occurred through 2011.

Such cases also represent something of shift to charging so-called professional money-launderers, as opposed to adding money-laundering charges to an underlying drug or corruption case.

Another priority of the unit is examining potential misconduct in new types of technology such as mobile payments, Shasky Calvery said.

(Reporting By Aruna Viswanatha in Washington and Brett Wolf in St. Louis; editing by Andrew Hay)

Special Alert

There is much in this article I can say from SEVERAL highly credible sources is not only accurate but I already knew. As for the rest I must use my "ratdar" better than ever before but at the end of the day; NERO & CALIGULA cannot succeed if we do not cooperate with the manipulation and behave in the "expected" manner. The time for "waking" the masses has passed. We are going to have to do everything within our power to make sure that the millions of us already awake have every tidbit of information available no matter how seemingly inconsequential. Everything they do down to the smallest detail, they do for a reason.


Special Alert

see below: John Moore's radio program is on at 7:00-8:00 AM Monday through Friday.
What'Cha Think? Could it really be possible? We have the world's largest armed civilian population - with out any organization or leadership.
Special Alert
Wednesday August 29, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My two confidential sources (who don't know each other) advise me that:

1.) Trains loaded with military equipment ( Trucks, generators, forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, artillery, armor) continue to leave low lying coastal areas headed to high ground in the interior. This is to avoid the oceans coming out of their basins.

2.) Obama knows (because very astute analysts have told him so) that he will loose the election.
A.) The third week of October there will be a contrived economic collapse/bank holiday along with social disorder.
B.) It will be so severe that UN troops (i.e. Russian/Chinese/East European) will graciously respond to Obama's call during our time of need to restore civil order.
C.) There will be no election.

This contrived economic collapse was not scheduled to occur until after the election.

There will be a window of several days, to perhaps a week, when things are beginning to fall apart with the economy ( Stock market crash, etc.) that everything still works (i.e. commercial aviation, credit cards, Internet, no travel restrictions, sales of firearms & ammunition, etc). It is that window when you can make any last minute adjustments to where you physically are located and perhaps make a few last minute purchases of essentials (chocolate, gasoline, ammunition).

Once this goes down, wherever you are is (like it or not) where you will be for an undetermined period of time.

In addition to my two sources, Doug Hagmann with the Northeast Intelligence Network has two DHS sources of his own. In his article titled 'It's going hot!" (attached) he quotes his sources saying that there will be no national elections in November. While his sources do not give a specific scenario, the intelligence is essentially the same.

I also suggest reading the first chapter ( 22 pages) of Patriots, A Novel Of Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley, Rawles. These 22 pages give a not all that unlikely scenario of what a fast moving economic collapse could look like.

Stay tuned, I'll do updates on my daily radio show as they come in.

John Moore

Paul/Johnson? Ron Paul has just renounced the GOP, calling the party Keynesians and ‘NOT HIS PARTY‘

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Paul/Johnson? Ron Paul has just renounced the GOP, calling the party Keynesians and ‘NOT HIS PARTY‘.
Posted By: Watchman
Date: Friday, 31-Aug-2012 14:22:31

Ron Paul Renounces GOP As Keynesians, ‘NOT HIS PARTY’- Independent Run Imminent?
August 31, 2012 By The Doc 8 Comments
Headlines coming across the wires ahead of Bernanke’s speech indicate Ron Paul has just renounced the GOP, calling the party Keynesians and ‘NOT HIS PARTY‘.
Looks like Mitt Romney will need to do more than talk about a gold standard commission in order to win the votes of Ron Paul supporters.
Could the announcement of a long awaited independent run for President by the Texas Congressman be imminent?
Bix Weir - Swap your Silver.......For Silver
This weeks Friday Road Trip is taking much longer that I anticipated so I'll be releasing it in stages over the weekend. I'm delving into topics related to the silver market (good moves today - yea!) and Ron Paul. Also I'm knee deep in the latest Drake information concerning the take down of the Bad Guys...great stuff but it takes a lot of analysis from the Road to Roota Theory perspective.
So here's part one of the Road Trip.
Swap Your Silver...For Silver!
The rest of the Friday Road Trip will come out over the weekend.
Have a good one and rest up for next week..the fire works begin!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

Global Coherence Initiative

by Drake
This was requested and is how everyone can help.
Follow the instructions :
One of the most effective energetic contributions we can make to help co-create a positive future for ourselves and the planet is to replace our tendencies towards negative, downsided projections regarding personal or planetary outcomes. A downsided projection is a negative perception or speculation about how something will play out. For example, say you’re planning to meet someone with whom you have a hard time communicating. Instead of projecting judgment, dread or anxiety, replace that feeling with a heart intention to drop your presets and judgments while maintaining the state of calm and neutrality. This creates an environment where people and situations can change for the better – and even if they don’t change, you benefit from clearing the negative presets from your personal energy field.
Negative projections are registered in the heart’s and brain’s electromagnetic fields, generating waves of incoherence in the energy field environment around us that serve to create outcomes we don’t want. Most of us have done this at times, especially in the midst of challenges. It’s a societal habit handed down through generations that can seem normal and without consequence. As we practice changing the habit of negative projections, we reduce much personal stress and increase our power to manifest a higher vibrational field environment, which is our highest contribution to the global consciousness shift.
Remember, we each have a choice to add incoherence or coherence to the energetic field environment.
Care Focus: Replacing Negative Projections
For this full moon Care Focus, breathe love and compassion into the planetary field environment, while imagining our collective heart energy helping to ease the cumulative stressors from ongoing global conflicts and weather challenges. Then visualize more people beginning to realize that negative projections create the unwanted energy field environment we are trying to dissipate by sending love and compassionate care. As we practice replacing negative projections, this builds an energetic grid that makes it easier for others to be intuitively inspired to do the same. This full moon period is a supportive time to launch or re-commit to these types of habit changes.
~ Drake


by Drake
As reported by Alex Jones on Info Wars:
Dangerous knowledge?
IF the general press knows about this, then so do those who would kill us with the same system.
I understand this is a test, but I also am aware that our government has a history of 'testing' various chemical and biological weapons on the general population.
Are the 'test' systems to be removed after this 'test' or not?
Is it possible that the harmless might be replaced with something dangerous? Thus leaving a residue that could kill those who use this place after the 'test'?
There is no way to offer complete safety for anyone. Very simply, when the person doing this type of attack, is willing to sacrifice themselves, there is almost no defense.
I am posting this as a warning, not to cause fear, but to have everyone start being aware of the fact that several organizations and groups have declared war on ALL of us.
In places where attacks are common, the people are watchful of anything out of place, out of the ordinary. Simply, who wants to be standing next to a bomb, biological weapon, when it goes off?
In the near future information will be provided that shows that some who are supposed to protect us, are involved in many of these so called terrorist actions.
It is certain that those who give these orders will be taken down along with their mercenaries.
Keep aware, look around, be safe.
~ Drake

Keshe Foundation Promotional Video-Make Viral

Published on Aug 29, 2012 by
Keshe Foundation Promotional Introduction Video (english version)
This video is for promotional purposes and explains in a simple way what the Keshe Foundation is about and how we work. Please share !
The link to the Governement Invitation Letter:…
Visit the Keshe Foundation website for more info:
About the Keshe Foundation:
The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change, and disease, through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give Mankind the real freedom to travel in deep Space.
Keshe spece Technology:
Keshe Health Technology:
Keshe Health Videos:…
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Rogue Army Propaganda Mob Bans Veterans Today

Defense Media Activity, a Command at Ft. Meade, Censors Veterans Today for Political Expose

“Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.” …George Washington – on Ray Ordierno

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This is a strange position for us, pro-government and directly against what is a rogue gang within the military, the propaganda group at Ft. Meade still under the thumbs of Cheney and Rove, leaving us “mainstream” and them “Taliban” and “extremist.”
With powerful friends within the military, the Defense Media Activity is well know to us, their “Islamophobia classes,” their ties to the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute.
Sources confirm that Karl Rove is still advising this organization on a daily basis without approval of the Secretary, done through a contract “think tank.”
An even funnier issue is how closely we work with the Army and other “agencies” who use us as “back channel” communications. We regularly agree to print “requested” items from Washington in trade for quality “non-operational” leaks. Lots of folks wearing lots of “stars” depend on us saying what they can’t.
They are the “Fox/Murdoch” puppets who propagandize our troops, cover up scandals and work to rig presidential elections. They are a nest of petty incompetents, a “farm of vipers” that we strongly hope Secretary of Defense Panetta can get control of before the presidential elections.
We are going to “lay them out” like they deserve and if they want to “kick back,” I will debate anyone they want to send out, anytime, anywhere. Welcome to my world….
Veterans Today learned last night that the Defense Media Activity is censoring Veterans Today from military bases because of an article involving illegal political contributions tying Mitt Romney to the “blood diamond” trade, illegal foreign contributions and wide dealings with organized crime.
The article, Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid, went viral on the internet. General Odierno, the man who tried to order troops into our cities to quell “Occupation” demonstrators, ordered this attack on Veterans Today, according to Pentagon sources.
The military fed us information on Romney because they are afraid we may be pushed into a conflict in the Persian Gulf and the other minor issue, General Dempsey is a favorite of ours and is now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
This is what it is all about. Powell, good man though he has been, was not a strong person. General Myers, Bush’s 9/11 Chairman was one of the worst generals in American history…Myers with Rumsfeld, America barely survived.
Now the Army has Obama and Panetta doing exactly what the best of our officer corps has wanted, General Dempsey has a total free hand.
Dempsey is clearly running the show, taking the lead in our dealings with his counterparts around the world, one of those rare times when the right commander is in the right place at the right time.
This, however, is the problem for those who depend on a weakened US. Where Obama may have bent to political pressure or lacked a base of power, Dempsey is totally in command and backed 100%.
This has made him a target, Netanyahu finds him impossible to manipulate and Romney has been directed to fire Dempsey at all costs. After leaving Tel Aviv last week, Dempsey was subjected to an assassination attempt credited to the Taliban but nobody takes that seriously.
They respect Dempsey and have expressed belief that his advice will bring about a more rapid and lasting end to conflict in Afghanistan.
We have been quite surprised at the new found Obama supporters who would have died before supporting a “Dem.” Romney and Ryan have powerful enemies in the Pentagon and we only reflect that. I actually find it “refreshing.”
Romney is closely tied with Israeli Likudists and is said to have promised a US invasion of Iran, without support of the UN or any allies, if elected.
Up to 60 million in illegal cash was collected in Israel and London, much in secret meetings with banksters, the diamond trade racketeers, Russian “oligarchs” or “laundered” through supporters who traveled with Romney.
The international drug trade not only sent representatives but their leaders were actually traveling with Romney on his jet.
Since this time, Veterans Today has been under, initially, sophisticated “hack attacks” with individual editors subjected to attempts at sophisticated computer intrusions.
As Veterans Today editors are also either serving intelligence officers or contractors attached with highly classified projects, their “day jobs,” their lines are monitored voluntarily for security reasons.
It has to be embarrassing when a US command hacks my Skype and finds me involved in arranging meetings for top US cyber security officials to meet with their foreign counterparts. What do you do then, arrest yourself?” (Gordon Duff, describing issues that occurred last fall)
Our biggest issue with the Ft. Meade group, says Duff, “is that we openly support President Obama and General Dempsey, CIA Director Petraeus and DOD Director Panetta.
We have a tacit understanding with US agencies to publish no operational material.
Moreover, we maintain Washington based lobbying contacts at the highest levels and work with top law firms, like the ones intelligent career professionals learn to avoid disrespecting.”
A key issue to Veterans Today is that the DOD is still deeply infiltrated with political hacks.
General Petraeus has spent months cleaning out the CIA, trying to bring an end to embarrassments like the “Raymond Davis” murders in Pakistan.
You can then add in the long history of terrorist leaders like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar or accused terrorist Osama bin Laden, now believed killed a second time, being on the active CIA payroll while simultaneously running major operations and being “hunted” as terrorists.
“At one point, we had several terrorist leaders working on Bagram Air Force Base while special operations troops had been looking for them for years, not without dozens of casualties.”


HOT BREAKING NEWS: 1 of 2 Financial Political Whore alert #2
Tom Heneghan explosive intelligence briefings ALL patriot Americans MUST know, with sources inside American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL, reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly propaganda U.S. media's massive deceptive illusions
Thursday August 30, 2012
Financial Political Whore Alert #2 Part 1 of 2By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
Geithner and Bernanke
UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that U.S. Taxpayers' money tied to the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols is currently being laundered by the U.S. Federal Reserve and its Chairman Bernard Bernanke and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in an attempt to bail out the CIA proprietary account "Malaga" tied to the Spanish Monarchy of King Juan Carlos and the neo-Nazi Bush Crime Family.
Spain King Juan Carlos and then pResident BushFRAUD

P.S. We can now report that patriotic elements of the U.S. military, along with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the U.S. Inspector General have frozen the account, accordingly, stopping the money laundry.

HOT BREAKING NEWS: 2of2 Financial Political Whore Alert #2

Thursday August 30, 2012
Financial Political Whore Alert #2 Part 2 of 2By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
Item: At this hour, Ambassador Leo Wanta is being threatened, blackmailed and harassed by elements of the U.S. Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury. Wanta will not allow American Taxpayers' money to be used in a new money laundry aka ponzi scheme.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan is now ready to pivot in regards to the money laundry activity of the Bush-Clinton-U.S. Federal Reserve Crime Family Syndicate.

Direct message to U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner:


P.P.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke and his partners-in-crime, the Paulson Hedge Fund, and Bill Gross' Pimco Investments have created massive asset bubbles in stocks and commodities markets with illegal leaks and tailored rhetoric in order to serve their patrons: the crooked banks and the crooked hedge funds.

Note: They have now created an environment with overvalued option premium where any alleged stimulus would be absorbed in derivative costs within minutes if not seconds. closing, the Paulson Hedge Fund and Bank of America Merrill Lynch still remain drastically undermargined in their stock and commodity positions.

Question: Where is the CFTC, the NFA and the SEC? Are they having lunch with the CME Group?