Friday, August 31, 2012

Rogue Army Propaganda Mob Bans Veterans Today

Defense Media Activity, a Command at Ft. Meade, Censors Veterans Today for Political Expose

“Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.” …George Washington – on Ray Ordierno

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This is a strange position for us, pro-government and directly against what is a rogue gang within the military, the propaganda group at Ft. Meade still under the thumbs of Cheney and Rove, leaving us “mainstream” and them “Taliban” and “extremist.”
With powerful friends within the military, the Defense Media Activity is well know to us, their “Islamophobia classes,” their ties to the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute.
Sources confirm that Karl Rove is still advising this organization on a daily basis without approval of the Secretary, done through a contract “think tank.”
An even funnier issue is how closely we work with the Army and other “agencies” who use us as “back channel” communications. We regularly agree to print “requested” items from Washington in trade for quality “non-operational” leaks. Lots of folks wearing lots of “stars” depend on us saying what they can’t.
They are the “Fox/Murdoch” puppets who propagandize our troops, cover up scandals and work to rig presidential elections. They are a nest of petty incompetents, a “farm of vipers” that we strongly hope Secretary of Defense Panetta can get control of before the presidential elections.
We are going to “lay them out” like they deserve and if they want to “kick back,” I will debate anyone they want to send out, anytime, anywhere. Welcome to my world….
Veterans Today learned last night that the Defense Media Activity is censoring Veterans Today from military bases because of an article involving illegal political contributions tying Mitt Romney to the “blood diamond” trade, illegal foreign contributions and wide dealings with organized crime.
The article, Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid, went viral on the internet. General Odierno, the man who tried to order troops into our cities to quell “Occupation” demonstrators, ordered this attack on Veterans Today, according to Pentagon sources.
The military fed us information on Romney because they are afraid we may be pushed into a conflict in the Persian Gulf and the other minor issue, General Dempsey is a favorite of ours and is now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
This is what it is all about. Powell, good man though he has been, was not a strong person. General Myers, Bush’s 9/11 Chairman was one of the worst generals in American history…Myers with Rumsfeld, America barely survived.
Now the Army has Obama and Panetta doing exactly what the best of our officer corps has wanted, General Dempsey has a total free hand.
Dempsey is clearly running the show, taking the lead in our dealings with his counterparts around the world, one of those rare times when the right commander is in the right place at the right time.
This, however, is the problem for those who depend on a weakened US. Where Obama may have bent to political pressure or lacked a base of power, Dempsey is totally in command and backed 100%.
This has made him a target, Netanyahu finds him impossible to manipulate and Romney has been directed to fire Dempsey at all costs. After leaving Tel Aviv last week, Dempsey was subjected to an assassination attempt credited to the Taliban but nobody takes that seriously.
They respect Dempsey and have expressed belief that his advice will bring about a more rapid and lasting end to conflict in Afghanistan.
We have been quite surprised at the new found Obama supporters who would have died before supporting a “Dem.” Romney and Ryan have powerful enemies in the Pentagon and we only reflect that. I actually find it “refreshing.”
Romney is closely tied with Israeli Likudists and is said to have promised a US invasion of Iran, without support of the UN or any allies, if elected.
Up to 60 million in illegal cash was collected in Israel and London, much in secret meetings with banksters, the diamond trade racketeers, Russian “oligarchs” or “laundered” through supporters who traveled with Romney.
The international drug trade not only sent representatives but their leaders were actually traveling with Romney on his jet.
Since this time, Veterans Today has been under, initially, sophisticated “hack attacks” with individual editors subjected to attempts at sophisticated computer intrusions.
As Veterans Today editors are also either serving intelligence officers or contractors attached with highly classified projects, their “day jobs,” their lines are monitored voluntarily for security reasons.
It has to be embarrassing when a US command hacks my Skype and finds me involved in arranging meetings for top US cyber security officials to meet with their foreign counterparts. What do you do then, arrest yourself?” (Gordon Duff, describing issues that occurred last fall)
Our biggest issue with the Ft. Meade group, says Duff, “is that we openly support President Obama and General Dempsey, CIA Director Petraeus and DOD Director Panetta.
We have a tacit understanding with US agencies to publish no operational material.
Moreover, we maintain Washington based lobbying contacts at the highest levels and work with top law firms, like the ones intelligent career professionals learn to avoid disrespecting.”
A key issue to Veterans Today is that the DOD is still deeply infiltrated with political hacks.
General Petraeus has spent months cleaning out the CIA, trying to bring an end to embarrassments like the “Raymond Davis” murders in Pakistan.
You can then add in the long history of terrorist leaders like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar or accused terrorist Osama bin Laden, now believed killed a second time, being on the active CIA payroll while simultaneously running major operations and being “hunted” as terrorists.
“At one point, we had several terrorist leaders working on Bagram Air Force Base while special operations troops had been looking for them for years, not without dozens of casualties.”


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