Friday, August 24, 2012

Republican Party Plan for any Gold Commission is but an Electioneering Sham!

Can mainstream Republicans be scammed again? We think so. This talk of a "commission" to discuss a gold standard is but a hook to ensnare the now party majority of conservative outliers. You don't need Ron Paul to tell you any different.

Why, the GOP in its feeble attempt to get even a gold audit is a flop. Don't let these snakeoil traitors bamboozle this generation as they did the last. One glance at Romney's campaign advisor staff should clear up any opinions that are still fence-sitting: Romney’s Advisors Are Leftist Elites. Come on people put on your thinking caps, you're not dunces in the corner!

This election is a fraud. It's just the home stretch meter relay event and a Conspiracy baton-pass from Obama to Romney. There is no 'lesser evil' when they both are.

It's now clear what we attempted to bring to light in 1983, Lew Lehrman, aside from being a CFR Insider, was appointed to the 1983 Gold Commission as a saboteur of sound money. He's also a Lincoln devotee for you southrons.

Ron Paul Says "Nein!" to a Lew Lehrman International Gold Standard!
Published by Charleston Voice, 2.19.2012
President Ronald Reagan meeting with Henry Kissinger in the White House residence, June 1981
This letter from Ron Paul is in response to my informing the good doctor of Lehrman’s CFR membership and part of the international banking cartel (as if he didn’t already know!). I feel the CFR through Lehrman in as a monkey wrench to derail any sovereign designs the Gold Commission may agree to. [Reagan's cabinet was more than half composed of either CFR or Trilateral members...ed.*]Now, here we are with Lehrman (and CFR Gingrich) popping up again as bankster spoilers. We don't need any freakin' 'world Federal Reserve'!

*"Five months after Mr. Reagan had been sworn in as President, the Council on Foreign Relations noted in its Annual Report that 257 of its members were serving as U.S. government officials. As in previous administrations, these individuals filled many of the important Assistant Secretary and Deputy Secretary posts at the State Department, Defense Department, Treasury Department, and so on." ... Source

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