Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gulick Update

Selected few;

Consider this sharing & caring time well spent with you.
My efforts to build with like-minded relationships takes me to Ohio this early AM.

Names have been removed to save the privacy but you can get the full text of
my efforts. Since our time well spent via e-mail is clear for 'spot-on' message;
let's open this old real news with some new but explosive real history making
news this morning. We really have a win over The Enemy Within coming. Our future,
for those who grasp the new ideas, looks very bright for sure! But if 'dumbed' Great
Americans remain in the All American Cheese Factrory, soon they will be crying
"who moved the cheese' for sure! What is your Plan-B?

What is your level of interest?

Good day!

G. Gulick

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Excuse the use of old e-mail but it's saves on paper! ha!
I really enjoy history making times and keep good records, like you, for such reference. Let's come reckoning
by sitting on the porch waiting for the sun to rise.

With all the 'bad mouth' and all the misinformation and/or disinformation, I still have confidence we are
on the verge of seeing those 'patriots' about to arrive back from Congress vacation to continue their
on-going investigations. You may not buy into this but I do! On going investigation since June of 2010, now
two years of investigating, shows & tells
Yes, I stop here from connecting at

Today, we learn about Admiral Dennis Blair at: Connecting
dots to dots to dots gives me a Pathway of Discovery. No I do not believe all that I read & hear but that does not mean
its not true! That takes more fishin for the truth until if found to be true or false.  It's true Hillary Clinton was in the agenda
to take Biden's place. Now she has turned the job down. Both she and Bill are on the ropes and just may need that
other passport to exit the country soon! Who knows? But I know there is no place to run and no place to hide for these
that have done all of this to us!

Keep in mind, the World Court & two plane loads of their Judges have been camped out at the U. S. Treasury
since December 2009. They brought along with them a plane load of INTROPOL for protection. Yes, they had some 'bad guys'
in their mix but that has been corrected many moons ago. Back in the days of C. Story [pen name] we had the dots to dots to keep
this in tack. Was he horizionalized? Not able to confirm but for sure he is no longer connected to us since June of 2010.

My time with Drake is mostly 'hear say' since my like-minded relationships are sold 100% he is the messenger of
our time. Sorry, I remain with James Dale Davidson, William Rees-Moog, Bill Bonner, Addison Wiggins and John
Pugsley's up & coming new faces. Thay are taking the place of the older players now. My take is where does the money come
from and how money works since 1970. Seeking first to understand; then to be understood!

Yes, Drake seems to get lots of confidence from his listeners as well as The White Hats are now almost kissing up
to his "Brother Drake" references. No matter to me, I still rely on the same sources since 1985 and about 32 keen but
very savvy sources seem to keep me in check for being most accurate to e-teaching those complex securities we all
know as the Derivative Ponzi, the Mother of ALL BUBBLES.

In our world of insider messages, we must be careful not to become an 'insider' going to jail. Get it? But it does not
get any plainer than this. . . .

“The entire world economy rests on the consumer. If he ever stops spending money he doesn't have on things he doesn't need, we're done for”.  ~ Bill Bonner Date: May 06, 2012

“That’s  how money works”. ~ G. Thomas Gulick * This was about as close as we get for messages to the ones that know & understand this 'mell of a hess' and its coming collapse. LIBOR is all about derivatives and will bring the bankers now triggered $800 trillion dollar derivative collapse. Just notice the trends after September 21st when the Petro Dollar begins to fail as legal tender for oil! All that is not real, will follow. The Bonds, Pensions, Retirements, Union Retirements, 401Ks, the DOW must correct to at least 3,400 and of course the real estate must correct another -30%  to -40% for The Great Correction. That's how corrupted & money out of thin air works.
In closing, the best 'insider real news' arrived only yesterday. It goes like this. . . . . .
Urgent – “The Largest Financial Bubble In History Is Popping Right Now... Here's What You Must Do To Build A Fortress Around Your Wealth.”
~ William ‘Bill’ Bonner, Author & Wealth Builder
Dear Gerry; 
Sitting right in front of us is the fattest, juiciest financial bubble that’s ever existed. When a pin hits that bubble, we’ll experience fallout like we’ve never seen before...
  Violent 500-point daily moves up and down in the markets will be the “new normal.” Governments around the world will be called into question.
     Certain currencies will die.
      A lot of people will lose a lot of money.
     Social unrest will occur — maybe outside your front door.
Things you never imagined would happen may, indeed, happen...
The following prior to this is enough to make a Presbyterian say 'A Men" for sure.
September 21, 2012 & The Next 18 Months – FOR A FEW –
A NexBoom Certain!

“In fact, I believe more money will be lost (and made) in the 18 months following September 21, 2012, this coming event, than ever before. “

                                                                                                                          ~ James Dale Davidson

Yes, John Wayne & the Calvary is about to arrive for the cleansing of this 'mell of a hess' while this Bulldog Butch and our NexBoom Champions work on never going broke. Most of the 330 million 'dumbed' Great Americans go broke during The Great Correction. Now hear this, if we do go broke, you can bet you will find us among the NexBoom Champions in the "more money will be (and made) section for the next & in the 18 months referenced. Salute!
Each million of the 401Ks moved from 100% Total Risk to my Total Return Strategy for 'safety sake' will pay me $70,000.00 for the effort. But add this to my other planned Financial-Health-Wellness efforts, we may never go broke but if we do, you can bet you will find us going broke last & not first! As least I have a plan, consistent to not only to plan but act; not only dream but believe. With the Internet, I have been building with Leadership. Now the teams will follow. It's not the timing but the time!
Stevie Wonder can see this coming! To you, xxxxxx, I am proud to know you and have this time of sitting on my porch via e-mail, west of Lizard Lick, North Carolina. Life happens! It's my job to bring H.O.P.E. - Helping Other People Everyday.
Let's go fishin,

G. Thomas Gulick
Toll-Free: 800-520-1005
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> Hi, G -
> I'm expecting revaluation of 160+ currencies "real soon now".
> One Iraqi dinar 'guru' is saying, "6-16-2012  Intel Guru TerryK   IM
> Also, Drake will have something to say Sunday afternoon:
> And, I'm hearing certain things were "settled" in Hong Kong Thursday, such
> that "the road is clear" for various things to happen and become visible.
> Blessings.
>> I am looking for trends of any money currency changes in the making. One
>> of our like-minded relationships
>> provided this link listed below. Are you aware of this?
>> Stopping Trading Activity on Thursday 14/6/2012
>> 13/06/2012 07:11
>> On the occasion of Imam Mousa bin Jaffar Al-Kadhim (peace upon him ) Board
>> of Governors decided to not organize Trading session on Thursday 14/6/2012
>> . and resuming the activity trading on Sunday 17/6/2012
>> If the John Wayne all of us are expecting, why has Obama Presidency now
>> become a dictatorship. The Take Back America
>> needs action. I do  not find it. How about you?
>> Just a note of tought!
>> G. Gulick

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