Monday, August 27, 2012

Jackpot: Colorado Public Television; appeal to Drake

by Drake
From: Jesse Biddle
Date: August 23, 2012 7:58:35 AM EDT
Subject: Jackpot: Colorado Public Television; appeal to Drake
Dear Denise,
First off, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing. I have been following Drake since his first interview with David Wilcox, but the "environment" you have created at Global Voice has really allowed for the growth of this movement, the inclusion of all types of people, and the message to spread.
One thing that most people who are just waking up or have recently woke up are desperately looking for is "proof," and I hope Drake understands why the questions seeking proof persist. Speaking for myself, "proof" is what helped me know that I wasn't crazy, especially when the majority of people around me think I am (we are). The other reason is that the minute you wake up, and you realize just how much you have been lied to your entire life, you become highly suspicious of everything you hear. From my own experiences and what I've learned, I believe what Drake is saying, but that fear of being misled (again) is what keeps popping up in my head when I hear certain things, and that's why I continue to want to see proof. It is also discouraging when people who are, or have been, revealing "truths" disagree (examples: Bill Wood, David Icke, White Hats, Matthew's Books, etc.). Most of us understand the disinformation game, and that creating confusion is one of the most effective tools in their tool box. That is another reason why people, and I put myself in this category, want to continue to hear proof from Drake. I understand that he may get tired of having to "prove" what he is saying over and over, but I hope he understands that our history of deception is what leads to this, and ask for his patience, and to continue to put forth proof.
My faith in him and his message was shaken after the first "green light," and it nearly lead to the end of my marriage. Just a little background: I am 41 years old, have two young children, and work in the insurance industry. My "awakening" a year and a half ago was a traumatic experience (realizing the world isn't what you think it is), and I tried to warn people, and was declared crazy. To have any chance of saving my relationship with my wife (who continues to live in ignorance), I had to admit myself to a mental hospital, where I spent 3 days. Unfortunately my behavior--making some public declarations to people about what is really going on, only reinforced to my wife that these "ideas" are crazy. It was at that time that I discovered faith for the first time in my life, and that is what helped me get through that time, and all the time since. I got out of the hospital and just shut my mouth about what I knew, and focused on keeping my family together and keeping my job.
But the truth is that I have been leading a double life. There was one friend who introduced me to some of the ideas about what was going on. He showed me "The Money Masters" DVD, and that started to get my brain working and I started asking other questions, which ultimately lead to my "discovery" of the truth. So initially I had 1 friend, but over time I have made many more friends and have continued to seek the truth, and figure out what I could do to help. Like Drake, Minuteman, and so many callers, I am doing this for my children. Let me just say that at the moment my life was crashing around me, I prayed, and told God that I was not going to be afraid any more, no matter what happened (even the loss of my family and job), as I saw what happened to me, very rapidly, when I let fear control me. And I have lived without fear ever since, and my life has never been the same. The only exception to that is the fear I have continued to allow about losing my wife and children, and that has kept me quiet at home, and not doing more of what I would otherwise (join a militia, start a blog, talk to our friends). I think most people would understand this--we all would do anything for our families, and that's hard to do if you're not with them. So, my greatest challenge has been to try to help wake people up--to raise the collective consciousness out of its stupor. Having been deeply asleep my whole life before, I know how hard this can be. And this gets back to "proof."
But before I go there, I took a risk after Drake called the first green light, and told my wife that there was about to be a revolution in our country. I wanted to warn her so she was not surprised by what was about to happen. She immediately thought I was crazy again and asked me to go see a doctor. She gave me "two weeks" for proof (the amount of time I told her it might take to happen), and when it didn't happen, it caused issues in our relationship (I'll leave it at that).
Drake has said that he was mislead and trusted some people he shouldn't have, and that was what lead to the "wrong" call of the July 4th green light. It would be helpful for me, and I'm sure a lot of other listeners, to hear details on how he was mislead, and who mislead him. If they mislead him, then he doesn't need to protect their identities any longer. I have placed my faith in Drake and all of you at Global Voice, and hearing this would help me, and may save my family.
I will say that when Drake called the second green light earlier this month, I did not mention it to my wife, but am waiting to see what happens at the RNC.
Well, that was a long introduction to what I am excited to share. Subsequent to my awakening, I have been continually searching for information that I could share with people to help wake them up. Based on some "failed efforts," I know what may be accepted by the average "sleeping sheeple", and I have just found the jackpot.
The trailer for the "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth" documentary ("Experts Speak Out"), has been posted on YouTube for quite a while, but the entire documentary was just broadcast by *Colorado Public Television*, and is on their website:
This is as close to mainstream media as we get. I highly recommend everyone watch it to understand the truth behind this false flag tragedy that was perpetrated upon the citizens of the US and the people of the world.
The best part, in my opinion, is about the psychology of this information--there are many interviews from psychiatrists and psychologists about how our mind accepts or rejects what doesn't fit with our understanding of things (I'm assuming that part is in the broadcast version, and hasn't been edited out, but it is in the DVD I have). If anyone wants to learn more, they can go to
I think given that this is on public television, people may "accept" the information contained in it. I share this with you, and ask you to pass this along to the listeners, not only as "proof" of the most recent terrible false flag tragedy, but something that may help them feel comfortable sharing with others, as I am doing, to help wake people up. Note: watch it quick before it is taken off the website.
You can read my email on air.
Love and blessings,

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