Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/22/12 9:00 PM Drake Radio Interview

8/22/12  9:00 PM   Drake Radio Interview Today.        Radio Show
                              Drake Said:

* Secret treaties were signed earlier to form a new partnership of the U.S., Mexico
    and Canada.
* August 20 through August 28th is a period of possible extreme crisis.
* Overall, the general direction is that it's time to take action.
* Most of the upper military are vying for political careers and may not want to act now.
* When you have a political system in which [favors] can be bought and paid for,
   you no longer have laws.
* Some of the problems we face may seem that they are faith based.
* He discusses Zionist and Jewish histories.  Jihad has declared war on all "free" countries.
* Radical Islamist Jihadists do not have a home country and are a great threat to us.
* On short notice, Drake will be contacted by the military as to what actions are
   to be taken. Then the Militias will be contacted.  We are close to the point of
   taking tactical action. This could be as soon as a few days.
* Channels of communications to Drake have been closed the past few days. 
   Something big is going on.  The games keep changing; the dates are getting
   shorter. The Cabal is dying and are more desperate.
* Leave the cities.  This reset will very possibly get bloody.
* The underground bunkers and cities will be closed. We are NOT facing a global physical
* We are at the break point and need to take action. 
* The idea of a Nanny State is going away.
* The Vatican is a part of the Cabal.
* Drake does not believe that the Govt. purchase orders for ammunition have been filled.

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