Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The Statement:"This week I will experience a Miracle having to do with money"

There are only Two Rules:
1. When the Money Miracle happens, recognize and acknowledge it.

2. This is not an affirmation to be repeated, except in the case of doubt or fear, and after Rule #1, meaning after you have received and acknowledged a Money Miracle.

Rule 1 can be tricky - it is actually training in “new vision.” Can you “see” the miracle when it comes? This will be more clear when you learn about the phrase “having to do with money” below. One may simple say, “Aha, here is a Miracle having to do with money!"

Rule 2 - This statement is NOT an affirmation that is to be repeated constantly! Say it, and let it go to work! If, however, you find that something disturbing occurs to bring in doubt that this will work, or a fear about money arises, then firmly repeat the statement, and again let it go. Also, as soon as you have acknowledged a Money Miracle, repeat the statement this way, “
And this week I will experience ANOTHER Miracle having to do with money!”


“THIS WEEK”: These words accomplish two purposes; the first is to create a known framework of time in which the Miracle will occur. Without these words the time is too vague, encouraging doubts to arise. The second purpose is to fool the inner “judge” who has no faith in abundance. This “judge” is of the ego and encourages our fears around money. However this “judge” tends to be lazy, upon hearing “this week,” it sets a strategy to send out its doubt and fear messages three or four days after the statement is made. In actuality the Money Miracle will occur much sooner, thus getting around the tactics of the “ego-judge.”

“I WILL”: This is NOT a future tense verb. It is an expression of personal will phrased in such a way as to again fool the ego. If there is one word in this statement that is to be emphasized it is this one!

“EXPERIENCE”: When one receives and then sees the Miracle there is a real “aha!” reaction in the body.

“A MIRACLE”: It is critical to have no expectation of the source or the amount of the Money Miracle. Do not think, “Now I will get a raise.” Or “Now I will win the lottery.” A penny on the floor can be as much a Miracle having to do with money, as an unexpected refund from the IRS for $850! Acknowledge the penny (which appears primarily to let you know that the technique does work, and you need not be in fear) and then repeat the statement again.

“HAVING TO DO WITH MONEY”: This is the hard one! It is easy to see a Money Miracle when it involves actual currency, and more difficult when you receive something of value that did not require an exchange of “green pieces of paper.” Once acclimated to acknowledging unexpected money as a “miracle” you will find the process may change—you begin to receive things at no cost. (Being taken out to lunch, given a set of books or a ticket to a concert) This phrase is the one most associated with Rule 1—if it does not directly involve cash, check or money order, are you able to perceive that the Money Miracle has occurred?

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