Saturday, September 29, 2012

Resurrection of America Post


Interesting post. Something we don't know yet? You decide.

As always, I wish ya'll (you and yours) a good day.

This email is in response to some daily postings on, and more dreams of mine. With my simple emails, I have tried for years to prevent chaos. Appears chaos we are going to have. My last dream had me in an abandoned store which had been converted to a military supply depot. We were clearing out the supplies as action had begun. Next, I was outside the store with my family and saw hundreds of WW2 planes in the air. Silver with black stripes. If I am not mistaken, one plane actually turned into a triangular craft similar to our Aurora or ER3B. As my family and I were walking we came upon a very old mansion. Somehow we ended up scaling the roof. While on the roof, 4 young gangsters on rollerblades came flying over us and went down to look into the house to see if someone was inside and I presume to loot.

Since it appears things are going to be happening quite soon, I guess we return to Vegas and the blind dealer plays these cards.

1. As I've said several times, I think patriotic forces should take control of all TV stations. No more cabal bullshit.

2. I'm going to assume Dr. Paul (civilian) and Mr. Powell (military) will address our nation. I would suggest the Pentagon Good Guys consider adding Mr. Schwarzkopf, Mr. Gates, Mr. Petraeus, well as Mr. Sanders and Mr. Kucinich. I have watched videos of Mr.Kucinich and he is probably the most emotional orator of the above. He might be able to fire our country up.

3. I would suggest that Dr. Paul and Mr. Powell start with a very positive outlook on our situation. We have not been the land of the free, but we are now with the arrests of the bankers/politicians and the release of the NESARA Funds/Prosperity Packages/Global Settlements. We are no longer debt slaves to the privately owned, unconstitutional Federal Reserve. There will be Peace on Earth and the release of technological marvels. Please be very, very positive and uplifting when addressing our nation.

4. I would suggest our kids with their boots on the ground be told to have a very positive, up-ifting outlook when dealing with the public, at least in those areas that are not gang infested hotspots;

5. I am going to assume the WW2 airplane turning into a triangular craft is a sign that the Higher Intelligence is going to have their scout ships decloak in the form of our craft to help prevent any chaos. If this is not the case, then I would appreciate the Pentagon Good Guys telling the Higher Intelligence that is how it's going to be. My orders.

6. I can't believe there are people still working for the cabal. So I would suggest Dr. Paul and Mr. Powell tell those that work for the cabal they are making a grave mistake. Why? Because of the following:
a. They have prevented the release of the NESARA Funds/Prosperity Packages/Global Settlements for decades. Enough money so you would not have to be doing what you are doing (losing);
b. They have prevented the release of technology that would have prevented the destruction and pollution of our planet;
c. They have prevented the release of technology that would have produced the Jetsons' vehicle decades ago;
d. They have prevented the release of medical technology that would have cured all diseases and replaced lost limbs;
e. They sent you and everyone you love to war for their profit and you have witnessed the death of your friends and maybe family members;
f. You have returned from their wars for profit, many with PTSD, and they do not provide you with the proper treatment so you can try to return to a normal life without the nightmares and strain on your family because of your behavior;
h. They wanted the Israel-Iran War to be nuclear in nature and thus fry you and everyone you love like a piece of bacon;
i. To put it bluntly, they don't give a damn about you and we do as you will get whatever treatment you need;
j. If you do not join the patriotic forces, you will be left out of the new financial system and you and your family will starve.

I think that's it for now. I hope some of this was of some benefit. See ya'll when the dust settles.

May Father Bless and Protect All--Especially Our Kids With Their Boots On The Ground

Bill Porter
Team Earth--Teammate Stars and Stripes

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