Sunday, September 9, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Another Reality Check

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Sunday September 9, 2012
Another Reality Check
By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
Christine LaGarde, IMF President
UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that IMF (International Monetary Fund) President Christine Lagarde, along with Chinese and German financial officials, continue to supervise major redemption and repatriation of collateralized assets aka property rights, precious and industrial metals, along with natural gas holdings from offshore proprietary accounts.

Note: Major movement of these collateralized assets is now underway from vault to vault involving re-collateralization of these major European banks.

This policy of redemption, repatriation and collateralization sets the stage for a non-inflationary, sterilized European Central Bank (ECB) bond purchasing program.

At this hour, we can divulge that the ECB is working closely with the German central bank aka the Bundesbank.

Reality check: Do not be fooled by U.S. financial media disinformation. China does not need a stimulus. They need a strong U.S. dollar to pay down their debt so they can, once again, issue legitimate letters of credit. Accordingly, China demands immediate Protocol implementation.

P.S. There is currently no liquidity in the world financial markets as black box high-frequency trading using algorithms (close to going hybrid) have turned the markets into an electronic ponzi scheme between banks and hedge funds.

Mathematical definition: An algorithm is a finite mathematical formula that calculates a function and then converts from base to base using the prime number 10.

P.P.S. Financial investor George Soros tied to the Paulson Hedge Fund is currently unhappy with the sterilized ECB, German-sponsored bond purchasing program because, according to Soros, it is deflationary not inflationary.

Soros wants worldwide financial policy to be orchestrated and directed to serve the purpose of his own portfolio.

Question: Does the Paulson Hedge Fund still want to buy Greek islands?

Congratulations to IMF President Christine Lagarde for putting a stop to a recent money laundry involving the Paulson Hedge Fund and rogue U.S. Treasury officials that tried to bail out the National Bank of Greece aka Goldman Sachs by using the aforementioned hedge fund and other private investors.

P.P.P.S. We can now also divulge that Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke is currently trying to decide which bank gets a bail out check and which bank doesn't in any new alleged stimulus program.

Note: Any new Federal Reserve stimulus, which is no stimulus at all, will do nothing for the U.S. economy aka create aggregate demand, but will just allow the banks to rearrange their derivative mix.

This, of course, is deflationary policy, which will leave banks in a zombi status without the ability to really loan money to the middle class.

Suggestion to Bernanke: Take a lesson from IMF President Christine Lagarde. Banks need recollateralization.

In closing stay tuned for future intelligence briefings, which will deal with a manipulated U.S. unemployment report that was issued last Friday showing job growth at 94,000. The gap between the Labor Department report of a 94,000 gain and the more accurate private ADP report showing job growth of 210,000 is unprecedented differential.

Question: Who is in charge of the U.S. Labor Department?

Answer: Could it be the Paulson Hedge Fund.

Finally, I want to once again affirm that the solution to the worldwide financial crisis that has been with us since late 2008 is bank consolidation, asset repatriation, re-collateralization and immediate Protocol implementation.

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