Friday, September 14, 2012

National Orange Alert


Due to the current unrest among Radical Muslims around the globe at this time, all Militia units should move to Orange Alert Status.
Small Unit Leaders prepare to assist. Be ready to move on 2 hour notice. If possible, be prepared to pre-evacuate immediate family members and their personal gear. Maintain close contact with your immediate chain of command and team members.
Eyes and ears only at this point! if you see something out of the ordinary, contact your local Sheriffs office! Lets be on our toes folks!
This is a coordinated effort beteen WRAM and the MMM sites to be of help with this situation! Please be professional in every aspect and do not take matters into your own hands if a situation develops unless you have absolutely no other recoarse!! Be sure to keep your local Sheriff dept's number along with the local FBI at hand!! The FBI has been notified that the Militias will be assisting in Eyes and ears capacity and are very grateful for the assistance! Time to shine Patriots!! Remember,,, Professionalism, safety and be part of the security of your communities! ,: )

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