Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Interesting FB Post

[Ed. Note: Our thanks to this SGTreport reader for allowing us to post his 9/11 awakening testimony.]

by Army4Ever,

I enlisted in the Army because of 9/11. Left my cushy job at a fortune 500 law firm to be a green-suiter. I will admit that when I watched the two towers collapse I thought how strange it was that both actually collapsed and in the same manner but I never suspected an inside job. Eleven years ago I didn’t know about WTC7. During my first deployment a senior enlisted and I got into a conversation and he brought up the secret government subject and gave me a book. It was Bill Moyer’s ‘Secret Government – Constitution in Crisis’. He tells me that there is a handful of powerful people that actually run everything. Nothing more was discussed. At the time I was still very naive and uneducated with regards to real US and world history but I took it. It wasn’t until April 2011 that I was reading a CNN article about a 9/11 widow that I noticed in the comments someone mentioned Architects & Engineers. The second I found out there was a third building and watched it collapse I knew it had all been a lie.

I went to my family with it. You know, the same ones that have always told you how smart, brave, resourceful blah blah you are. I got the giggle, “you can’t be serious” response. It was a year later that my brother came around on his own. The look on his face was pure shock. He started siting all the facts and asking me questions like did I know this and that. Yea! I’ve been trying to tell you this shit for a year now. My parents still cover their ears and say stuff like “the TV says it’s Muslims” and “we need more security to protect us.” They just want the comfortable lies.

Almost a year ago our company got a new 1SG (First Sergeant). I didn’t know it at the time but he had been in the Pentagon when it happened. He was always real personal with his troops and one day he told me something I will never forget. We got on to the subject of history politics etc and he knew my views. He said, “Staff Sergeant I want to tell you something I haven’t talked about in years. I was in the Pentagon when it went down. What you have been told was a lie. There was no airliner. Something hit the building but it wasn’t a plane. When I arrived to work that day there was something off. Certain people weren’t behaving normally but that stuff gets dismissed around that place. The first explosions were inside the building. That was obvious just from the sound and it reaked of cordite. Then something hit the building but it was different. It made the walls shake and the sound traveled inward. When we made it to that section it looked like an arrow pierced a straight line through. Almost immediately someone started saying a plane hit the building. I thought he was full of shit because we couldn’t find a single piece of luggage or body or anything. We were looking around for wounded when we were told to get out of the area because there was risk of collapse. About fifteen minutes later there were more pops and the outer walls collapsed. Later on some civilians came and asked us what happened. I told them what I told you. We were told that we must be mistaken. That’s when they started telling us the official version and we needed to stick to that. I said bull shit that’s not what happened. We were told to keep our mouths shut or we would have problems. We all knew the truth. There wasn’t a soul in that building that doesn’t know what really happened.”

Pretty much the rest of the conversation was about what should be done and what can we do. It came down to this. Keep informing the public as best we can and prepare for what’s next. A fight right now would fail and the media would paint us as government hating PTSD vets. Make no mistake boys and girls. Soldiers are aware and waking up. They have a shit storm brewing.
About five months ago I finally broke down in my commander’s office. I started feeling like civilians were giving me dirty looks like somehow they were all awake and blaming me. I couldn’t wear the uniform anymore and didn’t re-up. They can keep my retirement, not like I was probably going to get it anyway. For anyone that still believes the official narrative you better get real and do it with haste because more evil is on the way. They wouldn’t have gone through all this, knowing that people would eventually wake up, if they weren’t playing for keeps. America’s this soldier is forever on your side

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