Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have felt compelled for a couple of weeks to voice my feelings about the constant political rhetoric engulfing the internet, so here goes.

There are so many so called "lightworkers" who I see constantly making judgements of others without having absolute PROOF of what is being said or posted.
The articles I see all over the internet being posted about Obama, Romney and many other political figures are feeding the frenzy of those looking for answers.

I find it offensive to America as a whole to continually beat down another without full factual knowledge of ANY situation. As far as Obama goes, yes he has done some crazy things lately that make no sense to most of us, but do we REALLY know why he is doing this, do we know him so well that we can read his thoughts? Doubtful! The same applies to Romney and others. Personally I feel there is alot behind the scenes where Obama is concerned, Romney, well something about him that just makes my skin crawl. The difference is, this is MY OPINION and no one else should own it except me. I go by my inner knowing, call it intuition, psychic impressions, whatever you want to call it.

I am defending no one, nor do I advocate constant judgement of others without first hand knowledge of their person. What I AM saying, is be careful of being led around the net by those who would choose to send you on a chase of the big bad lion that turns out to be a baby kitten. God gave you (all of us) the gift of intuition, of knowing the truth yet so few actually use it. Turn off the media ALL OF IT and sit quietly with yourself, out in nature preferably, and ask the questions you need answers to and the light will shine for you.

I want you all to really think about the constant bashing and rhetoric. What IF what we are reading or hearing is wrong? Then what we have accomplished with the negativity is not change at all, what we have done by buying into the game, is keep it in perpetual motion (push pull effect). I personally have learned to stay very nuetral in events that are or are not going on. In this way there is no expectation of an outcome to become disappointed or enraged over. ALSO by remaining nuetral we allow the universe to do what it needs to do the rectify the situation. There is real truth to the old saying LET GO AND LET GOD!!!

This in no way means sit back on your laurels and do nothing. Stand up for what you believe in, prepare to have a positive joyful life in the near future. Spend your ENERGY on being hopeful and optimistic and stop allowing the push pull effect to lift you up only to drop you into the depths again. Be constructive with your thoughts, words, and actions to reflect that inner light we all have within our beings. The time is NOW to let go of preconceived ideologies of ourselves and others, let it go, let GOD do what needs to be done. Too many times we stand in the way of divine intervention because we are always trying to control the outcome.

Feeding into the frenzy is not helping and most likely is prolonging it. Let's keep in mind what we  learned long ago,,,,,,,, JUDGE NOT, LEST THOU BE JUDGED!!

This in no way means you can't have an opinion, it just means it's YOUR opinion. This also does not mean you can't be angry about the things going on around us, it DOES mean, stop looking at a person or persons for all the wrongs in the world. WE collectively created this world, our lives and the circumstances we live by. Then remember this FORGIVE THEM, THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. Forgive the person, is not saying you must forgive the actions of the person. So if you must hold onto the anger, place it on the action and forgive the person. The sooner we as a collective learn these two very important steps toward LOVE, the sooner this will be over and a new world is manifest.


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