Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Wise Account of NOW!!

I recieved this in my email today from James Gilliand at ECETI Ranch. I thought I would share as it resonated strongly with my own feelings. Everyone needs to turn inward for their answers and stop relying on who said what and which one should I beleive. The time has come to silence our minds and find our own truths, it's the ONLY way we will survive this mess spiritually, emotionally, and perhaps even physically. Hold on tight and TRUST!!!

Jamesisms Inspirations and Gut Feelings

We are getting bombarded with emails asking what is going on. There is so much information and disinformation flooding the internet people are becoming confused, disoriented, some even apathetic to any new information. That is the plan of the controllers. What it all boils down to is making your own God, Spirit, Creator connection and stop depending on others to lead you or save you. If you want the white hats to save you go out and buy a white hat. If you want to remain in denial of the obvious and listen to the feel good messages where people tell you there will be no changes; the status quo will continue business as usual you will be caught unaware and unprepared.

If you believe your consciousness is all-powerful and you will levitate, dematerialize, walk on water, bi-locate and ascend in the throws of physical Earth changes then demonstrate it. Find a great tree, tell yourself it is an illusion then take a run at it. Go to the ocean and stop the waves, the little ones then ask yourself if you can stop a great wave or ocean displacement. Are you aware of the escalation of severe weather, droughts, floods, the massive wild fires? Are you aware of the unprecedented increase in earthquake and volcanic activity? Are you paying attention to the Sun, solar cycle 24 and the unprecedented increase in CMEs, solar flares? Do you know about the dark rift and the alignment with Galactic Plane or the bursts of Gama and other rays bombarding the Earth? How about the massive holes in the magnetic fields allowing more cosmic and other rays to enter, more meteors to come in putting on quite a show lately? Is not the collapse and movement of the magnetic fields a precursor to a pole shift?

Now for a personal note have you paid any attention to the condition of the economy, the falling of the dollar, the massive derivatives that cannot be paid, the printing of trillions of dollars given to the banksters, the looting and pull out of the major banksters who are taking out put options that the economy will crash? Why because they are crashing it despite what the politicians in bed with them are telling you. Why are they all pulling out? What do they know? Why are there massive underground facilities being built for the elite? Why are other countries building massive underground facilities for their entire people and America is only concerned with the elite? Where did your basic human rights go and what are they setting up for with what can only be seen as Nazi rules and regulations taking the place of your constitution? Have you figured it out yet? If you haven't maybe the gene pool just might need some cleaning.

To many with strong attachments this will sound like doom and gloom. Those heavily invested in the material will have real problems with this information yet despite their be lie fs these changes are happening and it has gone from prophecy to science and statistics. We have to go back to our gut feelings, our own inner guidance. Pay attention to the obvious, forget about the mainstream media it is run by the corporations and has only the corporate interest as an agenda. That interest is to maintain the status quo keep the sheep placated right up to the slaughter pen. The problem is the sheep are awakening. The whole planet is awakening, shifting, birthing, expanding cleansing and moving to the next level in her evolutionary process. There is a saying nature will not kill you but she will let you die. It is up to us to flow with these changes and prepare on every level. Spiritually by making your own personal God, Creator, Spirit connection, establishing your own inner guidance. Mentally by developing critical thinking, common sense is God sense. Emotionally by releasing the past wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience. Physically by having access to fresh water, food, and shelter in areas that will not be so affected by the changes. Sitting on top of major fault lines or on the coasts is not wise in the days to come. Many are investing in gold and silver which is not a bad idea yet investing in land, gardens, seeds, accessing clean water, tools and food stock is better. Do not just think about yourself think about others as well it is much better karma to feed someone than to shoot them. Do not think because you are a nice person those who are hungry will honor that. That is not their truth. I know this is a hard pill to swallow. I swallowed it over thirty years ago when I was shown the visions of the probable future. This was taking into account changes in the collective consciousness, divine intervention etc. We still have time to shift the consciousness and put out a call for divine intervention yet some changes are necessary for Earth to continue on her cleansing and evolutionary process. We need to support her in doing what she needs to do, flow with the changes, and ask the beautiful many masters, saints, sages, Angelic guides, benevolent off worlders etc. for as much assistance as possible while doing all we can ourselves on every level so as not to create an immense disempowering baby sitting job.

Be well.
James Gilliland

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