Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tom Heneghan - Protocol Unstoppable

EXPLOSIVE BREAKING NEWS: Protocol Implementation Now Unstoppable
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Saturday September 29, 2012
Protocol Implementation Now Unstoppable!
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
French President Francois Hollande greets Russian President Vladimir Putin


UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that French President Francois Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin have told alleged U.S. President Barack Obama-Soetoro and check kiter, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, to proceed with the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols and DO IT NOW, IMMEDIATELY!

Note: Bloomberg News is currently running a dis-information story claiming Spain may agree to a $287 billion rescue package. Listen to this, folks, and do it next year
(laugh out loud).

Spain already now has $100 BILLION in Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds and, accordingly, does not need any help from the ECB (European Central Bank) or Bloomberg News.

The crooked Bloomberg News owned by homosexual Michael Bloomberg is also putting out more lies that according to European Parliament officials, unnamed by Bloomberg News, Greece will receive some type of installment bail out from international financiers.

This, again, is total bullshit once the Protocols are fully implemented there will be IMF (International Monetary Fund) draw down accounts in Europe tied to the Protocols that will actually lead to further collateralization and asset repatriation.
Paulson and Geithner

At this hour, IMF and European INTERPOL officials are ready to issue Red Notices aka arrest warrants for both check kiter Geithner and former BushFRAUD U.S. Treasury Secretary and money launderer Henry 'Hank' Paulson.

P.S. We can now divulge that former illegal White House occupant and nation wrecker, election stealer, Constitution shredder, U.S. Treasury embezzler, homosexual in-the-closet, cocaine snorting, AWOL, war criminal George W. BushFRAUD is in the Cayman Islands trying to launder STOLEN U.S. Treasury and U.S. Taxpayers funds in a secret proprietary account tied to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and current U.S. President Barack Obama, along with Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

There is good news. The Office of the U.S. Comptroller of the U.S. Currency utilizing PROMIS software, has frozen the account.

P.P.S. Message to the American People:

Noted homosexual and CIA asset Anderson Cooper of CNN, (202) 898-7900, recently tried to, once again, smear duly elected, non-inaugurated President, natural born Albert Gore Jr., by showing old debate replays between Gore and Bush in the year 2000.

Direct message to aids-ridden fagot Anderson Cooper: Cease and desist now, punk.
Blitzer and Cooper

Cooper and Israeli Mossad agent, CNN's Wolf Blitzer, are both stooges of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

Blitzer is actually on the take from George W. BushFRAUD and looser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

[...] The 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act (FSMA) was conducive to the the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. A pillar of President Roosevelt's "New Deal", the Glass-Steagall Act was put in place in response to the climate of corruption, financial manipulation and "insider trading" which resulted in more than 5,000 bank failures in the years following the 1929 Wall Street crash.

Bill Clinton signs into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, November 12, 1999Under the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act, effective control over the entire US financial services industry (including insurance companies, pension funds, securities companies, etc.) had been transferred to a handful of financial conglomerates and their associated hedge funds.
Question to Cooper and Blitzer: When are you going to hold former President William Jefferson Clinton accountable for signing the legislation for de-regulating U.S. banks that eventually led to the destruction of the U.S. economy?

In closing, stay tuned for our next intelligence briefing tomorrow, which will expose little crooked punk Jamie Dimon and his fraudulent bank JPMorgan Chase involvement with the IRS in framing individual federally insured (FDIC) deposits and accounts, in attempts to freeze the accounts and steal the customers' money.

At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. still remains the year 2000 duly elected, non-inaugurated, natural born REAL President of the United States.
Albert Gore Jr.

Year 2000 duly elected
natural born
REAL President of the United States

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