Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bix Weir - Ron Paul..Resting up for His Next Run!
For those who were hoping Ron would announce a run as a 3rd party candidate you may feel a bit let down by last night's interview with Jay Leno but I wasn't surprised that he didn't announce anything...yet. What he did say could be interpreted as the statement..."I'll be ready - when it's time." First watch the interview:
It seemed to me that Leno's questions were all very staged to get certain responses from Ron. The obvious question of will he run as a 3rd party candidate got a coy response from Ron saying it was a long shot but he's "resting up for 2016". Funny but also very interesting. From the Road to Roota perspective this is the perfect answer if he intends to jump back onto the ring when the Global Monetary Crash hits in the coming weeks. He will no longer be pushing his agenda but rather the entire nation will turn to him for the answers. He also talks a lot about bringing the troops home which will be a key platform for converting Democrats to his side.
The battles continue to rage on many fronts so keep an eye out for clues. The only hope for our country now is to start "The Mother of all Crashes", wipe out the global monetary systems and turn to Ron Paul and our Founding Fathers' vision of what our country should be like.
The Friday Road Trip will dive deep into the silver pits to analyze where we are and where we're going with our physical silver. You should be fully loaded and sitting on the sideline with your piles of physical OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM! I will also wade into the "Drake" analysis for those interested in what matches up on the Road to Roota and what doesn't.
Stay safe out there and keep an eye out for "The Crash" as it may come soon after the Democratic Convention ends.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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