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Timeless Comments on Timelines

Timeless Comments On Timelines

This article from American Kabuki is a follow up to Daniel's articles that were released last week. Kabuki, Soldiers Hugs and I have been looking forward to Hardin's views on Daniel's papers. I haven't even had a chance to read it myself yet...

...excuse me while I kick back with my coffee and do some reading. Enjoy!

Head Scratching Over the Daniel Papers

TIMELESS COMMENTS ON TIMELINES: Head Scratching Over the Daniel Papers

by GW Hardin

As a New York Times bestselling author, I often get to see a lot of things others don’t. Because of
 that I feel the need to bring in additional material to the “Daniel” papers. Reading the Daniel papers
 is like the trying to drink water from a fire hose. So I will limit my comments in this first response
 in the name of sanity as well as brevity. Depending on the reaction to this balancing act with
Daniel, I may provide follow-up white papers.

In brief, I will address three areas of partial imbalance in the Daniel papers:

1. Humanity as Sons of Slaves or Sons of God ... based on his comments in his paper on
 “The Uncommitted Investigator.”

2. The Return to Timeline Zero (the “natural” timeline) as Opposed to the Ascension into Timeline
Three ... based on his writings in “Time and Timelines.”

3. “The Cavalry is Coming” Versus the David-and-Goliath Complex.

On several occasions I’ve been asked to ghostwrite or co-write books regarding ETs, celestials
(usually angels), and EDs (extra-dimensionals) because of my reputation for being able to
write and describe the indescribable as well as being dedicated to the truth of the story, whether
that is a relative truth or what some describe as “absolute truth.” In my years of investigating the
material I present to the public, one of the most mind blowing involved the
Philadelphia Experiment, or what Daniel addresses as “the Montauk Project.” I decided not to write
a book on the secrets of the Philadelphia Experiment, that have never fully been presented to the
world, for the very same reasons that Daniel decided not to write about Montauk and timelines
until now: no one was willing to believe it.

Humanity as Sons of Slaves or Sons of God

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning, the term “Sons of God” is a complete
mistranslation in Scripture. The actual Hebrew term is “bene Elohim,” or Sons of the
Elohim. The fact that Jews believe the Elohim to be God is inconsequential to me. Let’s just stick
to the translation. The reason I say that, if I may steal a quote from the movie Poltergeist,
is “They’re back.” I have been associated with at least two appearances of these beings from
 three different people in the Colorado area. And the information coming from them has cleared up
a lot of misunderstanding about the Elohim’s role as the creator beings of humankind.

For starters, the bene Elohim (or Sons of God during the time of giants, Gen. 6: 2-4) were what
Alexander Sitchin called the Annunaki. As tempting as it is to go down that rabbit hole, I’d rather
move on by stating that the Annunaki were not the only creation of the Elohim. There was
another very dynamic group, called humans. In the Nag Hammadi Library of gnostic works lies a
hidden story of what happened to these two creations of the Elohim (the real story of the Archons.
The soundbite bottom line is that the Annunaki were jealous of the gifts given to humanity
(Christ Consciousness), and decided to enslave their brothers by dummying down their DNA.
One can choose a number of myths that follow from that (whether fallen angels or Atlantis or the
Archons), for there is a modicum of truth in them all. However, there is one point I’d like to
 make regarding my research on the geometry of DNA: “You can take the boy out of the country
but you can’t take the country out of the boy.” Geometrically, the same can be said for DNA
(see my article on the DNA tesseract on American Kabuki (here).

In the tesseract article (“A Celestial Mystery Solved”), I point out how human DNA is
multi-dimensional, which means you can alter it in one dimension but it still holds its
“naturalness” in higher fractals that access higher dimensions. Daniel makes a similar point in his
 reference to “Timeline Zero”:

When both of those routes [Timeline 1 and Timeline 2] terminate, which should be by the end of
this year, we will be back on the natural timeline—in other words, we'll be walking on the road to
 where evolution is supposed to take us, through 3-dimensional time—a Timeline Zero (T0).

The Annunaki thought they had taken care of humanity forever but soon realized that
something unexpected was occurring with human DNA: it was mutating in ways they never
realized possible. In various material I have researched, it is apparent that other Star Nations,
who have no moral hang-ups about manipulating DNA, whether their own or other nations’, see
humanity as having what some ETs call “royal DNA” and yet others call “noble DNA,” because our
DNA is so stable due mainly from its “natural” evolution. In other words, we are survivors who
have out-developed our enslavers. In the appearances of the Elohim, their revelations reveal the
secret to our superior DNA: hidden within the geometry of humanity’s DNA is the geometry of
angelic DNA. As much as I salivate as a mathematician having studied this, I’m sure I would
put you to sleep with my enthusiasm bombarding you with the incredible details. If you wish to
explore more about the DNA tesseract, more will be revealed on my research website over the
next year: .

The implications of what the Elohim have done is far reaching. The angelic realm has clearly
stated that only one aspect of the Egyptian Duat holds: “As above, so below. As below, so above
.” The angelic realm considers “As above, so below” to be flawed. And here is why. In quantum
mechanics, when two bodies of different vibrations entrain, the object of the higher vibration
 always entrains to the object of the lower vibration. Period. So it is with the universe.

Simply put, the Ascension of humanity will not only alter planet Earth, it will alter the entire universe.
 What the Elohim have said about this is nothing but stunning. We, who have been considered
animal-like and technological warmongering dumb-asses in the galaxy, are in truth among the
 most spiritually advanced civilization among the Star Nations. Yeah. I know—“Get outta town.”
But it’s true.

In transcripts from ET interactions that I have personally seen, even the ETs now know this—but
only in the last three years. When humanity removes the last of its shackles from races that have
enslaved us, the ramifications will sweep the cosmos. That’s why the exosphere above planet
Earth has become an ET parking lot. Even the angels have stated recently through the
Joe Crane appearances (On the Wings of Heaven, ) that humanity’s return to
Eden will not only affect our world but many worlds ( ).
Even other Star Nation worlds will move into a transformed state (as below, so above) because of
what the Elohim secretly set in motion millions of years ago. Though they knew the potential of their
 acts of creation, there was no guarantee that humanity would pull off the cosmic miracle it has
pulled off beginning with the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and what is about to happen around the
 winter solstice of 2012.

The Return to Timeline Zero (the “natural” timeline) ...
as Opposed to the Ascension into Timeline Three

Being a mathematician, I don’t pretend to be an authority on theoretical physics. However,
there is information that has been given to humanity through certain liaisons throughout our history.
 That remains true today. And I have either been blessed or cursed (sometimes I can’t tell) to
have met some of these liaisons. In particular, I’d like to add information to Daniel’s
comments on timelines, especially with respect to the revelations from Dr. Dan Burisch and Project
Looking Glass. Daniel avers that as a slave race, we still dwell in the dregs of Timeline One. I would
 like to offer complementary material. Daniel states:

Regarding the timelines, we are still on the Montauk-generated timeline, which is called T1V83.
That has just about collapsed (the detour in the temporal landscape is rejoining the original road),
 along with the “Time Lateral” imposed by the Confederation, 23 many years ago. When both
of those routes terminate, which should be by the end of this year, we will be back on the
natural timeline—in otherwords, we'll be walking on the road to where evolution is supposed to
take us, through 3-dimensional time—a Timeline Zero (T0). Timeline 1 (T1) and Timeline 2 (T2)
are both artificial detours, with different groups erecting barricades and detour signs in the
temporal landscape, trying to direct the population down those paths.

There exist a number of interviews with Dan Burisch. His landmark work with DNA (Project Lotus)
cannot be denied. In the interviews Burisch states that he was a key member of the secret
government organization created by President Truman, called MJ12 or Majestic Twelve.
Burisch gives intimate detail about what Daniel calls Timeline One (T1) and Timeline Two
 (T2), extraterrestrial efforts to manipulate the future of humankind. In March of 2008, I began
writing about the interactions of the angelic realm with humanity in bringing forth what the celestials
 called the “first vibrations of peace.” This was code for terminating Timeline 1, which ended
around October 7, 2008. From that point on, I began letting people know that predictions
associated with Timeline 1 coming from different sources would not happen. And they didn’t. But
what is particularly interesting is an account from Dan Burisch where he invited certain
Illuminati to a meeting in Las Vegas in March of 2009 because of an event that was to happen,
 which would have been the beginning of the Earth catastrophes, one of which would have been a
massive earthquake that was to submerge Las Vegas under the sea. In other words, Burisch had
already received inklings of change because of unity events occurring around the globe,
including the Gathering of One in Yellowstone, which I personally helped with. Burisch
wanted the Illuminati who had been responsible for the transition into Timeline 1 to either
face the consequences (drowning along with him) or ultimately realize that Timeline 1 had
terminated, which it had.

That then put our world in Timeline2, which also had a destructive future for humanity. In 2009,
 there occurred another set of unity events encouraged by the celestials, beginning on
November 1, which I write about in a series of articles called
“The Avatar-Child” ( ). On November 1, 2011, Timeline 2 came to
an end because of the work of humanity in altering reality through unity events over the two-year
period. In one of his later interviews, Burisch beseeches humanity to continue using unity events
to save our world, and his request did not go unanswered. The question that now remains, is what
timeline do we presently reside?

This is where I’d like to offer an alternative to Daniel’s point about returning to Timeline
Zero so that humanity can move into Ascension. Daniel states:

There is a lot of confusion that arises with the concept of parallel universes or timelines. From what
 we've found, it would be better expressed as “potential universes” that are generated by a
type of consensus reality. But you have to understand that it is not a general consensus—it
requires knowledge of how bioenergy works and some of the concepts promoted by Franz Mesmer
 in the late 1700s. When people believe the “reality,” it reinforces the pattern. This is why “social
norms” are considered so important these days—a consensus reinforcement. If people
thought for themselves, those potential realities would collapse.

There are two changes I’d like to make to this statement. Firstly, I’d like to change “when people
 believe the reality, it reinforces the pattern” to “when people choose a reality, it reinforces a
pattern.” Secondly, change “If people thought for themselves” to “if people became fully
aware of themselves.” These changes would allow an entire different conclusion to the collapsing
timelines reverting back to Timeline Zero. And that difference is what I call Timeline Three.

I’m never a fan of a failed phenomenon being re-established. For instance, shamanism had its time
 and its purpose. Like Daniel, I come from Cherokee heritage, and I have spent long hours
researching my ancestors. The reason why shamanism failed stemmed from its inability to fully
serve its people any longer. In the Don Juan material, one of his proteges, Taisha Abelar, reveals in her book Sorcerer’s Crossing (Viking Adult, 1992) the reason why the shamanic sorcerers of Central
America lost control. When Cortez marched into Meso-America with his cannons, his muskets,
and his armor, these “high tech” devices caused a shift in dimensions created by human
consciousness. The sorcerers who had retreated to their Otherworld to hide from the conquering
armies could not return because the gateways they used to transition dimensions became sealed
 off by this new dimension associated with Cortez’s “modern” technology. Thus the sorcerer
shamans became sealed off, unable to return to ordinary reality.

Not until Don Juan was able to cross one of these gateways himself and discover one of the great
 Meso-American shamanic sorcerers did their information and secrets become known. From that
came the spiritual revival of nagualism through the Don Juan stories, especially those written by
 Carlos Castaneda, a big hit in the ‘60s.

So I am no fan of folks who try to return to shamanism of the ancient times. For the same
reasons shamanism collapsed because of dimensional shift, it cannot fully serve humanity now.
Certainly it can help and provide a traditional reference, but that’s not what I’m talking about.
The same holds for Timeline Zero in my book. The answer for me cannot be a return to a Timeline
that was conquered in the same way the Cortez conquered Meso-America.

Mathematicians have discovered in Chaos Theory that out of chaos comes order. Daniel implies that
 all of life is motion. Time and space are derivatives of that motion. In this I agree. But when you
 add the factor of consciousness into the mix, patterns develop in that order from the chaos of
motion and consciousness combined. And what I have discovered mathematically is that there is one set of patterns that I choose to call the Fabric of the Universe (first spoken of by the angelic realm)
that are fractal. An entire concept in dimensional theory is made up of fractals. In the same
way that Daniel implies mirroring complex (imaginary) numbers are at the center of time-space
viewing and travel, I submit that with consciousness comes the patterns of creation, which for the
 most part are mathematically fractal in nature.

From the information I have acquired, I put forth that what has happened is the creation of
Timeline Three—determined by human choice from the combined harmonics of human and
angelic consciousness. In what I am seeing, Timeline Three is a higher fractal of Timeline Zero. It
 contains everything that Timeline Zero contained, but far more. Not even the angelic realm
could have guessed what humanity would choose in throwing off its shackles of its distant brother
s, the Annunaki, whose minions we call the Illuminati. Only now do these minions find themselves in the throws of a final collapse that they have been desperately trying to avoid. It’s too late. The fix
 is in. Humanity has chosen. To borrow words from the celestials, “Something wonderful is going to
 happen and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“The Cavalry is Coming” versus the David-and-Goliath Complex

I found myself suffering from whiplash trying to decide whether Daniel saw humanity as a
self-determining body on a planet that humans “owned” or whether he saw Earth as a home world
 to an Eden consciousness that supported “fellow travelers on this Great Path that all life
walks to understanding the mysteries of the Universe.”

In Daniel’s paper, “Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Timelines and Ascension,” he
 states the following in his “Epilogue”:

I know there is a lot of talk about divine intervention, ETs, angels and whatnot coming to “save us”
... sit back, the Cavalry is coming.... But all mankind really needs is an anti-globalist inoculation, so
 these monsters dry up and blow away. I won't call them human, because after what I've seen at
Montauk, I don't believe they are.

Personally, I don't want ETs intervening in our society, dumping their version of “absolute truth”
on us. One thing I've learned in my life is that nothing is “absolute”... everything is measured
relative to something else. It cannot be absolute truth, just truth relative to what the ETs have
accepted as truth.

What bothers a lot of people is that many of us have spent most of our lives looking for truth,
and now some alien is going to drop by and hand us a copy of The Universe for Dummies, which
will do nothing more than make us feel like our entire life was wasted. I don't mind a few pointers,
 but I want to do the work for myself.

To borrow from Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Though others have
combined ETs and angels into the same category, Daniel seems to wander into rant by implying
 that all ETs are “monsters,” failing even to distinguish whether “angels and whatnot” also fall
into this genre. I submit—from personal experience—that neither angels nor benevolent ETs are
monsters, but beings who bow to the Divine, including the Divine within humanity. To resort to
jingoistic rhetoric serves neither Daniel nor the great miracle unfolding at the hands of humanity.
As nice as the story of David and Goliath sounds, humanity has never needed a David in the
same way that it has never needed the cavalry, nor should humanity see itself as a David again
st the monster Goliaths, especially when the word “monster” is employed in such freewheeling

The evidence that I see, whether mathematical or heuristic, says several facets of the Divine have
actively joined with humanity not to arrive as some horsed cavalry but as holders of human
intent, celebrating in ways only the Divine can celebrate—as evidenced in the many unity events
that have swept this planet. Even now there are those who continue to call for more unity events
on this blog.

The evidence I have seen regarding benevolent ETs does show that they have a difficult
 time understanding humans. But, hell, humans have a difficult time understanding humans.
And, yes, they also have difficulty with ego, individualism, and individuation, which for the most
part is a unique human trait. Daniel is correct in averring that we are unique among the stars,
probably more unique than even he knows. But to think that angels have the ability to assert some
agenda or impose some truth, whether absolute or not, is plainly fallacious. As one of the
foremost spokesmen on the angelic realm, I can tell you that not only do angels themselves exist
without free will, they hold human free will as supremely sacred. If you will, there is an anti-cavalry
  clause in the angelic constitution. The only way an angel can mix in any manner, shape, or form,
 with human free will is if the human allows it. There is no other option. In fact, the angelic realm
already is celebrating the choices that humanity has made in returning to Eden where the angels
say, “Our kind wishes to bind with your kind.”

I agree with Daniel and others that humanity does not need the cavalry, but it also does not
serve us to think of ourselves as some David against a Goliath. The days of duality are over.
Timeline Three allows us to move beyond duality into the potentials of Oneness. When Dan
Burish exhorted his fellow humans to continue with unity events, he knew what he was talking
about. Yes humans have reptilian anatomy in their brains. And yes humans have cetacean
anatomy in their brains. Yes humans have uniquely human anatomy in their brains ... but it is
all one brain. Our DNA is a virtual melting pot of various alien DNA. We are a walking
embodiment of Oneness. And because of that we ourselves could be looked at as a
cavalry coming to the rescue of the Star Nations. For within us likes a secret, a miracle
that will benefit all the Star Nations. Our awareness is carrying us into
Ascension Consciousness. We will do more than join other civilizations, we will
eventually gift them with the results of our own survival across the warring timelines
that are all coming to an end. This is the timeline the Hopi, the Mayans, the Shoshone,
and the Iroquois spoke of—the Golden Age of Peace—which inexorably is flooding our
world like an oncoming tide. It cannot be stopped. It will not be stopped. In accordance
 with Native American prophecy, we have entered the Fifth World. No changes.

To be continued …

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