Sunday, November 11, 2012

Prayers for Obama

I have said many times on my blog that I felt strongly that President Obama was one of the "good guys" and stood by it because I always follow my intuition. I am extremely happy my intuition served me well once again. We now see President Obama doing "the right thing" and bringing in a new chapter of life for everyone.

Regardless of how anyone feels about what has been done, right or wrong in Obamas first few years, it's clear he is making corrections. Personally I felt what he was doing only appeared to be against the people when in actuality was against the cabal and now many wrongs against "We the People" is about to be set right and bring us back to the Constituion that has all but been forgotten.

I ask all of you now to pray for President Obama that he and his family be protected from any recourse of the cabal as we begin making the transition to our highest good for the world. Please keep him in your prayers and surround him in the light of the creator to carry the sword forward and complete his mission.

I know some of you reading this will scoff because of all the propoganda that has been put out there about Obama. It's PROPGANDA and the enormous amount of it should have been the first tale tale sign that something was amiss. How easy it was to turn the public against a man that was here to serve US , than to bombard the internet with so much nonsense? They may have won the battle for a bit, but now WE win the WAR!!

God Bless You All, God Bless our President!!

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