Monday, November 5, 2012

Did We Become UN Monetized??

Did we just become un-monetized?

55 Water Street IS where the birth certificate bonds are stored.

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Did we just become un-monetized? 55 Water Street IS where the birth certificate bonds are stored.
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Date: Monday, 5-Nov-2012 13:32:38

Now, I gotta say upfront that I view the idea of Galactic Lords and Fleets maneuvering Hurricane Sandy over Manhattan as pure hokum, but I think that the flooding of 55 Water Street bears watching - because that is indeed where the bonds which are issued for birth certificates are stored.
When a child is born, the hospital generally sends the original, not a copy, of this record of live birth to the State Bureau of Vital Statistics, sometimes called the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS). Each STATE is required to supply the corporate UNITED STATES with birth, death, and health statistics. The STATE agency that receives the original record of live birth keeps it and then issues another Birth Certificate in a different form where the name of the baby is spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This creates a ‘legal person’ as opposed to a natural individual.
The Birth Certificate issued by the State is then registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce - - the Executive Office - specifically through their own sub-agency, the U.S. Census Bureau, which is responsible to register vital statistics from all the states. Thus, the birth certificate is registered in international commerce. The word registered, as it is used in commercial law, does not mean that the ALL CAPITAL version of the name was "merely" noted or recorded in a book for future reference purposes. When a birth certificate is registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Treasury will issue a bond on the value of the birth certification. That bond is then made available for purchase on a securities exchange and is bought by the Federal Reserve Bank. This purchase then become the authority or collateral to issue Federal Reserve Notes, which we use as a medium of exchange.
And where do you suppose those bonds have been stored? Yep, 55 Water Street.

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