Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bix Weir - More Road to Roota

Many, many goings on behind the scenes but the story remains the same...the Bad Guys are being taken down. Since 2007 I have been of the full belief that this was the case and EVERYTHING that has transpired since has supported this thesis. From the 2008 crash to the shut down of Bernie Madoff and Alan Stanford, from the mystery surrounding the new $100 bill to Alan Greenspan's flip-flop on a gold standard, from the rise of the Tea Party to the rapid rise and visibility of Ron Paul, from the resignations of key Bad Guys around the world...to the rapid rise and volatility of gold and silver.
It is all happening.
Yes, not as fast as I had hoped and predicted but it IS happening. Before our very eyes.
I am well aware that the Road to Roota Theory can be complicated to understand for many and I have tried to explain it to the best of my ability but sometimes it takes someone else to walk people through it.
Luckily, I have thousands of very smart, very intelligent and very passionate long term subscribers that have supported my work since the beginning.
One of those subscribers, Mike M., has posted a "walk-through" tour of the original "Wishes and Rainbows" Fed comic which was the beginning of the Road to Roota Theory that I discovered on January 1, 2007. From that day on EVERYTHING made sense in our mixed up financial world. Here's Mike's interpretation of my analysis and it is very close to how I would explain it although there are mountains of backup research supporting the conclusions. I have also added a few of my recent interviews and others that are very relevant to our cause.
Road to Roota Subscriber Describes the Original Theory...and other interviews
For the Private Road members I'd ask you to review "The Insider" article in the context to the looming fiscal cliff and what lies directly ahead.
SPECIAL REPORT: Confirmation from "The Insider"
Yes, it does look like Ron Paul has likely lost his battle to be our leader during the transition. Although Obama has not been sworn in yet the odds of removing him are getting dimmer by the day. Not impossible, but not likely.
Am I sad?...yes. Have I lost my resolve to fight?...not a chance!
On the conspiracy side there is talk of Obama being under orders to CHANGE or be removed by the end of the year and a Special Election being held.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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