Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bix Weir - Save the World

Yep! It's that time again. Time to pry open the wallets and buy useless nick-nacks for your friends and relatives. Time to blow those holiday shopping budgets out once again.
But what if you were SMART about it this year? What if buying holiday gifts this year ended wars, ended poverty and ended world hunger?!
Yes, you can to all three of the above this year and ALL you have to do is BUY SILVER!
How is this possible you ask?
It's simple: the end of the silver manipulation will destroy the banking cabal and the unbacked fiat monetary system and thus...
1) Wars would end because nobody could create money from thin air to fight them.
2) Populations would be prosperous because there would be no more debt slavery to the banksters.
3) World hunger would end because the balance of wealth would be redirected away from the banksters and the military industrial complex and towards more productive uses such as food production and cleaning the global environment.
And all you have to do is BUY SILVER!
Not a bad way to "Save the World" don't you think?!
The Holiday Silver Eagle Drive
Those who participated in this drive over the last few years will have very, very happy gift recipients once again as your presents from the last few years have continued to move skyward..
12/2008 $10.50
12/2009 $17.50
12/2010 $29.00
12/2011 $29.50
12/2012 $34+???
So come on and spread that Holiday Joy and Christmas Spirit...
Bix Weir
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

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