Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time to Stock Food

Time to Stock Food

I was in a chat earlier today and someone began warning others to start stocking food if you haven't already. I think many of us knew there was going to be a shortage at some points with the droughts and all, but this sounds more dire than many anticipated. Just wanted to share!

You realy need to stock up what you can in non perishable food if we do not get a major rain or snow in the next 6 weeks, your going to see the prices go up at least 10 x in the next 6 months at the grocery store.
 To give you a idea how bad it is out here the wheat is starting to die and my millet made 4.5 bushels per acre normaly it makes 50 per acre.

 All of the farmers here will not have any grain in their bins by feb most of the elevators are almost completly empty they are shipping the last of there grain right now.

The farmer i am working for usualy has 2.5 million bushels of grain in his bins this time of year, right now he has 175 thousand bushels. In 4 weeks his bins will be empty when we start hauling that to the elevators in 2 weeks. I have talked to hundreds of farmers from here to S dakota to Kentucky it is the same with every farmer i talk to.

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