Monday, November 12, 2012

States Seceding

TIME FOR DISCERNMENT. This article kind of backs up what I said about the movements in filing petitions to secede or starting new governments. Farm Claims has done that for you by removing the de facto US government corporation that was put in place of our lawful de jure republic which lies underneath. As the bankrupt and foreclosed upon US corporation is dissolved, their Federal Reserve bankrupt and foreclosed upon bank is absorbed into th original constitutional US Treasury, and the IRS a collection agency for the Federal Reserve bank collapses along with the bank, the underlying dormant de jure republic gains life again. The structure has always been there with a return to the original constitution and constitutional Common Law. Nothing NEW has to be formed. You lose your citizenship a fiction of the US corporation with its revokeable "privileges", and regain your sovereignty and inalienable, irrevokeable rights.

Heavens, it’s getting to be the case where we have to file a story often on the stories we don’t post. There’s a very confusing story circulating that “15 states have filed petitions to separate from the United States.”

We could post it. Many other sites have. But is it truly a story or is it one more attempt by the cabal to block a return to honest government?

In actuality a very small numbers of citizens from several states have filed petitions such as these but that could hardly be called “states.”

In a democracy people have the right to petition their governments. In China, it was a petition filed at a government office which started the tremendous persecution of Falun-Gong members.

That persecution has reached levels which, if we in the West, knew what actually happens to Falun-Gong members in jail or prison, we’d be revolted. And we’d revolt against such treatment. But FG practitioners get word out to the world at great peril and regrettably-few people show very much interest in a religious group in faraway China. So the right to petition one’s state is a free-speech right that shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be treasured.

But a few hundred people doth not a state make. This is just one of many stories we have to be circumspect about posting. With regard to the petitions story, it suggests that the election of President Obama was the last straw for many people. It suggests that ordinary citizens are advocating secession and one story even uses the words “civil war” in a sentence.

But we’ve seen how the elite in Congress, business and elsewhere operate. They did anything they could over the last four years to defeat whatever measure could be connected to President Obama. They use words like “socialist” to taint any effort that promises to benefit the majority of citizens. They argue that measures that benefit the environment, the sick, the aged, etc., cannot be afforded while wars of aggression against countries whose oil or other resources they covet must be carried out. They advocate cutting taxes as long as it’s for their allies and cutting spending as long as it’s social rather than military spending.

We have to ask ourselves if the small number of people who signed these petitions really are “ordinary citizens” or if this is just the next move the Right wishes to make to place any kind of obstacle they can in the President’s path.

And this is only one story from among many that are being floated right now that seem to be highly suspect and look like they’re simply designed to instil fear. They’re a companion piece to the ubiquitous programming on TV that features a vast array of predatory enemies (monsters, aliens, criminals, and so on) or dire conditions (earthquakes, tsunamis, electromagnetic storms, asteroids, etc.). Everything is being done to unhinge us and make the world seem unsafe.

So we ask you to be highly discerning in what you read at this time and to remain calm in the face of what may be last-ditch efforts to stampede the herd and throw us all into panic. Heaven knows we may have enough of that when our star brothers and sisters begin showing themselves to the public.

We’re in a time now in which the cabal is in its death throes and we can expect any kind of story to be floated and any measure to be tried to defeat those who are corraling the cabal. Now is the time that will test our discernment, calmness, and balance.

Yes, there are obvious Earth changes that are occurring. Yes, some do have impact and hardship is being created which is challenging us to reach out to those affected. But we have to separate out the real from the contrived. The situation for those affected is bad enough without chaos being added to it.

So do use your utmost discrimination in what you read these days and how you interpret it.

by Dale on FB posting

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  1. Did the thought ever come to mind people are sick of hearing about the freedom movement promises aka standing by while they loose everything.

    Or the really getting old.. i would tell you / prove anything i say but it's secret month after month.

    Maybe we are just trying to get something done ourselves

    that's my opinion on the petitions and I am sure it fits a lot of folks in America who are tired of being raped / enslaved by their corporate run government