Thursday, November 22, 2012



Today is a day for giving thanks and being grateful for our lives, families, friends, memories and so much more. Take a moment this day to evalutate you life and the many blessings that surround you each and every day of the year. So many of the little things are missed as we walk thru life, sometimes without purpose or thought.

I remember a time when my grandson fell into a fire pit and was badly burned. He was life flighted to Shriners burn center in Galveston. Not only was this devastating to the family but it was a day many many years ago that my mothers parents were killed in a car accident when she was only 14.
My mother spent her entire life grieving over the loss and the holiday season was never a happy one for her.
Facing this tragedy with her great grandchild was almost unbearable as it was even on the same day of the week. This time was different as there was angelic intervention. By God's grace I am a healer thru him. In the emergency center I was holding my hands over his burns and the heat was tremendous (it was not the burns it was the healing power of our God almighty). My beautiful grandson, so courageous, told me GiGi it feels better.
On second inspection of the burns by a team of doctors, they were confused as to why the 3rd degree burns now appeared to be 2nd degree burns. Long story short he made an amazing recovery and healing that should have taken at least 6 months, took a mere 6 weeks. Today, if you did not know he had been burned, you could not tell it ever happened.

Most see this as a tragedy but several things happened that frightful day. There was a very special, perfect band around his wrist that was not touched by the fire somehow. It was obvious to me an angel stepped in to pull him from the fire. You see his other are was in a cast and he could not push himself out of the fire pit. His clothing never caught fire. Today he still has that perfect band on his wrist, a reminder of that angelic assistance. But there is more. That day now became a day of blessing rather than a day of tragedy for my mother who had grieved the day for so very long.

Take time to see your blessings each and every day. Where some see tragedy, there is always a blessing in disguise if you just see it from a different perspective. Without all those things we percieve as bad, we would be unable to recognize those things that are good. Be thankful for life experiences as they shape our lives and become a part of who we are whether it makes us stronger, more proud, more cautious, etc. It is ALL blessings, and all in the eye of the beholder, YOU.

We have so many changes coming that will serve to reshape our lives like no other time in history. Stay thankful and hopeful as we enter a new era for the earth as well as everyone living upon it. THIS is our new start! Make the best of it, release all that no longer serves you as it hold you back in this journey. Be of SERVICE TO OTHERS, instead of Service to SELF. Think about that deeply as the implications are immense. This is the new age of earth and it's inhabitants. Compassion, sharing, caring, loving and working together as a collective to finally have a planet of peace and love. The changes will be all around, open your eyes and "see" them as they come in to bless your existence like never before. This is cosmic, it is global, it is US. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!  What will YOU do with it? Make it memorable everyone, give thanks and give from your heart!

Many forever blessings from my heart to yours. This is YOUR chance to help reshape the world. Share your blessings, small or large is insignificant, just share. Share a smile, a compliment, an anonymous donation. It matters not WHAT you give, but that you take TIME to give, to love and have compassion. I love you all and wish you all the greatest life has to offer as we step into a whole new world, literally.

From my heart to yours, Namaste

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