Sunday, November 4, 2012

All We Need is LOVE - WE WIN!!!

UPDATE: Nov 4th - It's a new day and All you need is love

Removing the Shackles

I am busting at the seams to say so much, yet at this moment I can say very little.

I know that people are hurting and desperate. I know that people are loosing hope that the changes will come in time. I know that people- especially those who've been awake & aware for so long- are feeling the heavy hand of exhaustion and despondency as the end of the year draws nigh. I know that the newly awakened walk the line between doubt and elation searching for proof to assure them selves that they haven't lost their minds. I know that dinarians feel like their golden ticket is slipping from their grasp.

I have spent all day thinking about what I can write in this update. Trying to figure out what little bit I CAN say, vs the HUGE pile of what I can't say. I hate being cryptic, but there is so much going on right now that is extremely sensitive and cannot become public knowledge... not just yet... but very soon.

I hinted at some things last week during my updates, and some smart cookies caught on right away (eh ariel?).

In the past 7 days amazing things have taken place, changes have been made, and there is a perceivable shift that has happened. (did you feel it?) A battle was fought this past week. A battle for not only the American people, but for every person on Earth. A battle for freedom.

...according to everything I'm hearing, we won.

.....I'm hearing that the mail man will be extremely busy very soon

Maybe all those folks that are about to loose their cushy jobs can get work at the post office.

Over the course of the next week I think we'll be hearing some things that will shock a whole lotta people out of their stupor. It's about time.

When the party starts I hope that everyone will take a moment to think about all the people that have made huge sacrifices for all of us. People have died to bring you freedom. Lest we forget.

Before I disappear for the night I want to remind you of what human spirit is and what it can do. I want to show you that love conquers all and that humans, for all that they have struggled under oppression and been blinded by brainwashing and fear.... Humans rise above that.

THIS is the mistake that the Cabal didn't figure into their equations: HUMAN SPIRIT.

They thought they could poison us with their toxic chemicals in chemtrails, vaccines, our water, our soil, our food. They thought they could blind us with fear and division, with hatred and distrust, with manipulation and lies. They thought they could brainwash us with their media circuses, their TV and movies, their religion and politics. They thought they could fool us with their fake laws and governments. They thought that if they kept us in the dark and fed us bullshit that we'd just turn into mushrooms for them to harvest at will....

But we are beyond their power to control. We are the awakened ones and we will stand. We are the spirit of life and we will not cower.

THIS is Human Spirit:

These posts and photos are posted on the Occupy Sandy Relief page on Facebook.

Staten Island - On Mills Field on Midland Beach, Ted Honcharik and his crew from drove from California to Staten Island and have given out 6,000 gallons of free gasoline since yesterday morning.... The queue here stretched 500 yards!

I'm with Occupy Astoria on the way to the Rockaways. We've got a van and two cars filled with supplies.

Some volunteers with a message for our government "leaders"

"The supply depot at St. Jacabi Church in Brooklyn is one of the most beautiful, amazing things I've ever seen. My faith in humanity has been restored.

HUNDREDS of bags of clothes, kitchen supplies, food, batteries, toiletries, gallons upo
n gallons of fuel, water, anything the people of the city need to survive is here.

The most amazing thig is that this will likely ALL be gone by mid-day -given to the people of Far Rockaway, Staten And Coney Islands and other places-, their stock's will be replenished, and the cycle will repeat.

Thank you to all those who have and will give supplies. The people of the city THANK YOU"

Human Spirit is alive and well.

If you are in the area and want to help out, this is a great page:

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