Sunday, November 18, 2012

POOFNESS - Finale??

POOF Greetings and Salutation

Have a joyous future.  When playing high stakes poker, a good practitioner hears an inner click of when to walk away. Accepts the wins or losses as they sit and be done with the game.
There was an audible click this past week, the last tumbler in the vault dropped into place. They never get the cart befor the horse and they are good about cleaning up behind the horse.
No one wants to do this again, shift the wealth of the world???
The foreclosure the world will be talking about sometime into the future. Be prepared to flush your head of what you beleive the facts to be.
What great aunt bessie used to say....will become fading memory. One great commandment will live on "do unto other, as you would have done unto you"

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  1. For the past few weeks I have thought that I may be reading the last POOF message. Time will tell..