Sunday, December 9, 2012

Removing the Shackles Update

Wayshowers, be gentle
Well my friends..... If you listened to the round table discussion last night on Blog Talk Radio, then you now know that I'm a chick. lol

If you missed the live show last night, (sorry for the spoiler), you can listen to the show HERE or HERE.

Deb, Hope, Carol, (and Sherri who was hiding in the back ground) and I had a great time last night and the two hours flew by so quickly it was seemingly over in a blink. I have a feeling that we'll be getting together again very soon for another round table conversation.

For everyone who is waiting for my next update, I did give a very small update last night on the show- go to the recording HERE and fast forward to approx. the 1:06 mark.

Again I will reiterate that absolutely incredible things have happened in the last few weeks, especially this past week. We are at a point of no return- the things that have been done cannot be undone, and the things that have happened can only go forward. Timing is everything, but the timing is silent and no one knows the exact time it will be released- not me, not my sources. This is an ever modulating event, constantly metamorphosing: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. "The Plan" adjusts and adapts to each nuance...
...hence the fact that we just do not know the moment.

But it is coming.

As I said last night, I am very thankful for the awesome people that have been coming to RTS and making it a place to talk and discuss, listen and learn, and especially a place of support. You are an incredible group of people and it is YOU that are making the difference here.

We will get trolls, we will get people that have been blinded by other agendas, we will get people that are confused by the massive amount of disinfo and the main stream rhetoric.... please be gentle with these people. I know that I go off occasionally on the obvious trolls, but really, the best way to deal with a troll is: "Don't feed the Trolls". Those that are spreading disinformation may or may not be disinfo agents, they may or may not know who is guiding them to make these uninformed comments- so be gentle. If someone posts a comment that you don't agree with, it's your right to comment with your opinion, but please: Be gentle. Remember that if the person commenting is blinded by the disinfo and lies, they are still capable of seeing. But if they are ridiculed or taunted or shoved away, then their eyes will remain firmly shut. Be gentle. I have witnessed the awakening of many people, people that originally came at me with derision and anger, but through calm dialogue the seed was planted that set them on a road to research and discovery.

Remember too that many people come to RTS for information about the financial and political changes and are not aware of the other changes that are happening all around them. We never know when words that we speak may open, or shut, a mind.

More so than "lightworker" I love the term that was used last night: Wayshower. We are all Wayshowers, each and everyone of us, regardless of whether we have been awake for 10 years or 10 days.

Thank you my awesome wayshower friends.

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