Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Concerned Reader on Fukushima Reactor 4

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Tom Heneghan Protocol Implementation":

I realize that, for you, my proposal comes under the category of "Not my job." This is not my job either, but something must be done. I realize that a whole world of experts are stumped as to how the Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 4 Fuel Rod Assemblies safely onto the ground before another earthquake endangers all of us.--Really, that is the actual problem-----seemingly, they are all focused on trying to move the fuel rod assemblies when they should focus on moving the ground, instead! Please do what ever you can to get this idea passed around, even just to random contacts in the right offices and industries. The lives you save may may include yours or those of your posterity.

We need to stop demanding more cooks in the Tepco kitchen. If no one already has a better idea, then this must be done without delay!!!

"Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed!"

If we cannot immediately get the fuel rods safely down to the ground, then we must immediately bring the ground up to support the floor that holds the fuel pond: Fill and surround the Reactor 4 building with a stable mix of gravel and sand---maybe just a little cement. (Cement produces too much heat to quickly cure a large block, which is part of why they discarded this sort of solution prematurely.)

Alternatively: Fill and surround the building with Styrene Foam.------This would be the quickest solution, as well as the best way to preserve access using cardboard tube tunnels. As well as merely supporting the building, it will immobilize the structural members, thus preserving whatever structural integrity is left.

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