Sunday, December 30, 2012

Addendum to NESARA Submitted by Reader

Addendum Intro Submitted by a reader

See where we have been and get ready for something fantastic!!!!! This is way out yonder (you will have to get out of your comfort zone) so get ready for the ride...

1. see how Willie Nelson played a role 2. see what a real lady Janet Reno was 3. see what happened to those who tried to implement NESARA 4. see what NESARA means to you and all Americans (19 steps below) 5. see how Clinton clone was forced to sign it into law 6. see what really happened on 9/1/11 7. see who and how the trigger was pulled on 9/1/11 and 8. see who is running the NESARA program

Forget the mafia media "smoke and mirrors" stuff currently entertaining the American Sheeple re the fiscal cliff fiasco that supposedly interrupted the politician's Holiday Season (hopefully your Christmas Holidays). You need to know they are playing the stupidity role cause they believe and know you expect the negative so they continue to feed it to the Sheeple. You are about to experience something you never thought would happen - a Golden Era brought to you by NESARA. So get off the couch and get ready.... Smile!.. you will be blessed..... also expect to see leaders with INTEGRITY, WOW! ... bob

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