Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Bill???


    Similar, but not quite :)

  2. Anyone have a comment on this bill? The image is blurry so it's hard to tell. I think I see Federal Reserve Note at the upper right but cannot be sure. The Liberty Bell is certainly different than the inkwell on the other new 100 note.

    The plastic bag says "Evidence / Property" on the front, Agency: NCIS, Offense: Homicide, Victim: Noel Huffa[..]. NCIS is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service whose web site is here: NCIS is also a TV Series, so maybe it's a prop from the show? Dunno!

  3. There are so many images out there, who's to know the TRUTH. It's seems to always be hidden in plain site, with disinfo to confuse. This image was captured by a friend and enlarged to show detail from the NCIS program a week or so ago. We found it interesting, as it presented yet another supposed 100 dollar bill.