Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As Above So Below

This was on a site I love and always has excellent material, by jean. I found this to be a GREAT analogy of the energy we are experiencing now and into the new year. Enjoy

Merry Christmas, dear Jean!
Here my five cents about the end of time, if you want to post it, I would be honoured,
much love TIM
Coming close to the 21.12.12, I suddenly and vividly started remembering the experience I had some 20 years ago at the Skookumchuck Narrows. The Sechelet Inlet is a huge fjord on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, B.C. It is big and narrow, looks like a river from outside, but inside it is Pacific. The Skookumchuck Narrows attract tourists, because when the tide changes a several meter high wave builds here up, and then it falls into the new direction.
I have not seen it, but I felt it. I was some 20 meters down in the water, inside the Narrows, scuba-diving.
15 Minutes before the tide changed we, a group of maybe 4 or 5, jumped into the water, it felt like jumping on a train. It was one crazy, fast ride. You could cling to a rock, but your legs would then be ratteling like a flag in the wind. NOW I SEE the Hopi saying that you have to let go, and celebrate the flow.
The ground was covered with tall plants, they all were bended under the strong stream.
Then suddenly it slowed down. It became slower and slower until everything came to a complete halt. Then there was a pause. Like a frozen image, nothing moved. All the plants stood up, straight and tall now. Time has stopped.
And here the most important observation: before it started again, before this enourmous force came back, one suddenly could sense it beforehand! I don’t know how I sensed it, because yet all remained perfectly in freeze frame. But there was some sort of rumbling coming in that was not physical, it was some kind of energy building up and I felt it, and seconds later the physical followed, and this enourmous push came back, this time just from the other side.
The plants bended now in the new direction and here we were on the new ride with a new perspective. Some 15 minutes later we were back at our cars.
As below so above.
The nine energies, and the evolution from the cell to internet, are necessary tools* to bring us to oneness, and Carl Johan Calleman has explained us how they have arrived in time and history, and that now these tools are available to us.
* Tools includes ANYTHING the soul needs to experience life.
And look around: There is a whole new discussion about real alternatives going on world-wide! The internet and films like THRIVE are very important. All parts of the same puzzle.
The end of time, the end of calendar, I suddenly understand as the end of the push from that “seperating“ direction. Now the push will come from the other side.
As soon I had that idea I found this film, which confirms my feeling:

Synchronicity? Of course.
The new push that will come can’t be stopped – I have felt the smaller version with my own body in the Skookumchuck Narrows – and it will switch on our hearts.
The direction on the big pendulum has changed now. As below so above.
Merry Christmas
Tim Dabringhaus

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  1. Really loved this one when it came and still do.. as above so below..