Sunday, December 30, 2012

Removing the Shackles

More Rambling: Skype anyone?

Just a short ramble tonight as my head is telling me I really should be asleep by now.

So I'm thinking that I will do more research on the radio show idea, but if I go ahead, I will need technical help.... because as I've said numerous times, I'm a technical moron. But I really am seriously thinking about doing this. I've already had my merry friend offer to do the transcriptions of the show, but I'm sure she could use help in that area.

On the topic of The People's Trust that American Kabuki posted this week.... hahahahahah- yea.... I screwed up, or at least my email account did. All the info was sent to me as well and Heather included me in all the email conversations except every single one ended up in my spam folder!!! The only reason I even found out was because I called AK today to talk about The People's Trust articles and paperwork and HE told me!!! Needless to say I feel like a bit of a heel, and I've emailed Heather and the Trustees to apologize for not responding sooner, explained what happened and I've asked to set up a call to discuss it with Heather tomorrow. I will say that after talking to AK today and reading all the info and emails, much of what Heather has told him gels with intel that I've had for a few months now. I will definitely update everyone here once I've had a chance to discuss a few things with Heather.

Next topic: all the amazing conversations that have been going on here and the fantabulous people that have chosen to hang out at RTS. I love love love reading all the discussions and I'm trying my best to keep up and to answers as many questions as I can. I would really like to get to the point of being able to set up a forum for these discussions, just because it would be so much easier to follow along and keep track of the responses. But for now, that's pretty much out of the question due to money.

So here is my thought: I'm on skype- hell, I live on skype, lol- and I'm sure many of you are as well. I can set up a "Removing the Shackles" skype room, where people can sit back, chill out, chat, discuss and share links and info etc... Then I can participate easier, and it's easier to be able to read back to previous conversations, without jumping from one article to another. What do you think? Not to take the place of the comment section, but to enable easier discussion between people.

If you want to be a part of the skype group, add me: d-breakingthesilence to your contacts list, but PLEASE put a message in the contact request letting me know that you're from RTS, because I get a crap load of requests, and if I don't know the person, I just ignore them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I do NOT give out intel in skype. Not only is it too easy for someone to C&P out of skype and send to other people, skype is one of the most monitored communication devices (worse than even facebook, twitter, google/msn chat etc...) and they ARE reading anything that contains buzz words- TRUST ME! So please do not ask me for intel or information- If I can't post it here, then I can't post it there either. Just sayin'.

Anyway my wonderful friends, once again it's time for me to throw my head at the pillow and hope I don't miss. Good night all!

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