Friday, December 28, 2012

Mysterious Pillars of Light

Mysterious Pillars Of Light Emerge From Ground In Brazil

Huge, mysterious pillars of light have ‘emerged’ near the town of Palotino, Brazil on the 17th of December, 2012. What are these things? They look a bit like the jumbo spotlights that are sometimes used to grab attention at night but these clearly aren’t. Is this a 2nd Sun emerging from previously chemtrailed skies? YouTube is blowing up with theories, some of them being: looks like multiple suns across the sky; I have the impression one can not see it touching the earth; seems to come up behind a distant cloud, which could mean the place u refer to is very, very far away; the light is not illuminating the underside of the clouds therefore it is being projected from the sky above the clouds… hard to explain, but amazing; and things get stranger and stranger all the time. awesome vid many thanks. Any ideas from Beforeitsnews readers? I’d love to know your opinions.

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