Friday, July 13, 2012

Military Choppers Report

A lot of Military Helicopters Flying Towards Camp David

A lot of Military Helicopters Flying Towards Camp David
I am located in Maryland in between Washington DC and Camp David. I have not read if something is going on at Camp David today or sometime soon,I have been too busy lately to get on the internet. So far I have seen 8 of them, not sure if they are all military, but they are all flying together. Having a couple of military helicopters flying by is not unusual, but this many all at the same time in groups is.

Three more just went by all military, that makes 11 now...Unless they are doing circles which I doubt. The usual pattern is going towards Camp David three of them and then three of them coming back towards Washington DC. They are all going in the direction of Camp David and not coming back at this point.

Three more just came by, which makes 14 total that I have seen going but not come back around.

Hey op...I am seeing twitter reports stating the same thing. reporting large numbers of helicopters headed to camp David. Some say low and rattling their houses and all are military. A lot of tweets asking is something is going on and that this is not normal...most of those come from people who have lived in the area for awhile. Interesting even if it is nothing.

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