Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bix Weir Update

We May Soon Find Out Who

The US Congressional "Bad Guys" Are!
- Bix Weir

Everything hinges on Bill HR 459 - the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011.

Out of 435 House Representatives there are currently 274 co-sponsors

according to the latest count on the Thomas registrar:

The vote tomorrow will go a long way towards pushing the Bill through
the Senate and eventually getting passed into law. I think there is so
much pressure being put on EVERYONE in Congress that it will be a near
unanimous outcome. I pity those who vote against it for any reason...



Keep a close eye on who, if anyone, votes NO.

The reason I say that everything hinges upon the passing of this bill
is that it will ALLOW the Federal Reserve to do what they wanted to do
back in 2008....LET THE SYSTEM CRASH!

I know it is difficult for many to understand but the plan all along
was to destroy the monetary system in order to return to a
Constitutional Gold and Silver Standard. The Federal Reserve has
played an important role in this process by keeping fiat money cheap
and flowing.

In 2008 the Good Guys tried to crash the system but the Fed was

MASSIVELY PRESSURED by the Bad Guys to flood the European
banks with money due to a loophole in the Fed Charter.
Bernanke and
friends had no choice but to do what the Bad Guys said.
Otherwise they
would have been "stepped on" by the "Big People" talked about on page
4 of the Fed Comic "Wishes and Rainbows".

Wishes & Rainbows
But this time it will be different. If this bill gets signed into law
Bernanke and friends can tell the Bad Guys they have no choice but to
let the system crash. The loophole has already been closed by
Dodd-Frank and the auditors are staring over their shoulder on every
move. It was the will of the American People.

For those new to the Road to Roota read these articles to get up to speed:

The Road to Roota Theory
We are in the middle of the End Game but it's far from over. As we
approach the Republican Convention expect the full force of the Good
Guys to become visible. The timing is perfect to put Ron Paul in
contention to gain the nomination. No matter what most of the
mainstream media says Ron Paul has won well over the 5 states needed
to be on the ballot!

RNC confirms Ron Paul will be up for nomination

Stay buckled up and holding your gold and silver IN YOUR HANDS TIGHTLY.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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