Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AK gets strange message

American Kabuki posted this on his site. Let's see if something comes of it. It is definitely a bit odd, but then, there are lots of strange things going on lately.


Strange news tip.....

I got a short message from an iPhone App that seems to imply North Sea Oil (Brent Crude) prices will crash soon. Something to do with Norway.

I am just posting this to document this. I have no idea if this information is accurate and I don't know who sent it. This did not come from the internet or a phone message...it just appeared in an iPhone App.

I am predicting nothing...just documenting this....we will see what happens....not like I have any money to speculate anyway right? I have no stake in the outcome one way or the other, except for I wouldn't mind cheaper gasoline prices.

This phone does some really weird things sometimes. But at least this time its not iTunes playing melodies I don't own. I have had that a few times. Happened to a friend of mine too.

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