Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Benjamin Fulford concern

I have had strange things going on with my Ben Fulford subscription. Twice this month I recieved a notice from paypal that my subscription payment could not go through. I emailed Ben about this and never heard back from him.
Now I have recieved an email from paypal that my subscription was cancelled by Benjamin Fulford? Again I sent him a copy.
I even went to the site and try to subscribe to it again and recieved a notice that his site is not accepting subscriptions.

I've begun seeing a few others posting about this situation but what is concerning is that Ben has failed to post his normal weekly update this week. I've never seen it be later than Tuesday evenings.

Let's send some light to Benjamin and pray for his safety!!!

1 comment:

  1. I too am concerned, Ben did mention that he thought ” they” were trying to hurt him financially.

    However, unless they took his computer and all computers in his city I doubt he would miss putting out his weekly article.

    Love and light Ben