Sunday, July 15, 2012

Supressing the Press

Congress Trying To Outlaw Reporting On Government Corruption: FIRE EVERY SINGLE GOV’T EMPLOYEE NOW!

Just when you thought the United States government couldn’t sink any lower our beloved politicians in Washington have introduced legislation that will criminalize reporting on US government secrets.
What makes this new legislation shocking is that we have seen the US government repeatedly use the “State Secrets” and the “National InSecurity card to suspend the Constitution at will to commit a wide variety of heinous activities from torture and indefinite detention without trial to outright forced drugging of prisoners and even repeated assassination by the government, of people including US citizens, which is now being done on the direction of the United States’ first even assassination czar.

Keeping that in mind the fact that lawmakers are now trying to go after reporters that “publish government secrets” unequivocally amounts to an outright ban of any and all reporting on government corruption PERIOD because at the end of the day the corrupt and illegal activities conducted by government officials are done in secret in the first place.

This week, House Republicans sought legal advice on whether reporters can be prosecuted for leaking secret information public and the excuse being used is a series of leaks by officials in the Obama administration that have pissed off the republicans.
The latest of those high-profile leaks revealed the truth nature of America’s cyber warfare program and even President Obama’s secret assassination list.

Now Congress is trying to justify the outlawing of such reporting using the excuse of “comprising National Security” when the truth is the information was given to reporters in repeated interviews by government officials speaking on the condition of anonymity with the approval of the White House in the first place.
Once again our government is manufacturing yet another “crisis” that they can take advantage of to expand its evermore dictatorial powers in what has been nothing less than a full-scale ware being waged by out government against the US Constitution.
Liz Wahl joins RT web producer Andrew Blake to discuss exactly what this would that mean for freedom of the press and free speech.

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