Monday, July 23, 2012

CAFR funds

All 50 states OVERCHARGING and HIDING Funds

TRUTH: All 50 states have been overcharging their citizens with taxes "in excess of needs" .. and hiding it in the Bank of New York in multiple accounts.

The information about the Investment accounts are available to the Public via the State Treasurer's Office in what is entitled, "Local Government Investment Pool" I did this research in 1998, because I read an article by Walter Burien about it. I have copies of my school CAFR, my county CAFR, my city CAFR and the state CAFR. I found the investment pool, and it took two attempts before the officials would give me a copy of the document. It exists. I had the State Treasurer pull 6 months of all the county's CAFR accounts, to see the activity. I have a faxed response about the location of those funds.

I am telling you something very serious, very documented and very dangerous. All school districts, counties, cities and state organizations may put aside these funds into accounts. In 1998, Aiken County schools had $27 million tucked away from use . . and was demanding higher property taxes for more funds. I have copies of those accounts, along with their names. Of course, once discovered, the accounts disappear, and the names of the accounts are changed when new accounts are opened. It has become a shell game. Legislators

VEHEMENTLY deny they exist . . even when one hands them a copy of the State's own publication. So . . there is a big lie by state governments told against their own people . . the states are not bankrupt. Their funds are hidden. No one has accountability for the interest made off the Bank of New York, nor do they use the money for the citizens.

One man discovered it and his life was threatened, all three of his children have been taken from him, and he merely told the truth.
America, your money to save the nation is over $64 TRILLION and is in the Bank of New York. GO GET IT!

The following link will get you started with your search:

Sincerely reporting, R.E.
Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Freelance Investigative Reporter since 1996

PS - Remember to thank Walter Burien

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