Friday, July 27, 2012

Disclosure Events

Disclosure Events Moving Fast

2012 July 27
Very interesting interview about a possible full disclosure about to occur during the olympic games. This is a very informative and detailed interview and well worth the listen.
Posted by Steve Beckow
Geoff West, Sierra Neblina  on Cosmic Vision

All information conveyed here should be seen as provisional and subject to restatement as further details emerge.

Events connected to Disclosure are moving fast and each time we write a draft story on the matter, further events overtake us.
So I’m going to need to write in bulletins, I think, and unravel the story as we move ahead.
Geoff West is having Sierra Neblina on a special edition of Cosmic Vision News at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time, at which time she’ll discuss events that are occurring in more detail. Geoff’s broadcast can be heard at

The very latest word from her is that meetings are in progress at this moment (11:00 a.m. Pacific Time, Friday, July 27, 2012) at which such leaders as Queen Elizabeth are attempting to extract from the galactics protection from prosecution in return for standing aside from preventing Disclosure.

Most readers will not know that Queen Elizabeth, unfortunately, is a leading figure in the Illuminati. As a person who grew up revering the Queen, hearing this news for the first time was a shock to me. This and other information that will be released in the days and weeks ahead may also prove shocking to some.

Sierra has said that the galactics may use the the fact that the world’s attention is focussed on the Olympics in a variety of ways. A galactic may appear on the field in full dimensional presentation. Ships may appear above the games in various configurations and unmistakably evident. I’ll return to this subject in more detail later but for now I simply want to introduce it.
You’ll see two crop circles at the bottom of the page, one from Manton Drove, England, which appeared on June 2 and one from Windmill Hill, England, which appeared on July 27.

According to Sierra, these two crop circles communicate to the world’s governments who’ve been dragging their feet on Disclosure that they have until August 4 to end their opposition to it or the galactics will no longer take them into consideration in formulating their plans.
Various events have happened that have resulted in postponements of Disclosure, though how they do that may not be obvious to us. For instance, the Denver shootings required President Obama to interrupt his plans, come to Denver, and for his aides to open up endless meetings again because of the need to re-schedule.

The cabal knows that any interruption will force a new round of complex meetings so they begin a fire here or cause an outrageous incident there to upset the coordination in place to bring Disclosure on.

Prior to the plan to use the Olympics, the latest word was that the galactics were planning a decloaking over many major cities of the world, in groups of spaceships of 3-6 each. That Disclosure would have been gentle and designed not to overwhelm. Whether it was the Denver shootings or another disruptive operation that caused it to be scrapped, I don’t know.
We’re probably being allowed to release this information to increase pressure on the cabal to stand aside.

Hugh-man, whom you’ll remember from Graham Dewyea’s show, Our Galactic Family, (1) was at a previous meeting with Wanderer of the Skies to firm up final plans for Disclosure. Wanderer referred to the meeting in his last message:

“Recently, we have met again on a galactic scale to assess where we have come in the process and what must been done further to progress towards the inevitable goals desired by the plan. That meeting, again taking place on one of our great spacers, has led to some interesting consensus about our mutual situation.

“This meeting included those delegates from your world as well as representatives of the [Galactic] Federation. Your people were heard and your feelings considered foremost in the consensus. We have begun in earnest now to undertake the first in the steps of this consensus. You will see that first step in the form of our overwhelming presence in your skies in the coming days. The first advance of the major agenda is underway.” (2)

Hugh-man has conscious memory of the meeting (some terrestrial attendees know they were there but don’t have conscious recall of the details) and has permitted his name to be used as an example of a terrestrial who attended it. The plan that emerged from this meeting was approved by the G20 nations. There is no word whether the new plan to disclose at the Olympics replaces the older plan devised at this meeting or simply augments it.

Geoff and I have been told to stand by to be relocated soon to either another place on Earth or else to the ships. My departure apparently depends in part on my completing the process, which I called “Absorption,” which I’m in the middle of. I was surprised to see that Sierra knew all about it.

Geoff may leave sooner. Dave Schmidt has also been told that he’ll be aboard the ships for a time in the summer. I’ve asked Stephen Cook to sit in for me on the blog and assume that I’ll be reporting from wherever I end up.
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  1. Anyone who believes there are/will be "ships" waiting to take aboard human passengers, to embrace everyone here-- at this date, is totally unreachable. History, true history is rampant with destruction of Humanity BY Nephites, Nephelim, Levites.... many names for PRIMARY inter-dimensional groups that WANT nothing less than access to Earths' portals. And it doesn't stop there. The Guardians, our Families, were not allowed HERE! They work with us thru our initial contact of them thru our conscious efforts & connection. This was not externally, ie: ships to rescue us all. All we hear about & see today are EXTERNAL entities-- and those running things here for thousands of years are their spawn! They all take orders & are subservient to these invading groups. All we are witnessing are LIES from many groups who have banded together to take this beloved earth away from us. LIES are what we're told- by all of these invading forces. They'll say anything to keep the CON going. Is how they fool many, but not all. The "disclosure" already happened. And so few ever noticed.
    Let it be known-- those here now populating the Net via their humanly-engineered websites, with fancy LIES & deception to keep Humanity confused & in fear, will say whatever is necessary to keep their CON on us alive. They are of related purposes for invasion here with each other, therefore they will ALWAYS band together with each other. Eternally AGAINST Humanity! Those Humans here today are of the third & last seeding of Mankind. If we do not learn our history we will continue to repeat it. Shall we blindly move ourselves into the last & final destruction of our Race? Because to believe the LIES again, means our end as a Race for the third & last time. And falling for these LIES (for the 3rd & last time around) is exactly what is expected of us. This isn't about Power & Finances!!! This is about losing our souls to dna damaged & deranged interdimensionals who look forward to feeding off the 'souls' here who have no critical thinking engaged; for a very long duration after they return to their Black Hole existences, indeed, with their 'food' for their future intact. Who would dare allow complete strangers to enter their homes- & incrementally take control over one's life? Is the same thing when blindly believing entities not of our dna nor of our Race are here to SAVE us.

  2. Did anyone see the footage of the fireworks for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? WHAT THE H**L IS THAT THING??? It flies from the left side of the screen over to a little past the middle, and you can see the light of the fireworks being reflected off of it!!! The link is: Hopefully, this is our "space family" starting to REALLY show themselves.

  3. As with everything, we should all use discernment. My personal belief is that part of "disclosure" is the awakening of mankind to the truth, seeing the veil of illusion fall away, and understanding fully who we are. Disclosure is so much more than "seeing" space ships or other galactic beings. There is a huge shift in the works that is about coming full circle, a new way of being. War, hatred, contempt, or other feelings that have enslaved us will fall away.
    As far as leaving on a galactic ship, good or bad, what we inevitably choose, is what we are supposed to choose. There is no right or wrong because our experiences in this lifetime are chosen experiences. WE choose, that is what free will is about. It doesn't matter if we choose correctly because at the end of the day, we end up exactly where we are supposed to be.
    I've asked myself repeatedly, what will I do. I don't know that I can answer that question because until we are confronted with such a huge choice, I don't think any of us can honestly KNOW, what that choice will be when the time comes.
    I do know that we will absolutely know what choice to make when that time comes. The energies have been increasing for some time now and opening the hearts of the earth people. The shift into love, compassion, and being as one will allow us all to "know" whether something or someone is full of love and light, or darkness.
    Those of us living in the "heart" already know this and those not quite there yet, soon will be. We will all have the right answers for our own soul journey.