Friday, July 13, 2012

Bounty Hunters Unleashed

Bounty Hunters Unleashed on Crooked Bankers


NICE, and about time!

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Iceland has potentially set a new trend in the finance community. According to Business Insider, their government has hired an ex-cop; a white collar crime bounty hunter who wants to make sure the bankster criminals pay the price for their elaborate crimes.
Iceland’s government appointed Ólafur Þór Hauksson to locate such individuals that had a helping hand in the collapse of the banking sector in a time of extreme credit-crunching. Hauksson is responsible for investigating any and all suspicious cases involving fraud before 2009.
The good news for him is that he’s not working alone. He’s got 100 top-notch researches rigorously working around the clock to help make this a smoother and quicker process.
Mr. Hauksson expands on this notion saying, “…on the other hand, we bring the lawsuits against the suspects to court ourselves." This technique is brand new stuff which allows the investigators to "follow the case" and the judicial system to "know the cases like the back of their hand". This is undeniably advantageous in order "to compete with the well-prepared defence attorneys".

And don’t think that fleeing the country warrants your safekeeping. LeMonde reporter Charlotte Chabas explains, "Searches continue and the team pursues its investigations abroad in the foreign subsidiaries of the Icelandic banks and includes questioning foreigners.” “We enjoy full international cooperation,' adds Olafur Hauksson."

Hauksson has all of his ducks in a row when it comes to this mission and he’s got some impressive convictions under his belt meriting quite a bit of respect for the success he’s experienced in this new job. He’s even tracked down the former chief of staff of the country's finance minister and arrested him for insider trading.

While many criminals that have already been caught still await their sentencing, Hauksson is actively on the prowl to find more felons. With plenty of places to run, but nowhere to hide, some big bankers are surely weak in the knees and stressed to the core.
Who’s to say other countries aren’t already doing the very same thing in order to crack down on the greed and fraudulence that led to the latest overwhelming economic collapse?...

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