Sunday, July 8, 2012

G. Thomas Gulick Intel Updates

NexBoom Champions & selected few;

I woke up early and in my marble brain, still feel the same as I did yesterday.
Let me share my thoughts in writing with each of you.I repeat, Stevie Wonder
can see this coming! Just find the time and take the time to educate yourself.
Time is not on our side. A Great Correction is coming!

G. Gulick

Item No. 1

A copy of an e-mail sent to our Mastermind Group for review Saturday as folows:

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, July 07, 2012 12:04 PM
Subject: The Biggest Financial Scandal In History? FDIC Failed Banks - Georgia Made the List

KEYWORDS' = biggest financial scandal in history, and criminal investigations have been launched on both sides of the Atlantic/Pond.


I knew you would be out of the office but left a message just the same.

I am going to release later Part 1 of Parts 4 Markets Ablaze-It Is What It Is that I have been working on.

Not easy living in the cross-hairs of late. Still, if I were to test my group, 95% of them would fail. Nobody seems to
have a clue as to what has happened in the last 99 years of The Secrets of The Federal Reserve. In addition, they
do not have a clue of where we are in this 'mell of a hess' and have no clues of where we are going. Did I the teacher
fail to teach? No! I did North Carolina gooooooood! I have no regrets and the accuracy road has proven to be right time
after time too! From Harry S. Dent to George H.. W. Bush! Exposed and disclosed! Spot-On results too.

In my recent "mass arrests" exposure and disclosure, the video referred to Watergate
but 8 trillion times bigger. Sorry but that needs to be corrected immediately. Should now read $800 trillion times bigger
instead of $8 trillion. From the White House to the Out Houses, from The Ivory Towers and the like! This is the real thing about
to be exposed and disclosed. Yes, with mass arrests.

Bob Diamond, former CEO of Barclays, was spotted arriving at Parliament in London to face the Treasury Select Committee.
I am told he is singing big time. Telling others did the same and named them. Yes, he is singing like a canary! Big time!

The Prudential & Aviva in England will surely end up in the 'real news' with Barclays soon. AIG & JP Morgan-Chase
a ditto. Deutsche Bank and the Allianz Group too. There are 20+ Major Banks to be named. You do
know the best way to rob a bank is to own a bank. Insurance Companies, example is, MetLife
own banks. MetLife is on the Top-25 U. S. Bank Holding Corporations Quarterly Derivative Report.
Get it? What is another word for 'Holding" and the answer is "Owner" for sure. Class dismissed!

Downunder this morning, I find the Australian 'real news' that seems to cover much of my inspected what I expected
happenings.Since 1991 our Mastermind Group has full access to my sources at all times. We keep in touch via long
distance mostly. But I know we are calling the Derivatives collapse 'spot on' in the times ahead!

Libor scandal engulfs RBS, UBS, Deutsche, Citi, BoA, JPMorgan, Barclays

Who Was Involved In This Scandal?
According to the Daily Mail, in addition to Barclays it is being alleged that at least 20 banks (including some major U.S. banks) were involved in this interest rate fixing scandal....
  • Hundreds of bankers across three continents are embroiled in the interest-rate fixing scandal that has left Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond fighting to save his job.
  • As pressure intensified on Britain’s highest paid banking boss to quit, MPs heard a string of other financial institutions across the world were under investigation.
  • At least 20 banks are believed to be under suspicion, with growing demands for a criminal investigation.
There are also indications that the Bank of England itself may have been involved in this scandal.
Yes-sir-re-Bob! Even Ray Charles can see this coming! Hedge to Hedge, those 20,000 crooks seem to have tested the -240 points after long & short. Notice the BOTTOM LINE: Today's overall market action is bearish as the S&P 500 trades lower on surging eurozone debt angst, a plunging euro currency, tech sector weakness, Obamacare
Stop the world and let me off. This bunch of crooks may as well announce they are about to go short! Get it. I can fill pages of areas about to go short. The real gameplan & story are found inside the box. . . .
The Baltic Dry Index has plunged around -50.0% from its Oct. 14th high and is now down around -35.0% ytd. Do not forget what I taught you about the Baltic Dry Index. Most important of all of these trends mentioned. China Iron Ore Spot has plunged -25.0% since Sept. 7th of last year. Shanghai Copper Inventories have risen +135.0% ytd. Oil tanker rates are plunging this week, with the benchmark Middle East-to-US voyage falling -16.7% to 25.0 industry-standard worldscale points, which is the lowest since Oct. 2009. The CRB Commodities Index is now technically in a bear market, having declined -22.1% since May 2nd of last year. Spanish and Italian yields are back in the danger zone. The euro currency continues to trade very poorly and is testing its June 1st low. I expect the currency to break meaningfully below this level over the coming weeks and head substantially lower over the intermediate-term. Oil(turned away at downward-sloping 50-day moving average) and Copper(turned away at downward-sloping 200-day moving average) also continue to trade poorly, despite recent bounces. As well, the 10Y continues to trade too well, which remains a red flag. I still believe the level of complacency among US investors regarding the rapidly deteriorating situation in Europe is fairly high. Really can you not see the gameplan for the weeks ahead? RightSide Market in full play!
What happened to inflation? Who changed the agenda? Who is now looking out for us? Is this John Wayne and the Calvary about to arrive after all? I know nothing! ha!
This is where the money profits will come from! Vaporized & played RightSide Markets. That's the short of this madness.
Consistently Yours,


G. Thomas Gulick

Item No 2 -

Another copy of an e-mail relative to the first. Combined, one can figure out the total e-teaching session for all of
us to know and understand. The second e-mail copy is as follows:


The parody of Drake Event pretty much kills the messenger and his players for sure. Yes this was meant to make fun
of the entire Drake time of events but did it? During my almost 4 minutes I came to one conclusion.The ones that joined in with this
real to not real event, a clone or no clone event, we find 'WE THE PEOPLE' are back to Operation Deep Sleep.

"I do not know if the awakening can ever happen". The exact line used in the parody.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Brace yourself as it's still very early on this end and plans are to release my
e-letter that was sent to my Mastermind Group yesterday. ALL ABOUT DERIVATIVES is ready but past due. Seems
the OCC does not want to respond to my inquiry about the errors in question from my e-mail response. Their report is
all about the Top-25 U. S. Banks period. But there are 1,291 banks reported to be using 'Interest & CDS-Derivatives' in their
March 31, 2012 Report. So where is the rest of the almost worthless derivatives? This is truly a Global Vesuvius,
the Mother of All Bubbles, complex interest securities, derivatives. No longer in the trillions but quadrillions! Collapse
is to be! No way this much stupid can be fixed!

The Ed Falcone stolen funds was to be the Watergate of 2012 repeat. Another Watergate but 8 trillion times bigger. All of us
understood that back on or around June 6th reports. But with the Barclays real event and their
Bob Diamond, former CEO of Barclays, was spotted arriving at Parliament in London to face the Treasury Select Committee. I am told he is singing big time. Telling others did the same and named them. Yes, he is singing like a canary! Big time! Those $2 billion, $4 billion and now, just reported, $9 billion in losses for JP Morgan-Chase are not a loss
but commissions paid to move these CDS-Credit Default Swaps from actual default. JP Morgan-Chase is $2 trillion
in 'Total Assets' but over $72 trillion in almost worthless derivatives. That's what the last OCC Quarterly Report is
reporting as of March 31, 2012. I cannot make this stuff up.

Checking my figures and checked them more than twice too. It now appears we are truly headed for
another 1974 Watergate happening but with 'All About Derivatives' the onset exposure & disclosure of Barclays is going
to move from Ed Falcone's deal from 8 trillion times bigger to Barclays 800 trillon times bigger than Watergate 1974. From the White House to the Out Houses, from The Ivory Towers and the like! This is the real thing NOW exposed and disclosed. Yes, with mass arrests. This was my message in the works December 9, 2009 and I have never waivered from my messengers. With Drake, at least the 'real Drake' was 'spot on' about a lot of things. We found 'WE THE PEOPLE' for a time did wake up only to fall back into a deep, deep dumbed sleep again. Not so on this end!

From my well informed sources within the financial arena, we know where the money comes from since 1985. BLOOD IN THE STEETS! We know all about those derivatives since 1993. We know money has worked against 'We The PEOPLE' since March of 2000. We know and understand this 'mell of a hess' and yes, I see a John Wayne & Calvary arriving. Now we see the next boom too. My NexBoom Champions can see this clearly coming.
Time to grasp a new idea for profit! That's all-they-r-tuit!

If the 'real military' does not act soon, we lose and The Enemy Within Agenda of a One World Order wins! That's a simple truth!

In closing, we have talked for sometime that someone was working for us while cabal was working against us. The trends of
deflation leads me to know I am 'spot on' from watching the trends. A Great Correction is in the making! I see someone has pushed
the 'reset button' and we are all headed towards victory. If only we could get others to 'wake up' and do something! The fat lady is not
about to sing for a long time! This is not going to be pretty!

What's this all about? It's truly ALL ABOUT DERIVATIVES. Imagine that!

ITEM 3 -

Another Day in Bankland

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
Wednesday July 4, 2012

UNITED STATES of America -
It can now be reported that the irregular trading in the London libor rate (the spread) tied to Barclays Bank and other European financial institutions make the upcoming interest rate decision by the Bank of England and the European Central Bank (ECB) irrelevant and a non-event.

FACT: Any alleged stimulus by the Bank of England and the ECB
will be sucked up within minutes to absorb the derivative costs of Barclays Bank and other euro banks.
Once again all of this interest rate hocus pocus is designed to do is create short term asset bubbles that benefit black box bank and hedge fund traders and then the asset bubble bursts.

Beware of asset bubbles.
Barclays Bank must now engage in massive deleveraging, so accordingly, repatriation of collateralized assets reference property rights, precious and industrial metals, along with oil and natural gas holdings will continue.

P.P.S. Do not be fooled by the U.S. media's attempt to crank up a crisis in the Middle East between Israel and Iran.
Note: Both Israeli and Iranian diplomats have oil futures trading accounts at Marc Rich's Swiss-based Glencore Commodities and none other than Barclays Bank, United Kingdom
(laugh out loud).

In closing, an economic's lesson:
Zero or close to zero interest rate policies instituted by banks accomplish nothing. What these policies accomplish is continue to absorb the derivative cost of banks like Barclays.

These policies also reduce the purchasing power of the middle class (reference currency exchange rates).

Finally, with the
banks unable to loan money because of derivative costs, aggregate demand for goods and services will continue to decline.

Folks, a zero percent interest rate policy is
deflationary not inflationary.
Solution: Bank consolidation and collateralization and real Protocol implementation.

Consistently yours,

G. Gulick


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