Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Tranche of Dragon Funds Released July 1st, $83 Trillion

RUMOR: First Tranche of Dragon Funds Released July 1st, $83 Trillion


CW: As of 07/01/12 $83 Trillion has been released. Stage one. This is only 15% of all recorded funds. Prosperity will soon be here.

AK: Trying to get a confirmation from 3rd parties on what you told me. Nothing yet. Did hear some people who were supposed to be good guys tried to steal some funds. Am I still embargoed on publishing this? I might post it as a rumor.... [embargo over]

CW: All of the funds I speak of were obtained legally. I cannot disclose much more than I have. The $83 Trillion is most likely not going to wash up on American soil. We are in a holding pattern until the markets are quarantined. This is one of many accounts to be opened. Prosperity will eventually come to Europe and the West.

AK: That helps to clarify things a bit. Can you state whether these are banking system injections, infrastructure investments, or what many refer to as prosperity funds to the masses?

CW: There is a play for many nations to escape the financial treason going on. This release of money is to start the set up this new system.

The new system is to include (1) humanitarian efforts first, (2) infrastructure (new clean free energy) then (3) prosperity programs.

There is ALOT going on behind the scences. I am not at liberty to discuss who all is in on the discussion... but I will say Obama is not an enemy of the State.

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