Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food Shortage Coming?

Open Letter on Farming Issues - Pay Attention!!
I am not a farmer, but do have a large farming family. also my Father in Law raises cattle, goats, chickens, and pigs as a kind of hobby.

Anyways, This past weekend I was helping him with keeping the animals as cool as possible is the heat. every few hours we had to go out and refill/cool down the water buckets of the animals as well as water down the hogs so they didn't over heat. This was a constant thing all weekend, yet he doesn't have a lot of animals.

I was talking with him, and many animals around the area were dropping like flies, because it became impossible for many of the larger farms to keep up with all the cattle and such. luckily my father in law has only lost chickens out of the severe heat.

The corn crops around his house are far from fully grown, and most of them are starting to turn yellow or even brown around the bases, while the soy beans aren't looking good either.

This is just one area of the state (eastern indiana) and though it looks a little better on the western part of the state, it doesn't look a whole lot better.

This is going on all over the country, in areas much of our food comes from.

Unless we get rain soon, much of the crops in the midwest will be done for, causing the price to go up in most of the food we eat. The extreme heat has caused much of the livestock to suffer, and even if the majority do survive, the cost of feeding them will go up for the ranchers which in turn will make the price of meat go up.

Don't count on sea food being cheaper either, as it is down as well (especially in the gulf).

my suggestion, stock up as much as you can while it's still reasonable to buy.

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