Friday, July 6, 2012

The "Event" - My Thoughts

The Proof is Out There!

I know many are disheartened about the "event" being a seemingly never ending rerun but I would like to share my thoughts about what might be happening.

In looking at the big picture from when I began following this story, there is more than what meets the eye, as with any "breaking news" events. I first came across this story on and initially thought to myself "OK, if this is real, I will begin to see things begin to unfold". Well, those things began to unfold right before my eyes. First and foremost I knew I had to check into the lawsuits that had been filed making sure they were visible in the court system. This was confirmed and proof was there. Below I've attached the liens related to these suits.  Filed 11/23/2012 A copy of the Summons dated 11/23/2012  Filed 4/11/2012  Liens against G7 Banks Liens against BIS  Filed 5/15/2012

The above information now has all 12 federal reserve banks under lien, as well as the G7 (European Banks) and the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). My understanding, is the Liens are in place and active. The actual lawsuit was withdrawn on June 27, 2012 to be replaced by another lawsuit that closes the "loop-holes" to such things as jurisdiction issues, making the suit much more damming to those involved.

Further evidence of this information was found in interviews with Winston Shrout as well as Keith Scott who is also a party to the suits along with Neil Keenan. These are found here:  This interview with Winston audio with Keith Scott with Kerry Cassidy explaining the lawsuits and corruption.

In light of the above evidence it's hard to discount there is something "real" going on behind the scenes. In the  months this story has been followed, there has been an enormous amount of information coming forth. Bankers began resigning in masses, banks in general began struggling, corruption began appearing in multiple media sources and most importantly "We The People" began to awaken to the tyranny and begin hoping, that finally, we may truly regain our Freedom!

Where is Drake in the big scheme of things? Drake is apparently a spokesperson for the Pentagon and the actions they intend on taking to bring an end to the corruption and free the people of this earth. This is a call to action by everyone around the globe to step up and take responsibility of ourselves and our great planet. All the players in the big picture of things, plays an important part in accomplishing this enormous undertaking. Some are spokespersons, some informers and some working the legal aspect of it all. It takes each and every person working behind the scenes to make this happen for each and every one of us. I applaud ALL their efforts!

To Neil Keenan, thank you for being bold enough to take on the global corruption at such a huge expense, financially and emotionally. Keith Scott, thank you for bringing your expertise to the table to reveal just how deep this monster truly goes. Winston, thank you for your knowledge that enables this to happen and standing with Neil and Keith.

To Drake, thank you for putting your life on the line in so many ways to awaken the masses and bring hope and deliverance to the world. Thank you, ALL the others involved in this effort, including Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, and so many others who spread the word to inform the masses.

To the followers of this amazing information who truly believe, those who remain skeptical, and those who wish to give up faith that this will ever happen, I say, remain steadfast. So many have been disappointed in the results of these events because they have not unfolded as THEY want them to and I completely understand how you feel. It's important to understand this is an undertaking of enormous magnitude. We did not get ourselves into this cess pool overnight and we are not going to get ourselves out of it overnight, it's a process and an effort behind the scenes, matched to none.

Step back from only being concerned about "the arrests" and really absorb the big picture of what is taking place here. Lawsuits and Liens are shutting the cabal operations down, bit by bit, and this is something palpable and in your face. Since the first suit was filed in November 2011, look at all that has taken place in just over 7 months, and realize Neil Keenan has been working behind the scenes on this for much longer, in preparation of these lawsuits.

The first filings for our states sovereignty began years ago and most are now completed. The actions of claiming our state sovereignty is what enables the Pentagon to step up and "free the people". This all has been in the works for a very long time and we are coming to the end of a dark road and onto a new illuminated path of being. Here is an easy to understand video of how it works:

Drake is a spokesperson and does not have any control over the timing of "events", he merely relays the messages he is given and nothing more. He is just as disheartened as everyone else when these events do not culminate as he was informed. Drake is human, he wants this freedom for himself and his children and grandchildren as much as the rest of us. It's important to understand also, that our timing is not God's timing and what God has planned is the way this will all unfold in God's time, not ours. We are not ultimately in charge and these things will happen at the best possible moment in time allowing a finality that can not be undone. I am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" and it has never failed me, not once. There IS a reason for everything, including the obstacles and delays that are encountered on this journey to freedom.

It can't be known why these things are happening they way they are, but when you step back and look at the big picture and use a bit of common sense and begin analyzing it all, several things surface as possibilities. We KNOW the liens and lawsuits are REAL and we KNOW they have been filed, we also KNOW that the financial world is crumbling right before our eyes and resignations, suicides and additional claims of corruption are happening lightening fast.

As I look at all the evidence mixed with the messages of Drake, I see a few possibilities surfacing. One I have already mentioned as being God's timing, not ours. In stepping back I have realized that Drake is out there delivering a message, not his message, the military's message. Now the pentagon is supplying the information to be put out to the world, but you also must realize that "we" are not the only ones hearing this message, the cabal have an equal stake in the outcome of this "event". It makes sense to me that this message of "green light" would alert the cabal that their demise was near and in doing so would cause them to disrupt the plan as much as possible. Look at the fires and phenomenal storm that occurred on the east coast at the announcement of green light, coincidence, I think not.

Aside from the obvious what if, these announcements are meant to keep the cabal informed to further trap them in their own devious actions. What if the military is intentionally keeping them confused as much as  "we the people". Ask yourselves who on this earth are the very best at games, specifically war games. Yes, this is a war folks, one like no other we have ever fought! If you think about all of this, you must realize the "players" would never show their hand to alert the enemy, that just doesn't make sense in the larger scope of things. What better way to confuse the "bad guys", than to tell the "good guys" we are hours or days away from victory? Does Drake have any idea this may be occurring? Drake may very well know and understand how this game is to be played, equally possible he does not and is being led down this trail of what appears to be deception, when in reality it's part of the overall scheme of things.

To sum it up, we have undeniable evidence that big change is within our grasp and it's just a matter of time before we see the arrests take place. I suspect when that time arrives we will NOT get a green light, but rather it will be unexpected by us as well as the cabal. Let's sit back and watch the show, watch the fireworks, and watch the Calvary do their jobs with perfect timing as it's meant to.

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  1. Dream thank you for your thoughts on all of this and the research is wonderfully done as well.

    I also wish to thank all of those brave wonderful souls who are working in all aspects of this war. Those of us who are communicating as never before and those who are front and center in the fight to win our freedom.

    Let us remember that light shines on the darkness and that we are light.