Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gulick Update

‘In time, Fast & Furious will be a bigger crime scandal than Watergate. I guarantee it!”
~ G. Thomas Gulick at How Money Work – Since 1970

Back in June of 2010, I recall many of my 'inquiry minds' were asking where is the self-evident proof for
all of the exposure to the Bankster/Gangsters robbing the world of their wealth while paying both the current
elected officials and former elected officials to look the other way. Wow!  Since then, our like-minded teamplayers
have done well to expose the Global Vesuvius, the Mother of All Bubbles, those complex Securities, derivatives.
Now the banks have triggered LIBOR-all about derivatives to collapse some $800 trillion dollars in almost worthless
derivatives. Bonds, Pensions, Retirement Plans are included in this cleansing for sure.Yes, many 'dumbed' Great
Americans are about to see their 401Ks vaporize. Big time!

The above quote includes my history making e-teaching for February 3, 2012. I urge you to find the time and take the
time to read & discern. In my e-teaching, we are 'spot on' long before the foundation funded controlled left/right/left
phony news ever put this together. Yes, Stevie Wonder could see this coming. A '2012 Fast & Furious
Watergate' with the time show & telling the Internet & e-mail copies will expose and validate the coming scandal
of the times we live. This Watergate will prove to be about 800 trillion times bigger than Nixon's 1975 Watergate. But you can
know the track for all of this to be exposed & validated leads right to The White House. No doubt about it!

Obama, Biden, Romney will be exposed with the self-evident truth. The weapon of choice to bring down The Enemy Within
will be the Internet & e-mail copies. Attorney General Eric Holder and Timothy Geithner are on the list for party of the first part.
Obama and his failure to even respond to many e-mail will bring him down too. The agenda called for Biden to step down only
to bring Hillary Clinton on board for V.P.. That's not going to happen!  She, in the last few days, turned the job down. Imagine that!

On December 12, 2010 we find much of this was under investigation with the stealing of Ed Falcone's billions.

Watergate revisited?

The beginning of the end of the Obama Presidency has begun.  The only questions that remain are:
  • How will the charade play out before the American public and the rest of the world?
  • How many will the cabal sacrifice to keep their agenda alive?
  • Will an insider FINALLY come forward, turn Patriotic…and reveal all the secrets?
  • When will it all begin?
The most likely starting volley in this unfolding historic process could very well be the resignation of Vice President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.. In the last hours of last week, we learned Hillary Clinton has turned the job down. Imagine that.

Whether he uses a fabricated medical condition, or if they make more out of the “slaves and chains” comment he fumbled through the other day, the political machine has to come up with a very convincing reason for his exit. Intelligence reports it may be a cancer used to exit Biden. I know no nothing! The White Hats believe the brain tumor story, which has come to the forefront again, would be a very good reason for the comments he has been making.   Most of our counter parts in the international intel circles see the handwriting on the wall and say expect it this mid-week … and we are there … right now.

What does this mean in the big picture?

Obama is in serious trouble … on multiple fronts. The details from 2010 to our current date can be found as exposure & validation. Behind the scenes, we have 'real patriots' investigating. They too remain on vacation until September 10th. So much of the business at hand is left unattended until Congress returns on September 10th. Between now & Election Day, you can inspect what you expect to be suspect.

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